How developers can enhance mobile app user experience
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How developers can enhance mobile app user experience


Tips for developers to enhance the mobile app user experience.


The interface of your app plays a vital role in user retention and deliver an immersive user experience to your customers. What’s more important is the user experience flow which makes an impact on the user’s psychology and helps them decide whether the app stood up to their expectations or not. Sometimes, even most experienced mobile app developers forget about some minor UX enhancements which improve the overall experience of users and keep them glued to the app. As we are into mobile application development for quite a long time now, we exactly know which useful features are missed by most app developers including the big players.

Therefore, we decided to put up a list of those missing features which every app developer should consider while designing their apps to make the user experience more interesting and easy to follow.

That being said, let’s get started:

1. Let users to easily reshare the content of your app:

facebook app only allows user to copy the complete text- users must be allowed to copy selective text

In most apps, including some popular ones like Facebook and Skype, we noticed that there is no any easy way to copy text selectively from a post or message. As most of these apps are also mainly used for business, they give a hard time to mobile users while sharing just a specific bit of information from a message.


2. Implement Soundex search in your app:

Let’s take the example of iTunes. If you search for the term “Eminem Speedom” then you will get the relevant results. Conversely, if users did a typo in the search term like “Eminem Spedoom” then they won’t get anything in the search results.


3. Use custom keyboard for your apps:

It isn’t necessary to use the default keyboard for your app. You can build custom keyboards for your app to enhance the user experience. One of the best examples of an app that ships its own keyboard is ICICI mobile bank app. The added advantage is that when a user has to enter a mobile number then you can popup numeric keypad instead of regular QWERTY keyboard which definitely helps the user to provide the input faster and easier. This feature will definitely make your users love your app.


4. Provide text formatting tools:

If your app provides text editing then it should provide formatting tools to make the text bold, italic, strikethrough, and underline. Again, it is not an out of the box feature but it will surely make your users think that you care about them.


5. Placement of controls is the key:

Make sure that the input controls are perfectly placed within the app, so that, users can use the app easily with one hand. The best practice is to use the rule of thumb while designing the app. WhatsApp is the perfect example of an app in which input controls are placed at appropriate places.


6. Don’t try to outsmart users:

icici bank done button while entering pin

Users will not like if you try to outsmart them with some sneaky UX tricks. Like in ICICI bank app, when a user enters the pin (4 digits), the app automatically open its account. But when a user is entering the pin, the app shows the “Done” button even if they haven’t entered all 4 digits yet. This might confuse most users as they will tend to hit the Done button after entering all 4 digits and as the app implements the automatic login it might annoy those users as it affects their experience.


8. Automatically tab through the input fields:

You might have seen that while filling a form on a website using a desktop, sometimes, the cursor is automatically tabbed through input fields, which makes the registration and login process more efficient. Apply the same concept while designing your app.


9: Consistency of UI attributes:

consistency in ui attributes of an app

While designing your app, consistently define the UI attributes to give a better understanding of the context to the users. As you might have noticed, in the official YouTube app that the video age attribute is only displayed in the search results and not in the suggested videos section of the playing page (refer to the screenshot). Now, because of this users can easily fall prey to click baits.


10. Remember user behavior:

Mobile apps are best known for providing the personalized user experience. Therefore, your app should deliver a tailor-made experience based on user’s past activities like if you have searched for a term earlier than your app should remember it as it will help users to quickly search for that term again. Giving you the example of YouTube app which provides the option to remember the previously watched videos, unlike the Facebook app in which there is no easy option to access all the watched videos. Features like this make an impact on the user’s psychology and turn them into loyal users of your app.


11. Main user attributes must be copyable:

Most app developers forget to add this life-saving option to their apps. If they don’t want the text within their app to be copied but they should still provide easy options to extract important details from the text including emails, URLs, phone numbers, and other information.


12. Clean and less confusing design:

Clean and less confusing app design is the key to your success. Design your app in such a way that all age groups from the young generation to old can use it without scratching their head. Snapchat is one of the perfect examples with a tricky interface. At first, it took me around hours a to figure out how to use its face filter feature and click a snap, phew!


13: Make user’s life easier:

The main goal of your app is to make the life of users easier why not take it to the next level. Integrate your app with autocomplete suggestions in the search bar, spell check, and predict text while typing. They are surely going to love it!


14. Outline app permissions:

It is advisable to outline all permissions required by your app to users for better transparency and in case if your app requires some sensitive permissions like access to contacts and call info, then provide valid reasons to your users.


15: Maintain visual consistency:

The elements of your app must be visually consistent as this helps users to better interact with the system and in a less chaotic manner.


16: Narrow down the user’s navigation process:

No one likes to tap ten times to access a piece of information. Keep in mind that users just have limited time, so, keep the navigation process short and simple.


17: Auto-fill customer data:

Auto-filling form data in desktop browsers is a common thing nowadays which we think can also be implemented in mobile apps. Users will love your app if they see that the address field is automatically filled.


18: Automatically detect user’s location:

This is another handy feature which you can implement in your location-based app as because of this user will then won’t have to enter his/her location manually. They will surely say thank you for a little bit of your extra work.


19: Help users to find the relevant results:

You can further enhance the searching experience of your app users by providing them the simple controls to sort and filter the search results. It will also improve the conversion rates, in case of e-commerce apps as users will just then see specific products in the search results.


That’s all folks! These were some exclusive tips from our side to help you design a lovable app from the user’s perspective. It can be understood that a single app can’t include all of these features, even the big players sometimes miss out on a simple opportunity. What we recommend is that identify main UX tips from this post and apply it to your app. Like, if you own note-taking application, then it must provide text formatting tools, easy copy option to extract URL, email, etc. from notes, and other relevant tactics to improve the overall user experience. By doing some extra work, you can get huge rewards in terms of loyal customers of your app.

If you also got some ideas that you might want to share with us then send us an email at We will update this article with your ideas with full credits to you. Meanwhile, we will also keep this article updated with more tips we discover over the course of our future app development quests.

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