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How to Market Apps Successfully

How to market an apps successfully

Getting an app or service running is one thing and exposing it is another. There can be a lot of debate over this. Although being a content marketer, I personally feel that in order to stand out,  it is essential for us to have a rock-solid marketing strategy. Whatever your budget maybe, if we pick the best strategies that collate with our service, it might turn us into a brand. Having the kind of exposure and maintaining it is of utmost importance. This maintains consistency in getting the business and also maintains brand credibility. Therefore, if you wish to know how to market an apps successfully then read down our article below.

Why should one market their Apps?

  • It turns your apps and services into a brand.
  • It maintains your authority in the market and improves things like brand authenticity or credibility.
  • It lets your target audience know that you have a certain product that can be of use to them.
  • It creates a consistent need for your product and makes sure that you are not obsolete in the market.
  • It can be the basis for taking some of the most important decisions for your app or service.
  • Marketing can be the mediator to incredible ideas that might need to integrate.
  • If gone global then it can help you boost the national economy.

Best Way to Promote your Apps


Website How to Market Apps Successfully

About: If you have a full-fledged product or service then having a website will always be beneficial for you to have one. Having a website will create a place for you to drive your traffic. It is one stepping stone that everyone has to cross even if they are using any third-party application to market. Also, if you have a website then it improves your credibility as well as authenticity. And, on top of that creates a virtual existence for your brand. A place where people can access your services and know more about them. If you wish to learn how to market an apps successfully then this is not even optional. 


  • It enables you to reach a wider audience.
  • It makes you available to your customers 24*7 which means they can know about you or access your services anytime and anywhere they want.
  • Makes your business information easily available to clients.
  • The cost of maintaining a website is low in comparison to mainstream publicity.
  • Capability to get recommendations from other viral websites and services.
  • It establishes your brand name and makes sure nobody takes your name online.


  • The information on the website needs to be updated otherwise it becomes unreliable.
  • Need to maintain a good web hosting system otherwise, it crashes over time.
  • It can have difficulty sometimes in reaching the right people.
  • Gets a lot of junk mail.
  • Putting yourself out can get you good as well as bad publicity.

Social Media

Social Media How to Market Apps Successfully

About: There are basically two types of social media marketing. One would be Organic and the other one is paid. In this one, we will be talking about organic social media marketing. Social Media is the pillar of social interaction and if we are capable of using it effectively then it surely benefits the user a lot. Creating a social page on all the major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is going to positively affect your brand image. This will also make your social interactions better and will help you publish a new feature and improve customer interaction on a wider image. In fact, it also allows your customers to share your post easily. This one is really a great remedy on how to market an apps successfully.


  • Helps you reach a wider audience.
  • Gets you direct social engagement with your customers.
  • Gets your platform to have constructive criticism.
  • Gives you the capability of publicising the latest features.
  • Effective social interaction on Social Media improves the credibility of your brand.


  • Organic marketing can be very slow(so much so that you may not feel any crowd improving especially if you are a startup).
  • Can get you negative reviews from a plethora of customers.
  • It can not be controlled easily.
  • It can confuse the customers since there can be more than one people handling your page.

Social Media Ads(FB Ads, Instagram Ads, Reddit Ads)

Social Media Ads How to Market Apps Successfully

About: Well, if you think that social media is actually a way for us to interact with other people is partially right. Although in actuality if you ask any of their employees then they will tell you that it is but more of a marketing company which is entirely correct. All these companies provide paid advertisements. Giving a certain amount will ensure by the company that they will help you get engaged with a certain number of people. This is always way faster and if your content is relevant then everything spreads like wildfire. 


  • It gives customers the benefit of familiarity to engage.
  • It works on the PPC system providing you with a lot of engagement in a small span of time.
  • Lets you share loads of content.
  • The machine learning infrastructure lets you engage with the target audience.
  • Helps you build loyalty and followership.
  • The analytics lets you check the rate of your success.


  • There is loads of competition in this field also.
  • You need to consistently monitor the analytics because it is quite volatile.
  • In order to apply it one needs to learn it first.

