Ionic is a well recognised open-source Software Development Kit. The framework can be used to create great hybrid mobile app development. The framework was created on top of AngularJS and Cordova SDK. Also, it can be used with completely shutting its UI build features and using other frameworks like React Native and Vue.Js in place of it. The framework is one of the most flexible out there. Therefore to know about great apps created using Ionic read down the article below.

1.Sanvella:Stress and Anxiety

About: Stress is a modern-day epidemic and it is crucial that we put a band-aid over it. People often don’t realise the importance of mental health and go amok putting the daily stress on their shoulders. It is important that we keep a check of our mental well-being and for that reason, this application was created.

Sanvella uses clinically approved therapy known as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT. This type of therapy has proven to be quite effective especially in cases of stress, anxiety, and depression. It combines a variety of content like videos, audio exercises, small activities, mood and health tracking, and much more. It is a great application and therefore we mentioned it in our list of apps created using Ionic.


About: There are so many people who have stopped watching television. The future of online video streaming services was bleak initially but now it has actually become a thing as mainstream as TV. There are so many great services out there who are offering great original content. I am talking about services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. The application surrounds in relation to all these services.

JustWatch will tell you about the best things to watch on your favourite online streaming service. It has so many great features making it the goto application. It has features like Watchbar to select your favourite service, detail about 10,000+ movies and TV series, list of upcoming content, and much more. Therefore, we have mentioned JustWatch in our list of apps created using Ionic.


About: The MarketWatch application is the mobile version for all the dedicated user who wants updates by the service 24*7. It is a great service that provides all the news related to the stock market. Just like the website, the application gets you all the latest news regarding business, finance, and tips for the market.

If you download the application then you get so many great things like lates market trends with details like index movements, stock prices, market moving alerts, and much more. It also has various in-app features like business & news analysis, market data, watchlist, and article sharing & Sharing Capabilities. It is a great application developed using Ionic and therefore we have mentioned it in our list of apps created using Ionic.


About: Diesel has been a reputable and well-recognised clothing brand. It is a brand that is based in Italy. There are two clothing lines from Diesel i.e Diesel and Diesel Black Gold. They also have a dedicated clothing line for kids which is known as Diesel Kids. The founder of the company Renzo Rosso used to sew jeans by the time he was fifteen. It is a great brand in terms of clothing.

Although, the point of importance here is the website of the brand that has been developed using Ionic. The website of the service looks as cool as the surreal advertising it does inexplicably using the uptown funk in its clothing. The website has been put together really nice and has been beautifully made using the framework. It is a well-built project and therefore, we have mentioned the Diesel website in our list of apps created using Ionic.

5.McDonald’s Turkiye

About: Well, here we are going a little too particular since we have mentioned the website of McDonald’s Turkey. McDonald’s is the most popular food chain that has been spread around the world. McDonald’s operates in multiple countries although, the special thing about the Turkey website is that it uses Ionic for the development. The website has been put together really well and therefore, we mentioned it in our list of apps created using Ionic.


About: Are you a food geek? If yes, then this is the perfect website for you. It is really easy to join the website. All you have to do is enter your name and your email and it will signup you up after verification into the system. This application has been made for people who wish to learn something new on a daily basis. The approach that is taken by the owner of this website involves best cooking practices and methodologies.

The makers of this website experiment daily in their Kitchen studio with chicken, baking cookies, making posset, and milk washing punch. The website will literally feed you with content to fill in your passion. Therefore, we have mentioned the website in the list of apps created using Ionic.


About: Keeping yourself fit is the need of the hour. We in our today’s life is surrounded by so many factors that degrade our health. From our office schedule to the junk we eat on a daily basis everything hits on our health. Although, if you want to take initiative yet don’t have the time to visit a Gym then worry not, Sworkit will help you get your fitness on track. Sworkit comes with a paid version although it also has a free version that comes with a limited number of exercises.

They have provided more than 100 million workouts sessions to different individuals from beginner to athlete level. Using the application, one can get access to Great Plans, Variety of Exercises, Customization, Convenience, Guidance, and Synchronisation of Workouts to other application. The application offers you so many great features like a guided plan, custom exercise intervals, real trainer advice etc. The application has also been made for different types of devices. It is a great application that has been developed using ionic and therefore, deserves a place in the list of apps created using Ionic.


About: If you are a beer person then this application is certainly for you. Untappd lets you explore new places where you can chill with your friends and have a beer. The concept of the application is simple, the application tells you about places where you can find a new variety of beer.

The application lets you discover new places, venues, event, and most importantly beer. Here you can create a list of favourites and also share it with your friends. It lets you find great beer anywhere around the world. It is a decent application made using Ionic and therefore, we have mentioned it in the list of apps created using Ionic.

9.National Museum of African American History of Culture

About: NMAAHC is a museum that is located in Washington D.C in the United States. The museum has great historical artefacts that are related to Smithsonian Era. The museum was established in the year 2003 and has garnered a lot of attention since then. They have a website that has been developed using Ionic. The website provides all the necessary details that the visitors need to know. It is quite simple in approach with a decent interface. Although, since it is an important place, therefore, it is worth mentioning the website on our list of apps created using Ionic.


About: The creators behind this application is ChefSteps, yes, the website that we have mentioned earlier. Although, this one is a full-fledged app. The application is dedicated to Sous Vide recipes. The app trains you from a complete beginner to elite in this department. All the user has to do is just pick a recipe and the application will guide you through the rest. The application offers you features like precise temperature control, visual appeal, and great collection of recipes with guides. The application has been mentioned in various different places like CNET, Lifehacker, Wired, Food & Wine etc. It has been built really well using Ionic and is worth mentioning in our list of apps created using Ionic.


About: This is a small and simple yet could be beneficial for some people. Beep lets you track the status of your card. All you have to do is sync your card with the application and it will allow you to monitor balance and transaction. This may not sound like much but that certainly helps to manage your budget. This is another application that has been made using Ionic and for that reason, it is in our list of apps created using Ionic.

12.McLaren Automotive

About: Mclaren Automotive is one of the best supercar manufacturers in the world. The cars from Mclaren directly compete with all the big names like Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini etc. All of this calls for a dedicated fan base. Therefore, you could be a user or someone who just likes to follow the world of McLaren, this application is enough to fill in your cravings.

Using the application, the user can bookmark all the favourite content. In fact, if you are willing to purchase one then this application can book you a test ride. The content on the application can be filtered using social media names like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Here you get all the latest news first and the app looks stunning. This is some application that is worth mentioning in the list of apps created using Ionic.

So these were some of the great apps that were created using Ionic. It is a great framework and has a decent community of developers. We ourselves work on applications that are created using Ionic. In case, if you need app developers for Ionic then maybe we can help. In order to send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. We have also written an article on apps created using AngularJS, therefore, to reach the article click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.


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