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Top Apps and Games in November 2017 (iOS and Android)

Latest Tech, Mobile App Design & Development, Top Apps and Games reviews

Developers work very hard every day to release great quality app and games for major app stores, the primary being iTunes and Google play stores. Every month, new apps and games are released and since these app store can’t show all good apps and games in their featured list, not all users are updated about […]

Hiring from Upwork VS hiring from Agicent App Company

App Development Companies, Mobile App Design & Development

In this post we will see why hiring from Agicent is a more viable option than hiring from Upwork. Read here to know more.

Ultimate Checklist for hiring an app development company!

App Development Companies, Mobile App Design & Development

Here is the checklist before hiring a mobile app development company. Follow them to make yourself outsourcing app development work a blissful experience.

How to get your App reviewed by App Review Sites?

Mobile App marketing, Mobile Apps Basics, Press Coverage

Here are some quick tips to get your app covered on review websites. It will help your app to gain all limelight and acquire loyal users.

Google Tez app review: Will it end India’s cash payment mode

Latest Tech

Here is the Google Tez app review. Google recently launched Tez in India to enter India’s emerging digital payment landscape.

Note 8 Vs iPhone X, which one is worth buying?

Latest Tech

In this post, we will take a look at “Note 8 vs iPhone X” which will help you to decide which one you should buy.

iPhone X review, how do iPhone X compare with iPhone 8

Latest Tech

Read the iPhone X review and see how it is different from 8 Plus. The article will also help you decide whether to go for iPhone X or 8 Plus.

Agicent in news – Huffpost covers Pregmo App and Agicent

App Development Companies, Mobile App Design & Development, Press Coverage

So, we never knew we’d be covered in 2017 by none other than Huffpost for the cute App Pregmo (A movie making app for lovely pregnant ladies) that we recently developed for our inspiring client Ms. Jasmine Katatikarn. The idea of Pregmom by Jasmine was itself so good that we could make a quality App in just […]

iPhone 8 review: upgrade to iPhone 8 Vs iPhone X?

App Development Companies, Latest Tech

Read the iPhone 8 review and complete specifications. We will help you decide whether to go for an upgrade or not from iPhone 7 to 8 or 8 Plus.

What is new in iOS 11 for App developers and users?

iPhone App Development, Latest Tech

Read here to know about what is new in iOS 11 for developers and users. From new VR apps development APIs to miscellaneous users features.

Mobile App Security Best Practices for App Developers

Mobile App Design & Development, Mobile App Security, Mobile Apps Basics

Wherever a digital activity is involved, hackers are not far behind. They always try to identify flaws in the system and then exploit the backdoor to steal confidential and important data, or just play for fun, and sometimes even ask for ransom (Ref: recent MongoDB hacks by 3 groups, who were asking for bitcoin as […]

Which Apps Make More Money and Why?

Mobile App Design & Development, Mobile App Monetization, Mobile Apps Basics

As you all know, we’ve been involved with mobile app development since around a decade, and seen different type of apps rising to the top of the grossing charts, some pretty simple ones and some very big. Interestingly, there have been cases where simple ones have generated more revenues (like flappy bird, whatsapp etc) than […]

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