Latest Gadgets on the Market to Launch in 2020(inspired from CES)

Being a full-fledged techie(at least in my head), it was certainly an opportunity for me to write something as amazing as this unfold. At the latest CES convention 2020, there were a plethora of great gadgets that were introduced. It is great to see how technology is showing no boundaries and there were some stellar products that were dropped in the event. From home-based products to full-fledged computers, there was a lot that could be talked about. Although, for an article one can only choose the best. Therefore in this article, we have mentioned the latest gadgets on the market to launch in 2020.

Note: The list of Gadgets mentioned below are based out of CES 2020.

  • The gadgets might or might not launch as a full-fledged product. Although some part of it might surely make the mainstream market.
  • Prospective date for the launch has not been mentioned with all the products, therefore, they might or might not launch in the year 2020.
  • The index of the product mentioned doesn’t signify their ranking.

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About: Hydraloop is the most environment-friendly and sustainable product on the list. WasteWater is a real phenomenon but what if you can save up to 85% of your daily consumption. Well, this could actually change the world and might prevent us from at least running out of off clean drinking potable water. Hydraloop is a project that once installed will clean wastewater from your kitchen sink, toilet flush, bathroom, Washbasin etc. It is less of a product and more of an initiative to sustain water that could otherwise go out of existence. It is by every means deserves an entry in our list of latest gadgets on the market to launch.

2.Wallbox Quasar

About: In simple and plain words, Wallbox Quasar is a bi-directional charger that connects your home and the electronic vehicle for the Grid. This one is quiet and compact. The device will basically help you feed the energy from your car to your home or back to the grid. Wallbox Quasar can basically transform the way we use energy. It comes with a decent amount of advantages. Some of them are the capability to charge devices 8x faster, Programmable charging, stops overloading, lock and unlock the device remotely. This one may not be a product that might be needed in every home today but it sure feels like the future. It is another decent entry for our list of latest gadgets on the market to launch.

3.Phonak Virto Black

About: Virto has been making hearing aids for over a decade now. This one is the best the company has offered till now. The hearing aid might be launched at a pricier side though. As per the statistics, almost 40 million Americans have hearing issues. This device is perfectly capable of bridging that gap. The device launched at the latest CES 2020 and it was a marvel all those who actually tested. It is definitely on the list of latest gadgets on the market to launch and is surely much awaited.

4.Withings Scanwatch

About: This is a reiterated version of the Steel HR series by Withings. The watch has been developed in the footsteps of the previous version. Although, this time they have added a built-in ECG in the watch. This will help the people who have heart-related issues which include problems like atrial fibrillation and sleep apnea. Also, one of the better features of the watch is that it can go up to 30 days on a single charge. The Scanwatch is most likely to launch by the spring and is a great proposition for the people suffering especially from Sleep Apnea deserving its place in our list of latest gadgets.

5.Dolby Vision IQ

About: Dolby is already an established name in the entertainment industry. And, this one truly takes a huge leap in the department of home entertainment. The technology is capable of detecting the light in the room using an ambient light sensor. This will enable the TV in your living room to display the color gamut that will be best for your viewing. Dolby Vision IQ technology also has the capability to tell the TV what is being watched. Also, this will orient the viewing as per the content that is being displayed. This surely is going to be a big stone turned in case of home entertainment systems. Also, this is a great addition to our list of latest gadgets on the market to launch.

6.Razer Kishi

About: A whole lot of techies are a bunch of gaming maniacs. Also while previously no one would have anticipated the heights mobile gaming would reach services like Google Stadia are still around the corner waiting to be conceived properly. Razer Kishi would be something that can actually enhance your gaming experience in this particular scenario. It is a decent entry to our list of latest gadgets on the market to launch. It is nothing but a gamepad that connects to the type-c port of your smartphone and provides you with that premium console gaming experience with minimal latency. This surely might promote mobile gaming well and help it establish in the field of competitive mobile gaming. The Razer Kishi can either be mounted on your smartphone or can be used as a proper gamepad and be used wirelessly. This is something that a lot of gamers can actually be excited about.

