Tips to Promote Apps & ensure higher user engagement and daily usage

Before you start developing an app, you should first understand the demography and tastes of your targeted audience as it helps you to plan better marketing strategies. We’ve noticed that that some App publishers usually ignore this important aspect of app promotions and don’t create a list of Tips to promote Apps beforehand. The more you’re prepared to execute those Tips to promote apps even before an app is launched, the more would be chances of great results right from the beginning.

Our first tip out of the Tips to promote apps, is that you can promote your app majorly in 3 phases as follows:-

– Pre-launch promotional activities.

– Post-launch promotional activities.

– Mature promotional activities.

If an app is still in the development phase, you can start with Pre-launch promotional tactics. After the app gets published, you can market it using Post-launch promotional activities. Basically, these 2 app promotion techniques are used to acquire users and generate leads. After your app hits the maturity level, you can apply Mature promotional activities to keep existing users engaged and attract others.

Let’s now discuss different tips to promote apps involved in each of these app promotional phases:

Pre-launch promotional activities:

1. App Store Optimization:

App Store Optimization is one of the best and initial tips to promote apps. It can totally boost organic downloads of your app and that too without any cost. Various app publishers around the world have termed it to be one of the best app promotional methods. Jozsef Mash Trencsenyi of Fairy Mahjong says, “I had 3x-5x more installs after ASO. FB ads ROI depends on app monetization and LTV.” Another iOS App Development Company publisher, Jason Chang- an app publisher of OysertX says “ASO and FB paid ads too. But when App just launch I think most quickly is press coverage

Basically, in ASO, you have to optimize the app info so that it ranks higher in the app store search results.

You have to take care of the following elements:

  • App name: Write a relevant title of your app based on its core functionality.
  • App icon: Design a relevant app icon.
  • App description: Add an informative app description with high search volume keywords.
  • App category: Pick up a correct category of the app.

2. Landing Page:

If you have a website then you can utilize its web traffic to promote your app. Design a landing page and add it to your website and if you can add a blog to the same. A landing page act as an introductory page for your website visitors and must include following elements:

– App name, icon, and brand logo.

– Informative app description.

– High-quality media content related to the app like screenshots and videos demonstrating app in action.

– All social media platforms where your app marks its presence like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

– Highlighted distinctive features which make your app unique from others.

After adding the landing page, bring visitors to the landing page of your app and then after 10-15 seconds prompt them to install the app. Also, make sure that a QR code of the app is included in the pop-up box.

3. Word of Mouth:

We at Agicent believe that “Word of Mouth” is one of the best app marketing strategies and therefore included this in our Tips to promote apps list. It can help you to build user trust and onboard loyal customers to your app. In this app promotion tactic, you can ask your friends, peers, and family members to share your app with others. As people trust recommendations from friends more, they will surely check out your app. If your app fits in their shoes then these users are going to stay longer as compared to other sources.

4. Local Meetups:

Local Meetups is another app promotion method to make an app popular in a local region. Join any website to find local gatherings near your area and then attend those meetings to talk about your app. Go out there and try to sell your concept to others. Meetup is one of the popular websites that you can use to find local gatherings nearby an area.

Post-launch promotional activities:

5. Press coverage:

If your app is just launched, then press coverage is one of the best marketing tips to promote app. We totally recommend it if you have enough budget. Otherwise, you can send press releases to local newspapers to get a local limelight for your app. If you have an unlimited budget then contact with national and global news channels to target a large user base.

6. Submit app to review and download sites:

If you submit your app to download and review sites that it will help you to get some publicity within their visitors. “Product Hunt” is a very popular platform that you can target to promote your app. Submit your app to Product Hunt and then kick off a conversation and start interacting with people about your app. If your app gets more upvotes and shares from users then it can also be featured on their homepage. Similarly, there are many other sites which allow users to submit their apps and post to their portals, one such popular example is “AppCrawlr”.

7. App store advertisements:

If you can invest in some paid app promotion tips then “App store advertisements” should be considered the first option as it can bring in the most number of paid app installs. This mobile app marketing strategy is also be termed as “Cost Per Install (CPI)”. That implies you have to pay app stores a specific amount of money every time a user downloads your app. To promote an Android app create an AdWords campaign and for iOS app, you can use Search Ads. One of the main limitations of this promotional activity is that it’s ROI is not pretty good. If budget is a concern then you can totally skip this activity.

8. Social media marketing:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are some popular social media platforms with millions of daily active users that you can target to promote your app. Being active on social media platforms is one the most important tips to promote apps and shouldn’t’ be ignored at all. As per the app publishers quotes mentioned above, Facebook ads can’t be neglected as it nearly doubled or tripled downloads of their apps. Also, note that Facebook pages don’t perform very well as compared to Groups. So, we highly recommend you to set up a Facebook Group for your app. Groups are more interactive and your app users will be to interact directly with each other.

9. Blogging:

One of the most low cost but effective tips to promote apps is blogging. Tips to promote appBlogging can help you to promote your app in a long run. You can start a blog based on your app idea. Let’s say it is a music app then you can write SEO optimized articles on different topics related to the music industry and post them regularly to your blog. Writing SEO optimized articles will generate organic traffic to your website. You can improve this app promotion tactic by redirecting your visitor to the landing page of your app and then show them a pop-up dialog box to install the app. For better conversions, we will recommend you to optimize the design of your landing page.

10. Traditional marketing techniques:

Old-school marketing tactics like distributing pamphlets, flyers, posting banners, etc. can also be used as tips to promote app. The important point to note here is that these printed media channels should have a QR code to download your app. As this will let users to quickly download the app by scanning the QR code and they won’t have to search on the internet to find your app. If you miss this part then results might not be as expected. If you have more budget in your wallet then also consider advertising on TVs and radios. You can easily create a QR code for your app using a reliable QR code generator .

11. Mature promotional activities:

Once your app enters into the mature state, then you can use these promotional Tips to promote app, and gain more engaging daily active users. However, these strategies require a large amount of money to be conducted. If you have a big pocket to invest then consider following mature marketing tactics:

– Sponsor a local or global event like Paytm promoted a cricket series.

– Offer incentives to existing users and new users like cashbacks, recharge, discounts, coupons, etc.

– Participate in social responsibility events.

Before summing up our discussion, we would like to add that, you don’t need to use all the mentioned app marketing tactics to promote your app. Based on your business, some strategies will work best and some might not perform at all. So, try these instead of trying all these tips to promote apps, use a combination of some and see the results and repeat, and only continue using the ones which provide best ROIs.

Feel free to send us your project inquiries at [email protected] and we will help you to create a marketing plan to boost your app promotions.

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