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Which Apps Make More Money and Why?

Which Apps make more money
Which apps make more money and why, top grossing apps 2017!

As you all know, we’ve been involved with mobile app development since around a decade, and seen different type of apps rising to the top of the grossing charts, some pretty simple ones and some very big. Interestingly, there have been cases where simple ones have generated more revenues (like flappy bird, whatsapp etc) than more complex ones (like prisma) and vice versa and one could never establish if their category or development complexity is any criteria for the success of not. It has always remain questionable that Which Apps make more money and why. We can, however be assured of one thing, that no matter what category or a size-type an app falls in, what makes it successful is its content and how is it offering that.

So in order to gather some first-hand experiences, we took this topic “Which apps make more money” to an online survey executed on a a smaller but very active sample size of App Entrepreneurs across various App Entrepreneur groups on facebook, and asked people to vote for an app category which they think can earn more money (or have experienced themselves) along with their comments. The result of the survey showed us that by large people think that gaming apps can make more money as compared to other genres followed by E-Commerce and Business apps.

Following is the summary of survey results:-

  • Gaming apps:28 % votes
  • E-Commerce apps: 18% votes
  • Business Apps: 16% votes
  • Educational apps: 12 % votes
  • Messaging or Communication apps: 10% votes
  • Dating apps: 8% vote
  • Utility apps: 8 % vote

Please note that these are only a quick survey results and they don’t necessarily portray the real picture of the overall App ecosystem. We at Agicent believe that any app can make money as it totally depends on the app idea, how is it being positioned in market, and what problem it solves. If the app idea is validated and well-researched, then any app from any category can make profits. According to some authentic publically available data, non-gaming apps like Spotify and Tinder were among the top 13 grossing apps (Android+iOS) of 2015 so anything can sell!

Because of these practical factors, we assist our clients in refining their app idea as per their target market needs, ongoing competition, and latest trends and that’s agnostic to the app category their idea belongs to.

Mobile App publishers can follow these checkpoints to build an app with minimal business risks:-

  • Validate the mobile app app idea before starting the development, or hiring an professional app development company.
  • Research about your targeted audience and understand its demography.
  • Plan an app monetization strategy based on identified audience and business requirements.
  • Devise marketing strategies and promote your app on the right channels with positive ROI.

As we discussed in the beginning, size of the app doesn’t always correspond to the chords it can hit with the users, so no matter if you’re planning to invest $ 50 K or $ 5 K there is always a chance to make a fortune out of your investment when it comes to Mobile Apps ecosystem. Take the example of Flappy Bird game, which we can easily develop in like $ 1000 and it generated a revenue of $ 50 K per day during its best days. Although, on an average a good app that can generate good revenue takes $ 10 – 15 K development cost for its launch version, so consider that much amount range as a potential cost of app development when you hire an app development company for quality work, ofcourse you need to keep the cost of app marketing separate.

Let’s now study top 30 Android and iOS grossing apps of 2017 and see which app categories stands out on the top.

App categories of top 30 grossing Android apps of 2017 (source: Google Play Store):

App category Number of apps
Gaming 25
Online video streaming 2
Online music streaming 1
Cloud storage 1
Dating 1


App categories of top 30 grossing iOS apps of 2017 (source: App Annie):

App category Number of apps
Gaming 17
Online music streaming 4
Online video streaming 4
Dating 3
Audio editing 1


Clearly, gaming apps dominate the top grossing charts of 2017 in both Android and iOS platforms. But like we said it always depends on the app idea. Gaming apps must have an intelligent core loop to keep the interest of gamers alive and make them play it again and again. In the same manner, if your app has a well-planned user retention strategy, then it can also hit the top grossing charts.


Let’s now take a look at top grossing apps of 2017 in different categories:-

Top grossing Dating apps of 2017:-

Android iOS
OkCupid Dating Tinder
CMB Free Dating App Match
Moco Zoosk
The League Bumble
Clover Dating App Down Dating


Top grossing Communication apps of 2017:- 

Android iOS
LINE: Free Calls & Messages Match
Burner Live.me
Azar Zoosk
Caller ID Faker POF
KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text LinkedIn


Top grossing Gaming apps of 2017:-

Android iOS
Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush Saga
Mobile Strike Clash of Clans
Game of War- Fire Age Pokémon GO
Candy Crush Soda Saga Mobile Strike


Top grossing Utilities apps of 2017:-

Android iOS
Lookout Security & Antivirus Norton WiFi Privacy VPN
AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android Burner
Security 2017 Hushed Call & Text
Norton WiFi Privacy Secure VPN Mobile Security & Anti Theft Protection for iPhone
Background Check BeenVerified BeenVerfied


Top grossing Productivity apps of 2017:-

Android iOS
Google Drive HotspotShield VPN Unlimited Privacy Security Proxy
Dropbox Dropbox
Evernote Best vpn proxy Betternet
Microsoft OneDrive Keeper
Keeper: Free Password Manager & Secure Vault Ever


Top grossing Lifestyle apps of 2017:-

Android iOS
Tinder Tinder
Bumble Bumble
Family Locator Care.com
Zodiac Touch Psychic Reading Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App
Purple Ocean Psychic Reading Roomster


Top grossing Educational apps of 2017:-

Android iOS
Memrise Yousician
Udemy Online Courses ABCmouse.com
Duolingo Peak- Brain Training
Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone Lumosity- Brain Training
Peak – Brain Games & Training Epic!


That’s all for now, I hope this data and summary would help our readers in figuring which apps make more money. As always, we welcome suggestions and inputs from all of you and would be glad to update this article with new results.

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