Pay Per Click(PPC)

Pay Per Click How to Market Apps Successfully

About: It is one of the most effective yet a little expensive in comparison, a way to market your app or service. A lot of big organisations have a monthly budget for PPC. It makes your brand relevant and provides you a way to make your tagline stay at the top in a search for keywords. A lot of small to large scale industries benefit from this. The topmost company that does it and covers the maximum amount of market is Google. They do this on a bidding system and whoever wins get the best price and service.


  • It allows you to remarket your app to the visitors who came.
  • It allows you to measure the results.
  • Pixels makes it a seamless process since you had to search the keywords in order to do so.
  • The results that you get from it are faster in comparison.
  • It lets you track your results in real time.
  • It exposes the business in the local as well as global market,
  • It has better control than the social media market.


  • It can become a little complicated at times.
  • It hasn’t remained as effective as it used to be at times.
  • It is not free like many other ways.
  • It disappears whenever the campaign ends.
  • It doesn’t guarantee sales.
  • A lot of firms can be a huge headache to you.

App Store Optimisation

App Store Optimization How to Market Apps Successfully

About: This one helps you increase your mobile app visibility in the app store that you use. This can be done on any app store be it Playstore, Apple store, blackberry store, or Microsoft store. Just like the SERP even application pages can get searched. This technique basically focuses on conversion. It is very different from web search indexing and the way marketing is done there.


  • It makes the visibility of the application better than before.
  • It lets you research the important keywords.
  • It increases the rate of app download.
  • It provides more visibility which means more traffic.
  • It is quite cost-effective if you do it by yourself.


  • Needs to be checked on a regular basis.
  • The process is a little different in comparison to other marketing skills.
  • It can only be done if you have gathered a lot of knowledge.

Search Ads

Search Ads

About: It is the kind of advertisement in which your product or service ad is shown on a web page. This happens whenever you enter a search term and open a link in order to see the content. In this type of marketing, the advertisement is placed alongside the content. This is an effective way on How to market an apps successfully.  Also, it sometimes does make sure that sales are happening since the system only pushes products in which the customer is interested.


  • Search Ads are target audience targeted.
  • The results are almost immediate.
  • Analytically speaking the marketing provides you a higher result.
  • It lets you track the data of conversion and traffic.
  • This provides you with more control over your marketing budget.


  • They are not as engaging as compared to video-based marketing.
  • These search ads can’t be made viral.
  • This advertises the basic concept of using money to make money.


Keith Richards – Musician, Singer, Songwriter(Rolling Stones)

About: This may not be possible for everyone to do but if you have a budget it can do wonders. If you can bring on a decent celebrity or influencer on board. There are multiple brands that have tasted success before because they are associated with a celebrity. It is of no doubt that a celebrity associated with a brand can bring you more recognition. Although, if you are a small business and have some money to spare then one can go for a less popular influencer who may not be a household name but have a decent following because of multiple reasons. One example for this would be the memes page on instagram. Therefore, it can be considered one great way of how to market an apps successfully.


  • It is the most powerful way to market a product.
  • It makes your brand appeal more to the market.
  • It is great for increasing brand credibility, authenticity, and overall recognition.
  • It helps you grow more on any digital platform.


  • The cost of getting a celebrity/influencer can sometimes mean your entire budget.
  • It has sort of becoming mainstream for all the big brands, therefore, can be a gamble for them.



About: Blog marketing or Content based marketing was an ideal way for smaller businesses to market themselves. Although, there have been multiple bigger brands who have taken the way. It is quite effective since a written content is a digital footprint that can be worked upon in the future also to rank better in the SERP. It is a very old approach and a lot of people have taken it to tell about their product making it a great way on how to market apps successfully.


  • It is almost inexpensive to start writing content for your business.
  • It is very easy to implement.
  • It helps you build consistent website traffic.
  • It improves the ranking of your website on the search engine.
  • It makes your brand more credible and increases awareness about it.
  • It gives you the comfort and opportunity to tell more about your product and what are you offering to your product niche.
  • It gives you better opportunities for generating revenue.


