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Best Insomnia Apps to Sleep Like a Baby[2019]

Mobile App Design & Development, Top Applications

I once saw a Tedx video on Youtube by Matt Walker. It was about sleep and it being your superpower. A lot of us don’t know that it is an important aspect of our wellbeing and yet we often neglect it. Well, some may have chosen the path because of a hectic life and partying. […]

Top Physiotherapist App for Pain Free Rehabilitation

Top Applications

These are not the times when people have to do physical labour to earn a livelihood. It is of no doubt that jobs these require more mental churning than anything physical. This has led to us to sit in one place for hours. Apart from that a lot of people go through a terrible accident. […]

Best Technician Apps 2019[IT, Electrical, & Electronics]

Top Applications

App Development has been going around in a variety of fields. Technician is one such niche where we need a healthy amount of applications to make our work simplified. Although, the work in the department has been quite low. Despite that, there are certain applications that are helping various electricians and electronics engineer. To tell […]

Top App Development Outsourcing Destination 2019

iPhone App Development, Mobile App Design & Development

App Development Outsourcing is a major issue and there are various that affects the process. In order to make your easier, we have written the top app development outsourcing destinations.

Agicent Projects Receive 5-Star Reviews

Mobile App Design & Development

Global mobile app store gross revenue will exceed $101 billion by 2020. Can your business afford to miss out on this growth and revenue? If not, then it is time to choose an app developer to create or upgrade your mobile app.  With so many choices, how do you know which company to pick? Who […]

Amazon Web Services – Why App creators Love AWS?

Latest Tech, Mobile App Design & Development

A discussion on why app creators and app publishers love using aws for the backend, benefits of aws.

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Nashville

Mobile App Design & Development

Nashville- It is a city located in the USA in the state of Tennessee. The heart of America and the home for the aspiring musician. The scene of country music is seriously lit there and if you are a fan then should give homage to the city once. Nashville has various tourist attraction with historical […]

Guide To Mobile Cross Platform App Development Tools 2019

Mobile App Design & Development

Apps are the way by which we are leading our life now. Although, getting started with Mobile App Development for your business is both time consuming and expensive especially if you go native. Earlier when native apps were developed, they were built only for a single platform. Although, now one can easily get a cross-platform […]

Agicent Named a Top Mobile App Developer by

Mobile App Design & Development

Agicent is excited to announce that we have been named as one of the top mobile app developers in India by Clutch! “Development in India is by far our most competitive category on Clutch, with thousands of companies vying for top spots in our research directories,” said Clutch Senior Business Analyst Sara Philibotte. “We are […]

Top App Development Companies in Minneapolis 2019

Mobile App Design & Development

Minneapolis- A city that is known for its Flour Mills and the river Mississippi. Minneapolis is a classic example of vintage and technology residing together. The place is high on music and gets a whole lot of musical concerts all throughout the year. The city also has one of the largest LGBT communities that reside […]

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Houston

App Development Companies

A great metropolitan city located in the state of Texas. It is the fourth most populous city located in the country. The city exhibits a humid subtropical climate most of the time. Although, it does experience all the four seasons. There are so many great things about Houston from its food to places one can […]

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