List of Top Mobile App Development Companies In India
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List of Top Mobile App Companies In India 2020

list of Top 10 mobile app development companies in India.

A well-researched list of top 10 mobile app development companies in India.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies In India

Everyone in the today’s world is going digital with their smartphones, wearables, and IoT devices, and startups and established tech. companies are working harder day and night to roll out more and more useful and high-quality consumer and business apps, games, and services to satiate user’s ever-increasing appetite to consume better tech. products. It was the story of last decade when latest tech. was first made available to only large enterprise or govt since these days, every new technology you can think of is available to end users, whether it is for messaging or video or Virtual reality or booking a cab or everything else is now available to end users. And when demand for great apps is increasing in this era, the demand for hiring best App development companies is at all time high as well, the companies that convert your ideas into real tangible mobile apps, and when every App Development Company claims themselves as one of the Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies In India, we thought of creating a well-researched list of real Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies In India on the basis of various critical factors. This list of Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies In India would help anyone who is looking to hire an App development company for their Mobile App or Game projects.

Being an app development company ourselves, we know that hiring an app agency is like hiring a technology partner for your organization and it’s not going to be just one off Vendor-buyer relationship and therefore following are the critical factors we considered while compiling this list of Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies In India.

  • No. of Years in business.
  • Target customer base (startups, funded startups, mid-size companies or enterprises).
  • Versatility and variety of their portfolio (we considered apps not older than 2 years).
  • Average cost of App development as per the online info available on sites like clutch, goodfirms etc.
  • Demography they serve.
  • Customer reviews and average rating (based on info from clutch, upwork, goodfirms).
  • Quality of Apps (we checked 2 apps per company, manually).
  • Overall score, online reputation, and media presence.

Based on these factors, following is the list of Top 10 Mobile App Development companies in India.

Top 10 mobile app development companies in India

1.Agicent App Company

Agicent #1 App Development Company

Agicent, the development company behind famous HASfit Apps that are being used by a million users in the US , and behind 500 + awesome apps is ranked as no 1 App Development Company in India. Agicent App Company is one of the best mobile app development companies for startups, early-stage entrepreneurs, and even enterprises and offers great quality App development services at highly affordable prices, that almost any startup can afford. The average project price at Agicent is $ 5000, though you can hire us for even smaller ticket app projects and Agicent would work equally good. On hourly basis, the charges vary between $ 15 to $ 20 per hour, though we encourage you to hire for fixed price only if your requirements are defined, fixed price app development helps keeping the budget controlled.

Agicent is a focused team of rock solid app developers, designers, testers, architects, and App consultants that work super fine on complex to simple projects, with an objective of offering the great quality of services and professionalism to their customers at a fraction of the cost of what bigger app development companies charge. Agicent is serving customers as an App development agency for 8 years and created more than 300 apps, games, and websites so far. There is hardly any category of apps that we’ve not developed, whether it is social, dating, or utility, or location-based, business apps or some complex PoC demonstrating the functioning of an algorithm, we’ve been doing it all.  We recently got covered by big Media publications and news sites, like Huffington Post and Daily Mail for Pregmo App, the news can be read here – and keep getting recognition from our customers and third parties, and that works as a fuel for us to do more good quality App development work.

Agicent works on both native and cross-platform tools and uses modern technology for creating backend or front ends like node.js, angular.js with Mongo DB, AWS. We work as a team with our customers and understand the importance of clear communication, transparency, quality, and planning and therefore none of our projects has gone bad in last so many years. Also, we keep educating our customers on newer technologies, best practices and also assist them in controlling the budget.

In addition to all that we offer, we also help our customers by free initial marketing boos to your apps by FREE App Store Optimization, marketing, and social boosting on our own social networks. We are the best friends of early-stage startups, and our customers can vouch for this.

Contact us at to get an instant app quote or use our app cost calculator to ease up things for you.

2. Sourcebits (Bengaluru)


Sourcebits is one of the fine mobile app development companies in India and headquartered in San Francisco, US and operational in Bangalore, India.  Sourcebits mostly work with high budget customers, funded startups, and enterprises. Their quality is actually good, and they on an average charge $ 25000 for an app development project, which is much higher for privately or lesser funded startups and therefore not all can afford their services.

3. Fueled


Fueled is an award-winning mobile NYC based mobile app development company that also work in India, and they are famous for building highly polished apps, they are creating apps for customers since around 10 years, and their minimum project price is $ 50,000 and hourly rates are between $ 150 to $ 199 per hour, and this is again that not all startups can afford.

4. Hyperlink InfoSystem


Hyperlink Infosystem is another app development company in India working to deliver mobility solutions and custom app and web development services to medium and large enterprises. It was founded in 2011 and till date, it has worked with global clients like Discovery, Viacom, and Disney. With its experienced and professional team, the company serves multiple verticals including web & CMS development and IT services like SEO, Logo designing, etc. Their portfolio includes some interesting apps like Virtuhunt, Hi Oscar, Fantasy Death Racer, etc. The talented team of programmers and designers of Hyperlink Infosystem have delivered over 2000 applications and have 800+ clients from all over the globe. Mobile app developers of Hyperlink Infosystem uses cutting-edge technologies like Swift, Java, PHP, SQL, etc. to deliver custom apps and software for their clients. They charge a minimum project fee of $10,000 and hourly rates charges are less than $25 per hour.