7.Insta360 One R

About: The new Insta360 has the capability to revolutionize the vlogging scene deserving its entry in our list of latest gadgets on the market to launch. Although, the device is less about quality(which is also great) but more about convenience. With this device, the user can actually switch from a 360 camera to a full-fledged 4K Wide Angle camera. The video stream that is generated using the Insta360 can actually stream a recording of 100 Mbps bitrate. In fact, one could actually upscale the resolution to 5.7K by using the mod available. The device is offered in two variants: 4K Edition and the 360 Edition. Although, if you combine them both then you also get the Twin Edition which can get you all the convenience in the world while recording. It is a versatile product and has already been launched in the market.

8.Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub

About: How great of a product this one depends on how often you plan barbecues. This device has the capability to transform any Grill into a smart one. All the user has to do is just connect the device to the grill and it will tell you about all the important things as notifications directly to your smartphone. The device will tell you about the temperature of the grill, the readiness of your dish and also when is the time to flip the steak. This is a step-by-step assistant that provides the user with a countdown for the estimated cooking time. It can be a great device for you especially if you throw mouth-watering barbecue parties often. It is a great gadget and hence has been mentioned in this list of the latest gadgets on the market to launch.

9.Olive Union Smart Ear

About: This is the second product of the same type in this list of latest gadgets on the market to launch. About Olive Smart Ear, a lot of people are not comfortable with those back ear hearing aids. Although, a lot might still be interesting in having those wireless ones that sit perfectly in your ears and amplifies sound for you. Well, it isn’t that there weren’t wireless hearing aids previously but they have the capacity to rip your pockets. Olive understood this and launched these Smart Ear hearing aids that could fit in the pocket of many users. It is an effective gadget that does its work pretty well. This device claims to provide a talk time for almost 12 hours and a complete week on standby. It is certainly not a new discovery but for the ones who need it, this is surely a boon.

10.Dell Concept UFO

About: The chances are low that this one might drop in the market. Although, if it does then it will surely create a cadre of its own. The UFO by Dell is a concept that was showcased in the CES 2020. This is a handheld device much like the Nintendo. Although, the catch here is that it runs on windows 10 and is an absolute treat for someone who would like a portable gaming PC. Therefore making its place in this list of latest gadgets on the market to launch.

The device is powered using a 10th Generation Intel Processor and boasts of an 8-inches screen. This, for now, isn’t capable of running games in the higher resolution like 1080p and 4K that well. Although below that it works quite effectively which seems quite promising. Also, the gamepad provided by the sides can be detached to create a proper gamepad. It is by far the most effective latest gadgets that have been mentioned in the entire list for me. Although, it would be great to see if this one unfolds in the market for purchase.

11.Zero Zero Robotics V-Coptr Falcon

About: There hasn’t been a lot going on in the world of drones until now. The Falcon Coptr can be your drone in the future. The gadget can stay live for over 50 minutes in a single charge which is twice that of many available drones in the market. It is surely a great device and needs to be mentioned in our list of latest gadgets on the market to launch. 

This is the world’s first bicopter. The drone is provided with a 12 mp main camera that can take 4K videos at 30 fps. Along with that, the camera can also take stills. It has been provided with a 3-axis gimbal. The latest gadgets come with 8Gb of storage onboard. Also, this one can be expanded up to 256Gb. The V-Coptr is a consumer-friendly product and for the features, it brings on board, the device is only priced at $999.

12.ROG Swift 360

About: If you have ever researched television then I bet you might be aware of those gimmicky higher refresh rates. Well, this one is no gimmick since the ROG Swift 360 brings an excellent native refresh rate of 360 hertz. A high refresh rate is something that each and every developer dig especially for the ones who play competitively. This can entirely change the scenario of how one plays games on PC. This laptop is a huge improvement in terms of clarity by leaps and bounds. It is a great improvement in terms of viewing and needs to be mentioned in our latest gadgets on the market list.

