Benefits of building a Mobile App MVP first
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Benefits of building a Mobile App MVP first

benefits of building a mobile app MVP first

Benefits of getting a mobile app MVP  first.


Have you ever wondered whether your app idea will work or not? Most of our clients query us the same and we suggest them to go for a mobile app MVP first. Before moving ahead to discuss the benefits of having an app MVP, let’s first see what it is!

MVP stands for Most Viable Product. It is a development method in which a product (app) is launched with the core functionality to analyze the response of the targeted audience and releasing the additional features later in the cycle. Let’s say you want to build a taxi booking app like Uber, then in its MVP, you can first release an app to aggregate the taxi drivers, users, and a simple payment system. After analyzing the sentiments of people, you can decide to roll out additional features like more payment methods support, view driver details, etc.

Even big brands like Dropbox, Foursquare, and Airbnb first started off with an MVP and then expand their business by analyzing what users exactly need. Taking the example of Uber – the taxi booking giant first started from San Fransico simply allowing passengers to communicate with taxi drivers and pay them. Only after getting a good response from the audience they enhanced their app and expanded their business worldwide.

We at Agicent app company have a talented pool of application developers who can build the MVP for your app in no time. Whether you need an MVP for a native app (Android and iOS) or a hybrid app, just define your app specs to us and we can create a well-furnished MVP within the agreed timeline.

Getting an MVP of a mobile app first is a win-win situation for you, let’s see how.

1. Reduced development costs and business risks

App development is a costly process, and if your idea doesn’t work out, then it isn’t definitely healthy for your startup. On the other hand, the cost of developing an MVP is usually lower. So even if your MVP is unsuccessful, you can save a whole lot of money that you would fuel on the product development and its marketing. However, in some cases, if your idea involves heavy logic then MVP development cost just adds up to the overall costs.


2. Faster development

As developers just need to roll out an app with a single or a just a few core functionalities, MVP development is usually short as compared to full-featured app development. Though, in some cases, it depends on project complexity as well.


3. Validate your app idea

MVP is also one of the best ways to validate an app idea. As you can quickly launch your app with some core functionalities, you can see the demand for your solution in the market and then act accordingly. Also, will get to know who are your real customers which will ultimately help you to devise a good marketing plan including a user acquisition and retention strategy.


4. Raise funds

What if your MVP rocks the world! In that case, you can easily attract investors and raise funds for your app-based startup. A working and performing app that has a good number of DAU (Daily Active Users) easily grabs the eyeballs of potential VCs and investors. You can use the MVP to demonstrate the market validity of your app and lure stakeholders to invest more in your idea and app development.


5. Iterative app development:

MVP forms the base of your project which helps you to gain insights of your project both in technical and business terms. Thus, you can make the app better iteratively based on proven market data and reports. Furthermore, you can set priorities to the features that you would like to roll out in the next cycles of your app development based on the market reports to drive sales and generate more opportunities.


We hope that this post will help you understand the benefits of getting a mobile app MVP first. So if you want an MVP for your app, then send us your project queries at You can also post your comments to add some valuable points to expand the discussion.

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