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Can a Progressive Web App improve SEO?

Mobile App Design & Development

I believe if you have opened up this URL then you are probably looking for the answer. Although, if you are thinking that there would be a direct improvement in SEO, I just hate to break the news but the answer is “NO”. Although does it have any effect on your SEO, well, that is […]

10 Best Examples of Progressive Web Apps in 2019

Mobile App Design & Development

Websites were the first online medium using which anyone could access data online. Although, after apps were introduced the whole scenario changed as they focused more on UI/UX. UI/UX was an important aspect in terms of app development. Although with the dawn of progressive web apps now even websites had the capability of being native […]

Top Payment Gateways to use for Web/Mobile Apps in 2019

Mobile App Design & Development

Gone are the times when every transaction was carried out physically. With the uprising of e-commerce and trade online, there have been a plethora of changes in the business world. Now, most of the businesses are working to provide ease to their customers. One major change that has been is the usage of online payment […]

How to create PWA using ReactJS

Progressive Web App

Apps have ruled the market for over a decade and the trend is going strong till date. Although, once a king is not always a kind unless the people have a better replacement. Progressive Web Apps fells exactly in this context. PWAs give all the functionality of an app while also retaining all the advantages […]

Top Progressive Web App Frameworks to Create Great PWAs

Mobile App Design & Development

Initially, the websites that were made were only capable of showing a limited amount of data. They had static data and zero functionality. Although, as time passed, the website creation becomes more and more complex yet functional and dynamic. Then came the time of applications which could be installed on your smartphones and desktops(if not […]

Great Mobile Apps created using Ionic

Mobile App Design & Development

Ionic is a well recognised open-source Software Development Kit. The framework can be used to create great hybrid mobile app development. The framework was created on top of AngularJS and Cordova SDK. Also, it can be used with completely shutting its UI build features and using other frameworks like React Native and Vue.Js in place […]

Great Apps, Websites, and Services created using AngularJS

Mobile App Design & Development

AngularJS has been among the core web framework among a multitude of companies. It has been primarily maintained by Google including other communities. The great thing about the web framework is that it is open-source and has a decent community of developers. The framework was based on MVC(model-view-controller) and MVVM(Model-view-viewModel) architecture which created ease of […]

Great Apps and Services created using Flutter

Mobile App Design & Development

If you are in this article then I must believe that you are already aware of Flutter. Well, for introduction it is a mobile framework that lets you create hybrid applications with 100% code reusability. It is has got really great material design and also the applications created using Flutter are a little faster. The […]

Famous Applications Created Using React Native

Mobile App Design & Development, Top Applications

React Native has been there for a while and is being liked by a chunk of developers. The reasons are pretty simple, it lets you have great UI that can be used for both Android and iOS. The framework lets you create a great mobile application with almost 92% code reusability. These are some of […]

Great Phaser Games created using the Framework

Mobile App Design & Development, Top Apps and Games reviews

Well, there are a variety of gaming engines that are currently present in the market. It is a buffet for someone who wants to start creating games as a developer. Although, today we will be talking about Phaser. Phaser is a desktop and mobile HTML based framework. The framework is popularly known to create light-weighted […]

Famous Games Created Using Javascript !!!

Top Applications

If we talk about web platforms then Javascript turns out to be quite a celebrated language. It is still considered a major skill if you know how to develop using the language. Almost any kind of animation is implemented using the language. It is still relevant in the industry. Although, do you know it was […]

Amazing Games Created Using Unity 3D[Updated 2019]

Top Applications, Top Apps and Games reviews

If we start to talk about gaming engines then there are two names that strikes the head i.e. Unity and Unreal. Both of these gaming engines offer some exceptional games with mind-bending physics, graphics, and mechanics. Although, today we will just be focusing on games that are created using Unity 3D. The reason for that […]

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