iPhone 8 review: Should you upgrade from iPhone 7?
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iPhone 8 review: upgrade to iPhone 8 Vs iPhone X?

iphone 8 review

iPhone 8 review, specifications, and features and should you upgrade from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8 or iPhone X?

Apple has finally unveiled 3 different iPhone models at its annual September iPhone event and that compels us to write our first iPhone 8 review. Out of the total 3 launches, two are iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and the third one is iPhone X which is the flagship model launched by Apple to celebrate its 10th anniversary. You can pre-order iPhone 8 and 8 plus starting from September 15, and that would be delivered from Sept 22 onward. Although, to get your hands on iPhone X you might have to wait a little longer as pre-orders begin from October 27 and shipping will start from November 3.

iPhone 8 is a better device than iPhone 7 many aspects, but major one being wireless charging and performance. It now includes a faster processor and enhanced GPU which makes it 70% faster than iPhone 7 and apart from that, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus come with a retina HD display with Apple’s True Tone technology which makes sure the display look similar under different lighting conditions. The most awaited feature that has been included in all the latest released iPhone models is wireless charging. Due to which, new iPhones now have a slightly different design than iPhone 7, the front and back of the iPhone 8 now have glasses and yes, there is no Home Button for any of the devices.

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iPhone 8 Review


Let’s now do an iPhone 8 Review, see their features and specifications, and differences from iPhone 8 Plus:-

1. Faster Processor:-


iPhone 8, 8 plus, and X are now being shipped with A11 Bionic processors – 6 cores and 64 bit. Apple claims it to be 70% faster than A10 fusion (used in iPhone 7S) and says it can perform 600 billion operations per second, isn’t that amazing! The new processor is optimized to smoothly render VR apps without any heavy battery usage.


2. Crystal clear display:-


iPhone 8 and 8 Plus come with a 4.7 and 5.5 inches LCD (Retina HD) Multi-Touch display with IPS and Apple’s True Tone technology. Screen resolution of iPhone 8 is 1334 by 750 pixel at 336 ppi and 8 Plus display supports 1920 by 1080 pixel at 401 ppi. So, in case, if you are not satisfied with your iPhone 7 display then you should definitely upgrade to iPhone 8 or 8 Plus.


3. Wireless charging:-


iPhone 7 doesn’t support wireless charging and if it is the kind of feature you definitely want then switching to iPhone 8 is a good idea. iPhone 8 supports Qi wireless charging standard. Qi is the technology which charges your phone without any cables at very short distances. As Qi is also supported by other mobile brands including Samsung and Microsoft that means you can find most places in the world to charge your iPhone.

However, there is no battery boost for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and they will last the exact same hours as it would in iPhone 7. However, there is a turbo charge feature that will charge your iPhone to 50% in just 30 minutes.


4. Better camera:-


Both iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have 12 MP camera with optical image stabilization. Under the hood, Apple has also designed an ISP (Image Signal Processor) which allows the camera to handle real-time Portrait lighting effects. The designed ISP also supports faster low-light autofocus, improved pixel processor, and hardware multi-band noise reduction. In addition to that, Apple has also designed a new video encoder to shoot 4k videos at 60 FPS and 1080P at 240 FPS.


5. Enhanced GPU:-


The iPhone 8 GPU is almost 30% faster than the A10 processor. With that performance boost, the new GPU is optimized to consume very less battery as well. That’s a good news for iPhone hardcore gamers as they can play graphics intensive games for longer durations in iPhone 8. However, we are not quite sure about how the newly designed GPU will help photo and video editors to carry out complex tasks.

With all these features an iPhone 8 will cost around $699 (64 GB) and $849 (256 GB). If you want to buy iPhone 8 Plus, then you have to pay $799 for 64 GB variant and $949 for 256 GB model.


Now, Should you upgrade to iPhone 8 or 8 Plus from an iPhone 7?


If you are owning an iPhone 7 then there is no urgent need to buy an iPhone 8 unless you really want this “wireless charging” feature and faster touch. A10 processors of iPhone 7 are also fully VR capable and given the fact that there is no battery boost in iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, it is not much different than iPhone 8. However, if you are an iPhone 6 or 6S user, this might be the time to say goodbye to your old iPhone and go for an upgrade. If budget allows, then we’d recommend iPhone 7 users should consider going for iPhone X and unlock the most modern phone features yet. We are going to review iPhone X in our next article and would keep on updating that based on usage reviews, so stay tuned with our blog.

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