Thinking of finding ways to earn money by using your mobile. While in order to make some serious buck, one needs to go out. Although, what if you can make a buck or extra here and there. Well, for that there are endless services but none that would guarantee it. Therefore, in order to make your work of finding credible apps a little easy, we have written this article for you. Therefore in order to know the top money making apps in 2020 read down the article below.


About: Rakuten is one of the biggest internet commerce sites. It is often called the Amazon of Japan. The company was founded in 1997 by Hiroshi Mikitani. Also, this company is among the largest in terms of sales. The company maintained its position by acquiring a plethora of other big companies like,, Wuaki.TV, Overdrive etc. The application can let you make up to $50 in a month if you can just add two people to sign up. There are other additional ways by which the user can actually make money apart from selling goods on the e-commerce website. It can easily be quoted in the list of the top money making apps in 2019.


About: If you wish to earn money from your daily activities online then this might be the service for you. Swagbucks lets you earn bucks for all your online activity. The website has been mentioned on various great places like Buzzfeed, The Penny Hoarder, The Huffington Post, ABC etc. They give out up to 7000 free gift cards on a daily basis. They have already given $175 million to the user and are still providing rewards points that help people in paying bills. This service lets you make money on your daily internet chores. The user just has to do what he/she does and fill-up surveys on the service. Once you log on to the service, it gets you everything that you want and wants to have. It is another really great top money making apps in 2020.


About: Seated is a unique application that lets you make money by eating outside. The concept of the service is pretty simple. With this service, the user can get up to 30% of the total bill you got incurred with. Initially, the user has to pick a spot from over 1500 curated lists of bars and restaurants. After, you are done eating at the place. Post a snap of your receipt. This will get you rewards that can be easily spent on services like Amazon, Airbnb, Nordstrom, Sephora etc. It is a great service and also one of the top money making apps in 2020 that can be used.


About: Acorns is an application that is based on the concept of micro-transaction. The application was made keeping millennials in mind. The application invests the spare change that is left in your bills. For instance, if you make a purchase of $1.75 then it will automatically convert it to $2.0 and invest the change. It is a great application which was only available as an Android and iOS app. Although, now they also have a web version. In order to set up an acorns account, one needs to pay a minimum fee of $5 and just go with the flow. The money fees for investing on Acorns is $1 up to a million-dollar of investment. After that, the fees increase to $100 for every million you invest using the application. It is surely among the top money making apps in 2020 that lets you make money on the go.


About: If you are thinking of shopping for the holidays and it is much recommended that you use Dosh. With Dosh, one can cashback on every deal they purchase online. This service also gets you money for making hotel reservations and eating outside. It can get you money for services and things you do on a daily basis like booking Uber, eating at Wendy’s, using Grubhub, and much more. This service will surely help you put some of the money that you spent online. The common way one can make money using the service are Shopping Deals, Cash Savings, Holiday season offers, and more. It is one of the top money making apps in 2020. Also, if you are a shopaholic then this application is surely for you.


About: If you are someone who likes to work from home or simply want something of themselves than Upwork is for you. It’s not like any other that has been mentioned here. In order to earn on Upwork, the user needs some actual skill to provide service. At Upwork can easily make a profile and start getting projects in different niches like content writing, digital marketing, app development, website creation, graphics, logo designing, and much more. Here you can find clients and do work for them. In return, the user will be paid hourly depending upon the work they have done. It is a great service for freelancers and the maximum number of freelancers are pulling work from the website. It is not your regular app rather it can be used to make some serious money making it the top money making apps in 2020.


About: The company was started by a former employee of Amazon named Apoorva Mehta. After the business gained momentum, the service affiliated itself with over 300 nations with local and regional stores. Although, if someone wishes to make money from the service then you need to get out there. In order to make money, one needs to be an instacart shopper. Using the service, one can shop from instacart and make their own deliveries becoming a full-time contractor or a part-time employee. It is a great app which is capable of making the user a decent amount of money making it the top money making apps in 2020.


About: Well, Trim is not exactly an application that lets you make money. Although, they prefer to save money for you. They have saved more than $1,000,000 in the last minute. This application will get you results within a span of minutes. This application automates the way one can save money. It lets you connect your smartphone using a 256 SSL encryption using two-factor authentication. The service lets you know about all the repeat subscription and tells you about the ones that can save you more money. It gets you the way to negate all your useless subscriptions and tells you about things like better car insurance. If this can’t be placed in the list of top money making apps then I don’t know what can make the list.


About: Well, if you are a photographer and haven’t heard about the service then you are probably not one. It is a provider of services like stock photographs, stock footage, stock music along with some editing tools. On this service, one can actually sell images, videos, and music from their personal library. Although the service has become quite saturated in its niches, it doesn’t mean that one can’t make money from it. There are a lot of opportunities for different kinds of creators looking forward to different kinds of images, videos, or music. It is a major source of passive income for many people and an absolute top money making apps that is still relevant in 2020.


About: Weight loss can be a serious issue for many people. Obesity is something that is quite prevalent in society, therefore, what if I tell you that there is a service that pays you to lose weight. Well, I personally feel that it is a great idea and can be easily incorporated in a corporate system at least. The application allows you to make your personal weight loss bet. These bets can be made against your friends and fellows. With this service either you can bet individually or simply make a team. This one can also be used for introducing a corporate wellness program. With this, you can get a chance to win up to $10,000 taking the team challenge. This is one of my most favorite entries in the list of the top money making apps in 2020. 

So this was among the top money making apps that are still relevant and can be used in 2020. Having a passive income is essential for us and there may be apps that may not shell out much but still, something is better than nothing. In case, if you are looking for an app development company then maybe we can help. To send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. We have also written an article on How to market apps successfully, therefore, to read the article click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading this article until the end.


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