Apps have ruled the market for over a decade and the trend is going strong till date. Although, once a king is not always a kind unless the people have a better replacement. Progressive Web Apps fells exactly in this context. PWAs give all the functionality of an app while […]

Ionic is a well recognised open-source Software Development Kit. The framework can be used to create great hybrid mobile app development. The framework was created on top of AngularJS and Cordova SDK. Also, it can be used with completely shutting its UI build features and using other frameworks like React […]

AngularJS has been among the core web framework among a multitude of companies. It has been primarily maintained by Google including other communities. The great thing about the web framework is that it is open-source and has a decent community of developers. The framework was based on MVC(model-view-controller) and MVVM(Model-view-viewModel) […]