13.OnePlus Concept One

About: OnePlus was another turning point in the league of smartphone introduction. The company has been delivering some exceptional hardware at the best price possible. This time again they collaborated with McLaren to showcase their latest OnePlus Concept One smartphone. The back of the device has been stitched with leather and like always, the device boasts of flagship hardware. 

Although, it is highly unlikely that the device will be launched as it was showcased in CES 2020. What will be included in the package would be the glass used for the cameras at the back. The embed glass comes with changeable opacity which can completely hide the camera. Also, this will work as a polariser filter to take better images in overlit lightning conditions. It would be great to see this device unfold and be launched in the mainstream market. This one is another highlight for me in the list of Latest Gadgets on the market this year.

14.Razer Tomahawk

About: A bigger version of Razer Tomahawk was sent to Unbox Therapy(it is a famous tech channel) for testing. The previous version was made to inculcate Xbox, PS4, and PC gaming using the same machine. Although, this one is the minimalistic version of that one providing the user with some elite hardware for gaming. The rig has been powered using an intel i9 processor with 8 cores and gets you 32gb of ddr4 RAM installed in the system. Also, the system comes with the top-end GTX 20 series graphic card making this a mesmerising entry in the list of latest gadgets on the market to launch. It is something that a lot of gamers can be truly excited about.

15.L’oreal Perso

About: If you are a girl then you’d surely wish to have one. The L’Oreal Perso is a true gadget for anyone who likes to get shades for lipstick, foundation, and skincare on the go. This one is basically a dispenser which on use creates you the perfect combination that you want using the Perso app. For a techie, the one thing that is quite surprising is that the mixture feels as if it is coming out of nowhere. There are very small pores on the top of the device from which the mix oozes out. Although, for someone who may not know about this is surely going to be confused. It can be a great utility for women and a cool gadget in terms of presentation making its places in our latest gadgets on the market to launch.

16.Tombot Jennie

About: Well, If you are a dog lover then this entry would certainly intrigue you. Tombot Jennie looks like an actual dog at first glance. Although, it is a lot more than that. In fact, the makers of it would say that it is a therapist for people who can not maintain an actual pet. It showcases many of an actual dog’s features like wagging its tail, barking in a different tonality, and utter cuteness specifically. The dog has been implanted with multiple sensors all over the body and based on where you touch it, Jennie responds back to you. This can be a great substitute especially for people who have diseases like Alzheimer’s. It is one of the best in the list of latest gadgets on the market to launch and is quite affordable for the features it brings on the table.

17.BrainCo Brainwave Tech

About: This is another stellar tech from the house of BrainCo. The company has previously worked in the field of prosthetics. Although, this time they came up with a prosthetic arm that can be a real boon for someone who lost one. The prosthetic arm can be controlled using your mind. This arm showcases movement based on muscle movement and is a decent piece of tech once you get a hold of it. The company is moving forward in the direction and this surely can be seen in the near future as a complete product with accuracy as we see in the movies. It is another really great piece of latest gadgets on the market to launch that have been mentioned in this list.

18.Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

About: Are you ready to see the best Chromebook that has dropped ever? Well, two giant companies Samsung and Google collaborated together to create this piece of tech. The latest Samsung Galaxy Chromebook will be offered to the user with an i5 processor. It is stylish, it is sleek, and this one is offered with a touchscreen panel with a stylus provided to interact with it. If you are looking for something portable and powerful that can be used for different purposes then this will surely come in handy and that too at an affordable price. Also, this one can be completely folded to make it look like a tablet making it another decent entry in the list of latest gadgets on the market to launch.

19.Vizio OLED

About: A lot of people would like to have an OLED TV for their home entertainment system. An OLED has many considerable advantages over a regular OLED TV. For instance, they consume less power, simple design, higher durability, and most importantly better picture quality. Although people abstain from it because of the higher prices. Well, Vizio is here to break that barrier for you with all of its great features embedded in their TVs. 

