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Hiring App Development Companies? Read this FAQs for dummies

App Development Companies, Mobile App Design & Development

Our customers contact us when they are hiring an App Development Company, and we come across many basic to complex questions from them regarding this whole App Development Outsourcing business. So, we felt the need to consolidating all such questions in one article and share with everyone. Starting from simple hygiene questions to critical ones […]

App development – A good approach to grow your business

App Development Companies, Mobile App Design & Development

If building a business is tough, keeping it going is even tougher. You may have a great idea or even a great product but unless you reach out to the right people, it is not going to work. You need to be visible and people need to find easy ways to access your offerings and […]

Get Your Own Mobile App

App Development Companies, Mobile App Design & Development

Looking for a mobile app development company? Your answer is right here: Agicent. Agicent is a customer-centralized mobile app development company that strives to be the answer to all your mobile app development needs. Finding one such company today can be very important, in this technologically advanced world where everything you need virtually comes from […]

What to keep in mind while developing mobile apps?

App Development Companies, Mobile App Design & Development

While creating an app, there are a number of things which one must consider. There are things which could go absolutely wrong depending upon the application being developed as well as the developer or team of developers working upon it. An app is the future of absolutely any business. No matter what product you may […]

How to hire the right iPhone developer?

iPhone App Development, Mobile App Design & Development

A considerable period of time has passed since the ios app market; the Apple applications market was first launched. Though it is much newer than android, the app store has gained a lot of recognition both in terms of the number of downloads as well as the number of users it has gained. The variety […]

Comparison between iPhone and Android

Mobile App Design & Development

It would seem like a clash of the titans if you compare iPhone and Android. Yet, there are subtle differences between the two if you wanted to compare the two and opt for any. One of the foremost differences where iPhone scores is the fingerprint technology while the Android has less secure face recognition system […]

Mobile Application Development – A Growing Industry

App Development Companies, Mobile App Design & Development

The use of mobile applications has increased manifold over the last several years. The reasons can be attributed to the advancement of network technologies, reduction of costs pertaining to mobile data usage, rising adoption of smartphones as well as a surge in the utility of applications. According to a number of reports, the mobile applications […]

Your Mobile App with These Steps

Mobile App Design & Development

Summary- A mobile app is an excellent way of marketing and popularizing your business. But designing it can be a challenge. Follow these steps to help you with the process. Considering that there are millions of mobile applications on android, iOS and Windows operating systems and a majority of them are winning over people, getting […]

Benefits of Android App Development

Mobile App Design & Development

Android, as an open sourced platform, helps its app designers gain a competitive edge over others in market. Different types of app developers for Android systems are continuously emerging in the industry, working on many different applications is the best sophisticated setups and with the best technical advancements. Android App Developers are working on newer […]

App Development – HTML5 Vs Native?

Mobile App Design & Development, Mobile Apps Basics

No matter how much attractive it sounds to create an HTML5 or cross platform app in optimal cost hitting all sort of smartphones very quickly, the real scenario is different and that is the point where you need to figure out firmly that which way to go about, HTML5 or cross-platform or native (or hybrid). […]

How to find iPhone App Developer for your first project?

App Development Companies, Mobile App Design & Development

So you’ve a million dollar App Idea and now looking to hire ios app developer company to turn your idea into an high quality mobile app, but confused which way to go about? If that is what you are stuck at right now, then keep reading on… Let me first of all mention here that […]

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