5. Click Labs


Click labs is another Indian app development company based out of Chandigarh and the main headquarters in San Francisco, US. It has 5+ years of experience in building mobility solutions for enterprises. In addition to that, they basically excel in building on-demand platforms for startups. Till date, Click labs has powered more than 100 platforms with their IT engineering services. They use latest frameworks and scripting languages, including Ruby on Rails, .NET, PHP, Ajax, Swift, etc. to develop highly scalable and innovative apps. Their portfolio is quite unique and includes apps like Juno, Practo, Iggbo, and many others. Well, we are not quite aware of their minimum project cost, but if you choose their hiring model, then you might have to pay between $100 to $149.

6. Hidden Brains Infotech


Hidden Brains Infotech is a global IT company specialized in web and app development services. The team at Hidden Brains is also into UI/UX design and IoT development. However, they are more specialized in developing apps for Android Nougat, iOS 10, iMessage apps, and Windows phone. As of now, the company has successfully delivered 500+ web projects and 1000+ app projects. Netgear, McAfee, SanDisk, and Raymond are some of their popular clients apart from other medium and large corporate businesses. Recently developed apps by them are WedMe, Xpenditure, FabAlley, and Oceanic Distribution. The focus of the company is in developing E-commerce apps, games, CRM, and Educational apps. So, if you are looking for getting a CRM or any other E-Commerce app then Hidden Brains Infotech might be a good option but for that, you have to pay a minimum project fee of $10,000. You can also hire them on an hourly basis by paying between $25 to $49 per hour.

7. Softway


Softway is Houston-based software and mobile app development company in India helping businesses connect with their customers through digital solutions and experiences. Mainly, Softway serves to a market targeting enterprises and small-scale businesses and some of their key clients are Baker Hughes, Texas Heart Institute, and Justin’s. And their portfolio includes a wide variety of apps like Nutty News Mobile app, Hold My Memories, and IScout. We are not quite sure about their minimum project charges but if you want to hire them on an hourly basis, then you have to pay between $150 to $199 per hour.

8. Cygnet Infotech


Cygnet Infotech is a global IT company with expertise in developing enterprise applications for Android, iOS, and Windows. Since its inception in 2000, it has so far completed 800+ projects for 300+ companies and startups. However, they are mainly into web and software development and are proficient in technologies like PHP, Microsoft, Java, CMS platforms, etc. In mobile app development, they build apps targeting Android and iOS platforms and the focus is mostly on CRM and other enterprise based applications. Key clients of Cygnet Infotech are ISVs, IT consultants, and vendors. The major part of their portfolio is decorated with e-commerce apps for Independent Software Vendors. Some of the apps developed by them are Stockmaster, Litera-Sync, Fleetfare, eVoice, etc. Their pricing plan includes a minimum project cost of $10,000 and their hourly hiring services will cost you between $50 to $99.

9. Contus


Contus is another mobile app development company in India, whose goal is to empower businesses through digital intelligence. The company also offers social, commercial, mobile-first strategies, Internet of Things, analytics, and cloud services to its clients. In their industrial journey of approx 9 years, they have worked with clients like PayPal, NASSCOM, Amazon, etc. and build more than 600+ apps. In mobile development space, they mainly develop AR, M-Commerce, wearable, and chat-based apps. Their portfolio speaks the same of their best apps are Blue Sense App – Mahindra Scorpio, V. ALRT, Life Saver, and Contus Fly. As per their pricing policy, the minimum project fee is up to $5,000. Yes, they also have a flexible hiring model in which you have to pay between $25 to $49 per hour to avail their services.

10. OpenXcell


OpenXcell is another good mobile app development company in India which strives to turn ideas of their clients into profitable ventures. Besides developing fluid apps, they are also into custom software and web development, conversion optimization, enterprise content management system, cloud deployment & maintenance, and other IT services. The company was founded in the year 2008 and has completed 700+ websites and software till date. Some of their key clients are Google India, Motorola, and the University of Florida. They mainly focus on developing games and enterprise apps like Hubble, Pedigree, Kibitz, etc. and target iOS platform. The minimum project cost of OpenXcell is around $10,000 and if you want to leverage their services hourly then it will cost you around less than 25$ per hour.

This is all for now from this list of Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies In India. We hope that our research and compiled list of the top 10 mobile app development companies in India shall help you in finding the one best suits your needs. We are working on creating more well-researched lists like this one for other domains like Best Web development companies, or best design companies and would publish those in near future. You can recommend us any company that you want us to consider for any such lists, and we’d consider that for our research.

We welcome project inquiries, suggestions, feedback to our email Also, read the interview by Appedus with Sudeep Bhatnagar from Agicent.

Download list of top app development companies in India [PDF]. You can use this PDF while you’re offline.