This would be the first time the company would be diving into OLED panels and competing with some low budget OLED television from companies like LG. This series would also boast of technologies like AMD FreeSync and refresh rate of up to 120 hertz at 4K. This also means that it will be a great TV for gaming as well. The price of it can’t be estimated right now but some of the bigger journalism companies are saying that it can get as low as $1500 for a 65 inches panel. It is one of the better products on this list and deserves a spot in our article about the latest gadgets on the market to launch.

20.AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper

About: My first desktop had an AMD processor and the laptop that I am using today still boasts of AMD. On one hand where you can say that I am a fan of AMD while on the other I promise you that I am completely unbiased. At the CES 2020, the company unveiled its latest 3rd generation AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990x. This is the world’s first 64 core processor and 124 threads. Also, this one boasts a 4.3 GHz boost along with a cache of 256 Mb.

The processor will be provided in a desktop form factor and is up to 30% faster than its closest Xeon processor. Although, if that is not all then just wait to be surprised more than you can expect. All of this can be bought at an exceptional price of $3990 while the closest competition can be purchased at $20,000. This is another mammoth of a revelation that happened during the event and truly is among the latest pieces of tech one could talk about. It was necessary to mention this in our list of latest gadgets on the market to launch.

21.TCL Foldable Phone

About: A lot of people might know TCL as the company that makes affordable television. Well, this is the first time that the company has laid its hands on a foldable phone. And, it can be expected that this smartphone is going to be a budget one unlike Samsung’s $2000 entry in the league. For now, the smartphone doesn’t have a selfie camera but is provided with three rear cameras. Also, the design is still a little delicate just like the other devices that are in the league. The bezel is a little thick around the corner but the build is quite sturdy. The latest CES 2020 introduced us to this device which is still a prototype but one can expect it to be more finished upon its launch.


About: The Y-Brush is a gadget that is exactly meant for people who are lazy just like me. This device has the capability to clean your teeth in a matter of 10 seconds. Unlike the conventional brushing which takes a lot more time, the Y-brush reaches everywhere and does a thorough cleaning of your teeth. Also, this one will be dropped at an amazing price of $124 which is way cheaper than its competition. Also, none of them is close to this device in terms of efficiency.

23.Razer E-Racing Simulator

About: Well, this could be the dream of any Gamer and it is still going to be a dream considering the price(if that is unveiled and I am sure about its extravagance). Although, the way everything has been laid down in the Razer E-Racing Simulator, this one truly deserves the price at least for the immersive experience. There are screens on the side and it comes with a comfortable chair to hold you. The steering and the entire configuration is quite responsive with minimal latency and if you have never driven a 700 hp car then this could be a very artificial yet authentic experience that you might see in the future arcades. It is a great assembly and deserves a place in our list of latest gadgets on the market to launch.

24.Sony Vision-S Car

About: Just in case, if cars skip a beat inside your chest then this one will not be launched in the market. The car from Sony was one of the most surprising entries in this year’s CES 2020. On one hand, this may not be a consumer product but on the other Sony used it to showcase what upgrades it can do to a car. The car has been fitted with over 33 sensors that cover almost every aspect of comfort with technology at its peak. This is an electric car and the peak view can only be seen from the insides. This one feels straight from the future and it is centered around user experience and entertainment. It is still a prototype and has been purely made with an intent to show the capabilities of Sony with automobiles.


About: This is not the first time that this gadget has been showcased. Although, this time it has been developed keeping the western culture in mind. A Gatebox is basically a holographic girl in a tube that is capable of virtual assistance. The initial version of the tech was dropped in the year 2016 but then an American Company thought of making it more western-centric. Therefore, they collaborated with developers from New Zealand and created a whole new version of this. The Gatebox is available to the customers at a price of $1500 and hopefully soon, we will be capable of seeing its westernised version in the market.

So this is our list of the latest gadgets on the market to launch in 2020. It is great to see such amazing tech unfold this year and hopefully, a lot of these mentioned in the list might drop this year. We are an app development company and if you are in need of one then we can help. In order to send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. We have also written an article over 10 alternatives to Tik Tok, therefore, in order to check it out click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end. 

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