Thanksgiving Offers 2017
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Thanksgiving Offers 2017 for Entrepreneurs

Thanksgiving Offers for Entrepreneurs

People around the world and especially Americans celebrate Thanksgiving by spending time and eating delicious Turkey with their loved ones. If you watched Friends, then you would know how important Thanksgiving was for them. Just a fun moment reminder for all Friends fan! remember when Joey’s head got stuck inside the Turkey! That’s the spirit of Thanksgiving!

Here is the GIF below to make you laugh out loud.

thanksgiving offers 2017

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With the rise of e-commerce website and Apps, Thanksgiving brings in RED hot deals and offers and make people shop more by paying little less. We’ve decided to contribute our bit to your happiness, and therefore Agicent app development company is offering some deal-breaking thanksgiving offers 2017 and avail our core app development services at discounted prices. The list of complete offerings is mentioned below and to avail them, you just have to engage with us on our social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. More specifically, you just need to retweet our tweets, like, share, and comment or share our Facebook posts, similarly, on LinkedIn and that’s it!

The more you share our Thanksgiving offers posts, the more would be chances to get best offers from us, we’re giving away generously this season! Following are all latest thanksgiving offers from Agicent,

1. Free logo design for your app or website.

2. Free app development consulting session with our App Expert.

3. Free app review on our monthly Top Apps & Games list.

4. Free ASO Consulting.

5. Free mobile App wireframes creation.

6. Free iPad for any successful lead referral worth or more than $ 5000.

7. Free app landing page design suggestion.

8. Free Lunch and beer for US entrepreneurs in India (just in case you’re around Delhi).

9. 30 % discounted Rate app development for women entrepreneurs.

10. Free guest blog on our site.

11. Modify a photo for free, get abs in 5 minutes! 😉

DM us at our twitter handle to know more about these exciting thanksgiving giveaways, tweet our offers with hashtag #giveaway #thanksgiving.

What you can do?

To mark your impression, just share our Thanksgiving offers 2017 across your social networks (minimum 4) and DM us all of the screenshots. Also, you need to perform the mandatory activity mentioned above. This will help you to definitely win an offer and redeem it as quickly as possible (based on offer type). Who knows! You might even avail 2 offers!

We will announce the results on our social media profiles every weekend starting from Nov 24 on our social media profiles and also on this blog spot, so keep watching!

We wish you great Luck and hope this season, and an Happy New Year 2018!

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