11. IndiaNIC Infotech Ltd.


Established in the year 1997, IndiaNic Infotech Ltd. has always kept the best tech solutions with the best prices possible. It is as they say the bodom of budget optimised, result centric blend of the latest technology and designs. They believe in delivering quality product and identifying & adapting themselves to the need of the client. They are operating really well and is trusted some of the major brands for outsource. Some of these brands are Vodafone, Adidas, NDTV, TATA etc. It is a great company that one can rely over if they wish to outsource their work with utter competitive prices.

12. Simpalm


Simpalm has a plethora of services that for your app outsource. Simpalm offers services like Native App Development, Hybrid App Development, Web Development, Cloud Backend Server, UI/UX Design Services, and Onsite Consultation. The company is based in Washington and started in the 2009. They provide development for all the major platforms like Android, iOS, and Website. They are capable of operating at multiple technology stacks like Xamarin, Java, AngularJS, PhoneGap etc. In fact, they are well versed with providing cloud computing using Amazon AWS and Windows Azure. It is a great company and one can seriously have a look at their portfolio.

13. QBurst


QBurst is full-fledged app development company and can also provide you with digital marketing support to market your application effectively. The company can easily be deemed as a full-fledged development company from start to end. They have a dedicated for each and every aspect of the development be it design, implementation, or marketing. They provide a full-fledged technology stack from HTML5 and AngularJS. They also offer mutliple options for the frontend creating you some exceptionally great designs with great user experience. They have a decent catalog of brands that use them for outsourcing working. Companies like Dell, Omron, Mercedes, and many other.

14. Code Brew Labs

Codebrew Labs

Code Brew is a well-versed in its self. They like to brew everything under their hood be it App Development, Digital Marketing, or Analytics. They have a catalogue of over 3000+ clients with companies like BharatPe, Vodafone, GradeUp, SMLIsuzu, and many more. With them, One can get any sort of development be it Android, iOS, Hybrid, Native, or Web. They also provide a variety of services for UI & UX Design be it your Brand Logo, Visual Design, Mobile & Web Design, Mobile & Web Design etc. They also deal a multitude of technologies like Blockchain, IoT, Marketing, Web Development, Marketing etc. It is one of the better companies to get your app development outsourced.

15. Mobulous Technologies


Mobulous Technologies may be tender in age in age but have reached heights with some of the best ratings. They have ratings higher or equivalent to 4.6 in multiple places like Clutch, AppFutura, PeoplePerHour, Extract, Upwork, GoodFirms etc. They have developed more than 400+ successfull products and have been ranked in top 3 by AppFutura. The 2013 establishment aims to provide aid to business from small to large scale and they have been capable of pulling that off really well. If you wish to know more about them then they area available on every social media platform.

16Affle AppStudioz


Affle Studio is another well-rounded firm that handles complex work like a breeze. They are going hand in hand with all the revolutionizing technologies be it progressive responsive apps, workforce automation, enterprise mobile apps, smart TV apps, chatbot application etc. They have worked for some really great ventures like BookMyShow, BCCI, and Sun Pharma. Also, they have been doing some exceptional in their domain and facilitating development at every staged be it implementation or marketing.

17. Innovify


Started in the year 2011, Innovify is a London based digital studio. They have been providing their services for a decent time and have been doing great in the industry. They have previously made a wide range of award winning digital products. Also, they excel in app development and can work with multiple technology stacks. Innovify is a team of very talented product managers, developers, and UI/UX designers. They are trusted partners for the clients they have worked with and have been capable of establishing as a trustworthy brand in the industry.

18The NineHertz


Nine-Hertz is another top rated firm that can be considered as a great company for app outsource. They have a wide category of products that are lauched for multiple platforms like iPad, iPhone, and Android mobiles. There deveolopers works on all the trending technologies like to design web, mobile applications, and be ahead of your customer and business demands.NineHertz have been a preferred hub for clients for over 9 years. They have served multiple industries some of them which contributes to Food, Sports Recreation, Health Fitness, Travel, Utility etc.

19ChromeInfo Technologies

ChromeInfo Technologies

ChromeInfo Technologies has the tagline “A Full Service Software Development Company” which is true for the kind of credentials they have. They aim to produce applications that are Robust, Scalable, and easily driven. They are capable of handling all the latest technology with all their innovations. They have established themselves with great recognition and awards from places like Forbes, INC42, Nasscom, Clutch etc. It is another really great brand that can be relied upon for app development.

20. IndianAppDevelopers

Indian App Developers

The last entry in our list Indian App Developers is probably saved for the best. It has a great portfolio and deserves to be on this list for sure. They have the support for all the latest technologies including newbies like Flutter and Kotlin. It is the company that can actually develop your dream into reality. They can develop websites, Work on Blockchain, and wearable apps. Not just that, they can actually develop games for different platforms and VR. It is a great company and can be trusted upon for work.

We welcome project inquiries, suggestions, feedback to our email Also, read the interview by Appedus with Sudeep Bhatnagar from Agicent.

Download list of top app development companies in India [PDF]. You can use this PDF while you’re offline.

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