Is your day even complete without using any social media network? It would be a big no for the majority of population out there. Earlier, social media was restricted to Facebook and twitter but now its been expanded to several other mediums like Instagram, Snapchat etc. Firstly, they were used only for the personal use by a group of people but gradually this media has gained a lot of importance in almost every business line. This gave me an idea of compiling this list of Top Social Media Marketing companies in the world.

If we talk about marketing, it can be defined as the way by which you can reach out to the maximum number of people through any medium and popularise your product or business. What can be better than social media to reach out to the mass public?

To make this possible, this is the emerging line of business called Social Media Marketing where a large number of companies are adding up gradually to the list. But if you are looking for social media marketing campaigns for their organization or business, you might surely be struggling with finding the best one out of the list. To make your task a bit simpler, we have collected this list of Top Social Media Marketing companies that are ready to help you with your needs through different marketing strategies.

To get this list, we have taken many factors into consideration and have compared these companies based on them. These factors can be stated as:

  • The number of years the company is been working actively.
  • The geographies being served successfully.
  • The clients they have worked for and the feedback received from them.
  • The popularity the company have gained within its active years.
  • The user-reviews and feedback.
  • Versatility being offered with the work functions.

Keeping an eye on each of these points, we reached on to this list of Top Social Media Marketing Companies that can be stated as:

1. LYFE marketing

Top Social Media Marketing companies

It is an Atlanta based company that was established in 2011. The services they  offer include social media services, search engine services, and website design services. We create and manage top-performing social media campaigns for business. If you want to get a place in the social media world, you can choose them and they will manage social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram on your behalf. They use the social media services to their best just to ensure the best possible growth in terms of business. Covering up all they are one in the list of Top Social Media Marketing Companies.

Clients– STIRR Agency, Home Team Apparel.

2. Boostability

Top Social Media Marketing companies

It was established in 2009 and is based in Utah. Boostability believe in an idea that SEO services should be affordable to everyone in the small business marketplace. Their primary aim was to preserve the entrepreneurial spirit of small business owners who fail to opt for social media marketing due to their low budgets or approach. Now as a part of their award-winning growth, Boostability has expanded its online products to include search engine marketing, social media marketing, and mobile web design, servicing a variety of small businesses worldwide. The client count for booostability has already reached to over 25,000 all over the globe. This huge number of clients took them to the list of Top Social Media Marketing companies.

Clients– Dexter Law, Artbeats.

3. SociallyIn

Top Social Media Marketing companies

This is a company based in the Alabama city of England. They are known for the team of some best and the most creative members like the designers, marketing directors etc. The principle they believe in is “change.” They follow the concept of taking risks and purely believe that its very important if you want to develop something new or creative. With these concepts, they have featured themselves in various top journals like Clutch, Birmingham Business Journal, etc.

Clients– Alfa Insurance, Boys & Girls Club of America.

4. Viral in Nature

Top Social Media Marketing companies

It is a Canada based company for social media management services with highest Clutch rating and is therefore named in this list of Top Social Media Marketing Companies. They call it the Social Media leaders and is continuously ranked every year as the best social marketing site by different sources like Clutch, Goodfirms, etc. Dealing with all the SEO related marketing campaigns, Viral in Nature completes this list of Top Social Media Marketing Companies.

Clients– King Home Inspections, CIBN, Clickside Digital Communications.

5. Abacus

Top Social Media Marketing companies

Abacus is an award winning group of marketers and ex-Facebookers with a long history of growing startups. They have been providing marketing solutions to various big brands as well. The channel all their knowledge into creating the perfect Facebook and Instagram Advertising campaigns that is very helpful for any kind of business. It only focuses on social media marketing and is closely linked with facebook. This makes it one of the Top Social Media Marketing companies, based in Canada.

Clients–  Jobber, Burt’s Bee, Nickelodeon.

6. Tamba

Top Social Media Marketing companies

Tamba is a UK based company that deals with many more things apart from social media marketing like social influencer marketing, web designing etc. Tamba is one of the known agencies in UK with a variety for solutions to the startups and other enterprises. They build your digital presence as well as create and deliver the marketing strategy that amplifies it. They are one of the important names in this list of Top Social Media Marketing companies. They also define themselves as Brave, Playful and Digital.

Clients– Dell, Expedia, Binatone.

7. Social vantage

Top Social Media Marketing companies

Based in Pennsylvania, this is a company that indulges completely into social media management. They provide affordable social media management services to all kinds of business. If you are looking for an automated solution for your business’ social media, Social Vantage is the perfect solution for you. This helps them reaching the List of Top Social Media Marketing Companies in the World.

Clients– Orangetheory, Hyundai, Hyatt.

8. Friendemic

Top Social Media Marketing companies

It is known for the team of smart and fun loving people working together. It was founded in 2010 with its headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT and having other offices in other different US cities. It is a team of 50+ that uses proprietary software to help clients monitor their online reputation 24-7. They also create and manage social media campaigns and content to generate leads – mostly for clients in the automotive industry.

 Clients– Toyota, BMW, Kia.

9. Disruptive Advertising

Top Social Media Marketing companies

It is headquartered in Lindon, UT and was founded in 2012. They say, “At Disruptive, results-based relationships means creating an environment where clients, employees and our own company can achieve their objectives and goals.” Social Media Marketing is a part of solutions they provide. Unlike several other companies, Disruptive Advertising is a complete advertisement house for all kinds of solutions and is therefore, brought by us to this list of Top Social Media Marketing.

Clients– Graftech International, Parker.

10. Lead to Conversion

Top Social Media Marketing companies

The last in the list of Top Social Media Marketing Companies is Lead to Conversion, located in Hudson, OH. They are not completely involved only in social media marketing. They take an integrated, holistic approach to social media; understanding that no marketing campaign exists in a vacuum, and all your efforts have to work together toward a common outcome. That’s why they offer content, graphics and paid advertising with SEO and branding in mind, along with reporting and proactive recommendations that keep your social efforts moving forward.

And with this we end-up this list of Top Social Media Marketing Companies globally. Yes, there can be many more but we shortlisted the best based on some parameters that we have already mentioned above. According to us, these companies appeared to be the best of all.

If you feel like you have any company name that should be included in the list, you can surely write us back to [email protected]. You can also mention in the comments section below. We will surely consider your suggestion and we can discuss it further as required.

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