  • It requires planning and one needs to be selective about the topic.
  • It is quite a time consuming and requires dedication.
  • Setting up a blog takes time and one needs to update it for better engagement.
  • In order to start, one needs a couple of articles already uploaded to the blog.
  • Although it is a way of marketing, it also needs marketing sometimes.
  • It requires you to monitor the comments.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing How to market an apps successfully

About: If you have decided on content based marketing then I must tell that videos are any day more effective in comparison to text. Yes written text can be a lot more informative but videos are more intuitive. Biologically speaking then whenever we are watching a video during that time we are gathering more knowledge. See the science behind it is simple, our perception of the real world largely depends on our optic input. Also, in case of videos sound is involved. It is a more digestible medium of marketing your product and is best for people with low attention span. This is by far one of the best remedies on how to market an apps successfully.


  • It is quite engaging and is easily digestible over any type of content.
  • Gets you higher credibility and loyal engagement in comparison to blogs.
  • It is quite intuitive and creates a perfect brand image.
  • It requires a consistent budget overtime.
  • It is a popular choice of marketing and is easy to remember.
  • It is the most powerful medium to market if your marketing is content driven.


  • They are very expensive in terms of implementation since you require proper equipment and a team to execute it.
  • If you are thinking of creating professional video then it is very time-consuming.
  • There are technical issues online while playing your video.
  • It requires the attention of the viewer(or customer in this case).

Promo Codes

Promo Codes

About: Having promo codes for your brand may not affect the traffic but it surely adds to the loyal customer base. A successful brand is not one that has heavy sales but one that has a consistent business above a certain benchmark. A promo code is nothing but a string of alphabets or numerals that when entered on the buyer page will provide a discount. All these coupons can be marketed through various mediums and that certainly provides a more consistent conversion. If not the best, it is definitely that one could if he/she wishes to know how to market an apps successfully.


  • Implementation of promo code is very easy.
  • It is very easy to track the usage of your promo codes.
  • The conversion is quite consistent.


  • Distribution of promo codes can not be controlled.
  • It can reach customers who are not loyal to your product or services.
  • It affects the order value of your product.

Public Relations

Public Relation How to market an apps successfully

About: Well, Public relation is among the most important aspects of maintaining consistency. It is not something that can drive more traffic but it surely does have the power of turning loyal customers. See customer relations is something that is given importance in today’s day. If you have a satisfied customer then most likely they’ll stick to your brand. Also, this affects the other entry in the list making it an effective way of how to market an apps successfully.


  • A well-structured campaign can bring you a lot of exposure.
  • It helps in improving your word of mouth.
  • This can be quite cost-effective if done properly.


  • Controlling the content can be a little difficult.
  • There is a risk of investment.

Word of Mouth/BuzzWord

Word of Mouth/Buzzword

About: The most powerful sort of marketing would be word of mouth or buzzword. Although in order to achieve it, you need to have an excellent product. This generally happens moreover by itself. If your services are something that surprises the target audience or simply offers something that is intact in its own sense then the word of mouth propagates from one point to another. Although, there can be a couple of strategies that might work as a stimulant but this has the capability to generate loads of loyal customers at times. It may be the most underrated yet is one of the most effective methodologies on how to market an apps successfully.


  • It is by the people and from the people, therefore, doesn’t incur any cost.
  • It is a trusted way by which your product is marketed.
  • It turns up the most loyal type of customers.


  • The marketer has zero control over it.
  • There is no analytics to it.

If nothing works for you – Hire a PR Firm

PR Firm How to market an apps successfully.

If you are a newbie in the trade then most likely chances are that you are looking forward to turning yourself into a brand. This is essential because existence in the market is important. That will get you a consistent business and makes sure that people prefer you over other products. Branding of service means that you are ahead of all the local brands that people don’t really know about and might not trust. Depending upon your budget a PR agency will get you the best strategy to promote yourself. Other than the traditional TV marketing, banners, and pamphlets, there is a lot more than a person can do to promote itself. The best example of that would be Digital Marketing. A decent PR agency will provide you with good content, SEO, and will also handle your social media for maximum engagement. It will leave you time for managing the rest of the work and is truly an effective way on how to market an apps successfully.

So these were some of the best ways on how to market an apps successfully. It may seem a little of less importance to people but promoting your app is essential. However great you maybe but if people don’t know you in this pool of applications, the chances of you surviving will blow to smithereens. In case you are looking for an app development company then maybe we can help. In order to send us an enquiry mail us at We have also written an article over the topic on Best Crowdfunding Apps on App Creator then click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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