Tips to engage App users using FB groups
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Tips to engage App users using FB groups


Useful tips to engage app users using Facebook groups.


Facebook is one of the biggest marketplaces to promote products online. With over billions of daily active users and advanced targeting options, you can showcase your app in front of right users. You can promote your app via paid ads and get some early users.

It is a common practice for all business owners to set up a Facebook page to promote their business but most of them forget to create a group and grow a community. Before moving ahead, let’s first see why Facebook Groups are better place to engage with your app users as compared to pages. The answer is quite simple as the reach of Facebook pages are declining.

In order to enrich the user experience, Facebook made a change in their news feed algorithm reduced the visibility of branded content. On the other hand, when a piece of content is posted in the group, every group member is notified about it and appears in the news feed more often. Therefore, in this post, we will share some tips to engage app users using FB groups.


Let’s now see some of the best tips to engage app users using Facebook groups:

1. Use Facebook ads to increase the number of group members

If you are having a hard time in adding the right members to your group, you can use Facebook ads to target your audience. Using FB ads, you can target a user based on likes, mobile phone, operating system, etc. Run a campaign to build an audience for your Facebook app group.


2. Publish posts at the right time.

Analyze your Group Insights data to figure out when your members are most active and engaged. After, that try to schedule your post around that timings to get the best results.


3. Be consistent

You have to consistent in your posts. Group will slowly die if you post irregularly with much time space between two posts. It is recommended to post at least 2 times daily to let your members know that you care about them and trying hard to keep the community active.


4. Pin group rules post

A group without rules become the center-stage for spammers posting self-promotional stuff. So write your group rules in a post and pin it to the top, so that, new members can know about the group policy and terms of use. Now, you can set up group rules something like this that no one should promote or post screenshots of any other app. However, you can try other engaging methods listed below to keep your app users talk about your app only.


5. Use group files to update app users

Working on a big feature update or a minor security fix. Let your app users know that they are a part of your journey. Regularly update them news and other stuff about your app. It will help you keep your relationship with your customers healthy.


6. Organize Group events

Once your group is set up and you have added your app users to it, you can start organizing different events like webinars, AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions related to your app, live contests, giveaways, etc. to drive engagement.


7. Live video sessions with your app

Live videos tend to perform better nowadays. Therefore, do live sessions of your app in the group. If it is a gaming app, then you can do live gaming sessions and encourage your group members to do the same. For other kinds of apps, you can do live sessions demonstrating its functionality or even talk show with an influencer around your app.


8. Link your Facebook page to the app group

This is a pro tip. It won’t help you to increase the engagement of your group members but can help you improve the reach of your Facebook page and even number of likes.


Additional Tips:

– Have more than one group admins or moderator.

– Ask group members to report spam.

– Ask group members to post your app screenshots after completing some in-app tasks.

– Giveaway rewards to users for sharing your app and adding new members.


We hope that this post will help you to engage your app users in your Facebook groups. The key takeaway from this post is to be exciting in the group and use different engagement options at the peak time which you can find from your group insights section.

If you also got some tips to share, feel free to post them in the comments section or write us at


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