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Agicent Projects Receive 5-Star Reviews

Agicent 5 Star Rating on

Global mobile app store gross revenue will exceed $101 billion by 2020. Can your business afford to miss out on this growth and revenue? If not, then it is time to choose an app developer to create or upgrade your mobile app. 

With so many choices, how do you know which company to pick? Who can you trust with this great responsibility? Customers who have trusted Agicent to help them with this task will tell you that they were satisfied, and that is our top priority. 

We recently received great reviews from some of our past and current clients on Clutch, a ratings and reviews platform operating out of Washington, D.C. These reviews have helped us be featured among the leading firms when it comes to app development in Delhi

We worked with DollarPot LLC to develop a money-saving mobile app and helped integrate its social media platform and a backend payment gateway.

Agicent 5 Star Review on

In their 5-star review, the founder of DollarPot stated that, “I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth.” 

You can expect great value like this from your project as well. 

Another project consisted of us developing an app for a social fitness startup Goals4Glory, who needed work on its already-existing application. 

Agicent 5 Star Review on

In the perfect 5-star review, the founder stated that, “They actually deliver results. I can’t wait to work with them again in the future.”

We value client satisfaction very highly and appreciate clients that leave us reviews and feedback because it helps us improve and also helps future clients get a better understanding of our work. 

Our success has also landed on The Manifest, a company description site that features actionable industry insight to help grow firms. 

Also be sure to check out Visual Objects, Clutch’s sister site that features companies alongside their creative & visual work and lists us as one of the best web developers in India.

We are grateful to be featured on these sites because it is helpful for our future customers to be well-informed before they make an important decision regarding hiring a firm to help develop an app. 

How can we help you achieve your goals? Contact us for more information!

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