Are you into Football? If yes is your answer then I would ask another one, Are you into fantasy football? If the previous answer repeats itself then you are probably on the right article. Fantasy Football has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Not only that there are a plethora of players associated playing it both casually and professionally. It is of no doubt that the industry has taken all the football fanatics by storm. Although, if you are inquisitive about what all this is or someone looking for new apps then welcome aboard. Why? Because here we have a list of the best fantasy football apps that you can use to satiate your cringe.

1.ESPN Fantasy Football

About: This one is among the best Fantasy Football Apps that a fanatic can use. The application also involves fantasy Basketball, Baseball, Hockey etc. All the games that ESPN offers are completely free to play. With this application, the user can create their own and increase the stakes. There are a variety of teams and leagues that one can select. All the user has to do is gaining some insight and get going.


  • Create a new league with your friends or create a new one.
  • The game can be played as standard or it can be customized as per your likeness.
  • Easily SignUp to the app and draft your team to start winning.
  • Get an analysis of a player before adding it onto the team.
  • Follow your favourites throughout the season. 
  • Make predictions and earn cash for every right one.


2.CBS Fantasy Sports

About: Another great app in the list of best top fantasy football apps. This one is 100% genuine and authentic in terms of winning. Just like the previous one, this app also offers fantasy sports for baseball, basketball, hockey etc. Using this application, one can easily manage their teams, track your score, get great advice, and run your league. It is a great application and a lot of people are using it to settle their craving for fantasy football.


  • Get to trash talk your opponents for the entire week(just in case you’re into it).
  • All the stats projected for the upcoming matches along with player profiles.
  • Make your line and accept/monitor trade very easily.
  • Gametracker for fantasy point updates.
  • Constant updates via great articles and videos.
  • Get matchups for the entire week.
  • Run your league and add/drop players any time of the week.


3.Fantasy Football Draft Wizard

About: Draft Wizard is one of the best fantasy football apps for getting advice. It is a tool that gives you an ultimate edge over everyone. With Draft Wizard, you are getting both manual as well as Live draft assistant features. For using this application, the user can choose between multiple league hosts such as Yahoo, CBS,, RT Sports, Fantraxx, FNCC etc. Although, with certain services, only the manual draft assistant of the applications are supported. With this application, you can check out the experts and analyze your draft.


  • Get a mock snake and auction to practice fantasy football drafts.
  • Get your own cheat sheet based on ECR and ADP.
  • Advice from experts to know who should you bet for.
  • Detailed analysis to identify all your strength and weakness.
  • Import your leagues for a better simulator.
  • Get all the updated rankings.
  • Stats and projection to help you play better.
  • Auto-pick, if you are confused whom to pick.


About: Fantasy Football is a multi-billion dollar industry. It has shelled out over $7 billion in winning. Therefore, to place your bets right, you need support. Well, Draft Kings are back again to help you get through its. It is among the top fantasy football apps for advice. The application is entirely free, all you have to do is choose your sport and place your bets. In this case, it would be football. 

They are known for the commitment they have for the industry. They themselves have a contest in which the player can takeaway $10000 or more by playing entirely free. Using this application, the user can create their own league and start to practice to win big and more. 


  • Line-up for a number of fantasy games including football.
  • Play college fantasy football for the applicable states.
  • Challenge or compete against your friend.
  • Take huge cash in winning, if you make the right prediction.
  • Play in public contest or create your own private contest to place bets against your friends.


5.Draft Punk

About: Yet another really great simulator for you. This one comes with really advanced options for the players to practice. The application uses AI and machine to provide the user quite an enriched experience. With this application, you will be getting more accurate rankings for the league, custom recommendations for the draft, player analytics, sleepers, and much more. This is one of the best fantasy football apps that can be used for getting yourself up the game. Draft Punk can also help you practice offline so no network is no issue. This app also allows you to test multiple drafts and once you make any progress then it is auto-saved.


