How to outsource mobile app development and why?
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How to outsource mobile app development and why?

how to outsource mobile app development and why

How to outsource mobile app development and why?


Outsourcing is the process of getting a business job done from third-parties like freelancers, agencies, or even large enterprises. Mainly, one should opt for outsourcing a job when the cost of executing the task in-house is exceeding than the cost of getting it done from other corporations. Outsourcing is applied in every industry to keep the operational costs down and mobile app development ecosystem is not an exception. From newly born startups to well-established companies, they all outsource mobile app development work as it is more economical. Moreover, it is also a less headache process than setting up an in-house development less headache. The outsourcing app development project will also help you to focus more on the big pictures like marketing and branding of your app. You can spend your time of managing the business-end of your app and the outsourcing agency will develop your app in a fast-paced environment.


Why you should outsource mobile app development work to an agency?

Outsourcing app development agency already has a streamlined work process and knows all the pitfalls to be avoided during an app development project. On the contrary, your newly appointed in-house team might lack the much-needed experience which implicitly results in higher costs. Furthermore, you can optimize the outsourcing process by hiring a development agency who already has worked with a similar app. Thus, it improves the productivity of the hired agency as they had already developed a similar app previously which enables them to complete the job faster and well before the deadline.

Another advantage of hiring an outsourcing app development company is that you get to work with industry experts. On the other hand, if you choose to set up an in-house development team, then you first have to spend some time to find the right candidates which limit your options to hire experts instead. Even if, you find the right guys to do the development job, they would not match the experience of agencies like Agicent which are in the business for many years now.

Now, that you know why you should outsource your mobile app development, let’s see the step by step workflow to get the job done.


1. Plan the app idea and write an app specification document:

App specification document defines the functionality, features, and other details of your app which helps the outsourcing agency to better understand your needs and offer you a price quote. So, writing an App Specs doc improves the overall communication and helps the agency to produce specific and accurate results. In case, you don’t know how to create one, then read our article and download an App Specs document template for free.


2. Find a good outsourcing company:

The next step is to find the best outsourcing company to complete your project. The best way is to do some research and make a list of top app development companies and then contacting them to initiate the conversation. If you don’t want to go to companies then you can make them run towards you by using social media and online platforms. Simply share a tweet, write a LinkedIn or Facebook post, or on any other network to get pitches from app development agencies and freelancers. After that, you need to choose any one of them to outsource your app development project. First of all, we recommend staying away from freelancers as in that case the quality of the job isn’t guaranteed. Conversely, hiring a professional app development company like Agicent ensures quality work and are more trustworthy.

That being said, here are some tips that can help you separate the wheat from the chaff:

– Assess their portfolio to check out the organization’s technical skills.

– Take a note of their customer testimonials and interact with their earlier clients and get a feedback on their communication skills, punctuality, and professional ethics.

– If the company has developed a similar app previously, then award them a plus point and put them on top of your list.


3. Design an app development plan and discuss milestones:

After choosing a mobile app development company, the next step is to discuss the project milestones with a company representative. Usually, the person with whom you discuss the details is either the sales manager, project manager, or CTO/Founder. Setting up project milestones makes it easier to track the project progress and complete it on time.


4. Do the paperwork:

Once you and your outsourcing app company has defined the development roadmap of your app, don’t rush into further proceedings and take your time to complete all the legal paperwork like signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement. NDA prevents the outsourcing company to reuse your intellectual properties like code, designs, etc. We explicitly ask our customers to sign the NDA.

Download our mutual NDA document.


5. Supervise the project progress:

Monitoring the project yourself is also important as it keeps you updated regarding the app development status and know the reasons for any delay in project deliverability. But, don’t overdo it. We at Agicent, keep our clients updated by sending regular project status reports which also help us to always finish our work before the finish line.


That’s all, you need to know about why you should outsource your app development work. We hope that this post will help you to successfully outsource your first mobile app project and avoid most common pitfalls during the overall process. If at any step, you need help or want to clear your doubts, then feel free to write us at and we will be more than happy to assist you.


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