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7 Best Subscription-Based Gaming Platforms for Kids

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Gone were the days when parents would stress over keeping their kids busy. Nowadays, it is pretty straightforward — just hand them over a smartphone, and they know the drill.   Research indicates that in the United States, 1 in 5 kids owns a smartphone by the age of 8. Kids love watching videos and playing […]

How to Remove Android Malware from Your Phone or Tablet

Mobile App Maintenance, Security

A lot of people get shocked by the fact that phones do get infected by viruses, too. If your Android phone or tablet is acting abnormally, there is a high likelihood that it has been infected by malware. Android malware comes from malicious apps created by cybercriminals with the intention of stealing peoples’ personal information. […]

10 Games to improve Child Learning

Mobile App Design & Development, Top Applications, Top Apps and Games reviews

Source Do you know? When a child is born, all of his organs are entirely developed except for the brain?  According to research by NCBI, 90% of brain development happens in the first four to five years of a child. Explains why experiences during these beginner years are quite impactful. As parents or anyone who […]

App Development for Real Estate Agents

app development, iPhone App Development, Website Development

Living in the digital age requires following the latest trends and gaining a competitive edge.  Every industry can significantly benefit and experience tremendous growth from introducing different innovations, and this also applies to the real estate business. Stats show that mobile internet accounts for almost 52% of global online traffic. What’s even more important is […]

Free UI Design for App and Web worth $ 2000! BIGGEST GIVEAWAY from Agicent App Company!

Free Offerings

Free UI Design for App and Website – BIGGEST GIVEWAY THIS YEAR 2019. You read it right! We are offering FREE UI Sample UI & UX Design services through out 2019 now. We did it for two months during summers and now extending it for the whole year. This is only for you, startups! All […]

How VUI and IoT can be conjoined twins?

Latest Tech

Internet of Things or IoT has been among the most talked about topic in the tech niche. Since, the inception of smartphones and other smart devices, there have been multiple technologies that dictate automation. IoT is one such field where the developers are trying to make daily devices around you smarter and more connected. Some […]

Modern Video Game Genres Explained: What are they and the best examples?

Top Apps and Games reviews

There is no doubt unveiling the fact that gaming right now is a massive entertainment industry. Since the time of inception, video games have been liked by teenagers all around the world. I myself have been involved in playing video games for countless hours in an 8-bit cassette setup. Although, right now the world is […]

Rel Tag Attributes and their effect on your website Security & SEO

Website Development

If you are a content marketer or simply the owner of a website then you might have come through rel tag. The most common encounter that one has with the rel tag is via the “nofollow” attribute. It is nothing but something that indicates that you don’t associate with the website that you have linked […]

React Native vs iOS Native Development – Which one to go for in 2020

Mobile App Design & Development

It has been a long and pressing question about whether one should go for React Native or get the app natively developed. Well, since the mobile application industry exploded there have been a multitude of applications that are developed. One wouldn’t hesitate to say that many multi-billionaire industries are actually apps. One great example of […]

How To Choose The Right Web Host For You: The 2020 Guide

Mobile App Design & Development, Website Development

Whether you are a business trying to sell a product, an individual showing off your art or a blogger looking to educate the world, a website is important. There are several benefits of having a website for a company, and that is why so many companies are online today. One of the biggest decisions for […]

Top Mobile App Development Companies in San Diego

App Development Companies

San Diego is a wonderful city that is available in the coastal region of southern California. It is the second-largest city that is in the state. For those who don’t know, it is a city with lots of universities and a decent amount of beaches to swim. The city’s neighbourhoods express a lot of diversity […]

Top Mobile App Development companies in Indianapolis

App Development Companies

Also known by the name Indy, the city is among the most populous and popular in the state of Indiana. Indigenous People have been a part of this area as long as 2000 B.C. There are a variety of sectors that can be found in the city supporting the nation’s economy. Some of these sectors […]

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