  • Get your own fully customised draft settings.
  • Swipe to mark you players drafted.
  • Get the VS console to compare opposing teams side by side.
  • Have the ability to drag and drop using the rankings.
  • Make notes before adding any player.
  • Get to add over 2000 players with 1000 being the ranked ones.
  • Get the tiers of your selected players auto-generated.



About: It is an application for anyone who is a player or someone who is just inquisitive and wishes to know more. This app helps you to stay connected with your peers wherever you are. It has so many great features that the user can use. They have a variety of NFL services integrated such as NFL, Yahoo, and much more. They offer some of the fastest updates. Sleeper is the most ultimate platform for a fantasy football player.


  • Draft Board with a great UI to get live and mock drafts.
  • Get great User Experience with multiple leagues, group, and 1:1 messaging.
  • Chat within your own league.
  • Load times are relatively very fast.
  • Waiver process completes within seconds.
  • Fastest Fantasy Football alerts for you.


7.NFL Fantasy Football

About: NFL Fantasy Football is among the popular services that people use to play fantasy football. Every season they bring out new challenges for the players. The players can compete in the Super bowl. With this application, the user is in full control of their own NFL Team. 

Therefore, if you are ready to start your own team and install the application and draft all your favourites. NFL Fantasy Football is among the best fantasy football apps out there. Using this application, you can also have your customised settings and compete with your friends with your own football tradition.


  • Stream Live match simultaneously checking out your fantasy scores.
  • Get great profiles of players in the roster with all the information updated.
  • Get new feeds and check out your league activity.
  • Completely redesign a new team.
  • Get enhanced features and great performance at every corner of the application.
  • All the fantasy features that one can expect from an app.


8.Yahoo Fantasy Sports

About: One of the best Fantasy Football apps out there. Yahoo Fantasy Sports provides you with a multitude of options for playing fantasy sports. The types of sports that you can play are Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Tourney Pick’em, and Daily Fantasy. Basically, the application has covered you from all spectrums.

The application has already been voted in the list of best fantasy apps. It has also been commissioned by mobile apps sports fantasy federation in a row for over 5 years. The application allows easy switch between the game and the things that actually matter. Things like drafting your team, setting up your team, and most importantly winning.


  • Makeup your roster and trade using the app.
  • Draft your team using your smartphone.
  • Get instant updates and scoring updates to plan better.
  • Expert advice to help you play better.
  • Use Gifs and other media to talk with your opponents.
  • Get to draft a new roster daily to increase your chances of winning.


9.Real Fevr

About: It is another really great application to play fantasy football. The app allows you to play the world cup for fantasy football making it the best application for the best fantasy football app. In this application, the user can find many national as well as international fantasy football events. 

Using RealFevr, you can draft your own team and make your own leagues. It allows you to play with players on an international level. The app also allows you to manage your team realtime. The types of multi competition one can join are World Cup, Portugal, Spain, Europa, Brazil, Champions, Liberta Fantasy etc. 


  • Get great international competitions including players from countries like Brazil, Portugal, Spain etc.
  • A limited budget of up to 100M Euro.
  • Draft your own team including up to 10 leagues.
  • The application can be used on Smartphones as well as Desktops.
  • Get real-time statistics.
  • Get all the latest news regarding teams and players.


10.numberFire Fantasy Football DraftKit

About: Another great fantasy football apps in case if you wish to stay ahead of your friends. This is a one-stop application for you providing all the latest insight about your favourite fantasy sport i.e football. The application gets you insights about Yahoo, ESPN, or CBS Fantasy Sports Leagues. On the application, the user can get daily updates about the fantasy sport. If you are looking for insights then there are no better apps.


  • A great community to get answers and ask questions.
  • Get daily projections to make your own decisions.
  • Get weekly projections to perform better in leagues.
  • Get seasonal projection for better reviewing of previous seasons.
  • New news and insights about the fantasy sport.

So these were some of the best fantasy football apps that you can use as a fantasy football player. In case, if you are looking forward to creating an app like this then maybe we can help. To send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. To know an approximate app development cost use the link to our app cost calculator provided above. To read our article on Best Apps for Telemedicine, click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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