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Top Testing QA Tools for App Development

Mobile App Design & Development

Developing an application is a complex task. The app developers have to prepare a full UI experience and fill functionalities to it using their coding and scripting. Although, there is one thing that is often underappreciated but is equally important i.e testing. Without testing, there is no benchmark of quality that one has to suffice. […]

Top Project Management Tools for App Developers !!!

App Review

The scale at which applications are developed these days has certainly been amplified. This won’t be wrong to say that even a decent project takes a minimum of 6 months to complete. Although, that is the least I am talking about. There can be like projects that can develop for as many as 5 years […]

Why to Use CI/CD in App Development !!!

Mobile App Design & Development

The app industry has been present from a couple of decades now. Although, with the increasing pace in development, there are often times when we have to adapt to the situation. For now, there are so many great ideas in the market that have rolled out as applications, a lot of app development company have […]

Top Technology Trends in App Development !!!

AI, Latest Tech

The world is changing at a much faster pace and all of it has been contributed by Technology. The technological advancements that we have achieved in a few decades are something that we haven’t done in the entire human history. Sure, fire was the most important invention but now people would rather vote for the […]

Cyber Security threats to App Companies

Mobile App Security

Hacking or correctly speaking cracking is not an easy task. Although, the number of cyber security threats has increased from a couple of years. Initially, the only place one could actually store data was either in his/her desktop, laptop or the ledger they kept alongside. With the growing world and connectivity, the internet has become […]

Best AI Engines to get you started with App Development !!!

Mobile App Design & Development

In the early times, AI was much inferior to what it is today. Now there are various industries that are using the concept of Machine Learning and Neural Networks to create a better application. These applications are capable of showing you relevant data based on your interaction with them. Although, getting started with them with […]

Best Fantasy Football Apps to Play Big and Win Big !!!

Top Applications

Are you into Football? If yes is your answer then I would ask another one, Are you into fantasy football? If the previous answer repeats itself then you are probably on the right article. Fantasy Football has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Not only that there are a plethora of players associated playing it both […]

Best Apps for Telemedicine for Medicare !!![2019]

Top Applications

Medicare has become a major issue in today’s hectic life. We all have our day jobs which makes it almost impossible to takeout time for professional help. Although, some issues need consultation from a professional. Therefore, to help people with Medicare, we have mentioned some of the best apps for telemedicine. Most of these apps […]

Top Diet Management Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle !!![2019]

Top Applications

Do you feel fatigued throughout the day? Or are you someone who wants to lose some weight? If these are your struggles then maybe these top diet management apps will be able to help you. Diet management is a difficult task since you have to be constantly reminded about your goals. It is relatively difficult […]

Top Beauty and Makeup Apps for your Fabulous Self !!![2019]

Mobile App Design & Development, Top Applications

Did you often miss the mark when it comes to getting yourself groomed for any occasion? I know it could be difficult to get the right contours, the right shades, and the makeup that suits you. A lot of women often struggle with this notion. Although, there are great beauty and makeup apps that can […]

Best Healthy Recipe Apps to Keep you fit !!![2019]

Top Applications

Don’t you feel that keeping yourself healthy has actually become a task? With this increasing pollution and the daily stress from the job, life has become a little difficult. We all know the reasons such as sleep deprivation, work crunch, and most importantly the choice of food. We are not able to eat healthily and […]

Best Insomnia Apps to Sleep Like a Baby[2019]

Mobile App Design & Development, Top Applications

I once saw a Tedx video on Youtube by Matt Walker. It was about sleep and it being your superpower. A lot of us don’t know that it is an important aspect of our wellbeing and yet we often neglect it. Well, some may have chosen the path because of a hectic life and partying. […]

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