Website Maintenance Services

Get a fully managed website maintenance service package from Agicent starting at just $1900 monthly for various technologies like React.js, PHP, Laravel, Wordpress, Wix, webflow and simple html and so on. You get a dedicated account manager, and shared designer and testers along with the web developer at this price. You can also opt for other services like SEO, Digital Marketing in case needed.

Website Maintenance Services

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Expert Website Maintenance Services from Agicent

Unlock the power of our Managed Web Maintenance services on a month on month basis. Starting at just $1900 per month , you'll have a dedicated Web maintenance developer, along with fractional Project Management, Design, and Testing experts working at your disposal. This team is your ideal launchpad for maintaining websites, doing regular enhancements, backups, and enjoying continuous development and delivery.

Our developers and teams adopt a holistic product development approach, and they go beyond just coding to crafting exceptional web products that users love. With a focus on user experience, convenience, and scalability, we offer expertise in UI/UX design, rigorous testing, scalability planning, and architectural excellence. Whether you engage us for a single Developer Web maintenance team or multiple devs, you’ll get best in class project management, user experience, and testing expertise attached.

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Benefits of Website Maintenance Services

Whether you are an Agency who is creating websites and maintaining them for your own clients (Non Tech businesses primarily) or you are a non tech/ tech business yourself having just your own website or have a landing page, you need website maintenance services in order to: To this - Whether you are an Agency who is creating websites and maintaining them for your own clients (Non Tech businesses primarily) or you are a non tech/ tech business yourself having just your own website or have a landing page, these are the benefits you get when you avail our regular website maintenance services:

  • Keep your websites up and running smoothly with continuous performance enhancements in terms of the loading time, server load, UI/UX, integration with associated digital products and so on.
  • Keep them compliant with security practices and also for regular backups.
  • Keep them updated regularly with new content as well as features and functionality.
  • Migrate to new technology stacks i.e from wordpress to custom code or vice versa, from low code to custom code and so on.
  • To integrate commercial or marketing libraries and APIs on your website products, facilitating any marketing, analytical campaigns or simply for enhancing features (like adding a map library or payment gateway like Klarna to enable EMIs and so on).
  • To compliment the ongoing SEO and Paid marketing process.
  • Customizations and features enhancement of the Admin Panels of your website as well as for generating the reports.
  • Localization for different languages, regions, currencies, content.
  • To run websites in sync with your digital product line.
  • Sometimes, to create App replicas of your website.
  • All of above + continuous function and feature creation in case of E-commerce websites.
  • To keep ahead in the competition.

Here Are Some of Our Prominent Web Maintenance and Development Projects Case Studies

We are the experts of digital and mobility transformation, using codes, design, and lots of passion and innovation. Find out some incredible success stories of our web maintenance and development services that created history.




Our clients Infoshell LLC, and Mediorbis New York choose Agicent to do the Web Development and maintenance work besides the regular App product development projects on an ongoing month on month basis for years.

Mediorbis is a Physician Founded Digital Health Tech Company that provides innovative care solutions to patients as well as state of the art software to the doctors to better practise their work remotely. By combining AI-powered software with an independent partner network of the world's most outstanding specialty physicians, Mediorbis delivers expert telemedicine services in virtually any field of medicine to meet the needs of providers, payers, healthcare systems and patients.

Their projects include following major tech stacks: Wordpress, HTML for landing websites, React JS for functional Web Apps, Native and react native technology stack for the mobile apps, SQL for the database programming and Python for the AI/ ML Part.


StorieTV AI OTT Platform - Website Maintenance and Mobile App Maintenance

A cutting-edge Video streaming OTT Platform, infused with artificial intelligence, is on the brink of launch under the name StorieTV. StorieTV aims to foster a unified community, bringing together users, creators, and professionals in the entertainment industry. It is a platform where collaboration and innovation take precedence over traditional industry gatekeepers.

The ongoing StorieTV project involves a dedicated Website Maintenance Team, consisting of two developers, one AI ML Developer, designers, testers, and a project manager. Additionally, there is a mobile app team comprising two app developers, complemented by other specialised skills. Leveraging technologies like MERN (Reactjs, MongoDB, ExpressJS, Node.js) and React Native for web and mobile platforms, the solution is hosted on AWS.

Healthcare Skills

Healthcare skills

Healthcare skills training courses - website maintenance services

Based at the West of Scotland Science Park in Glasgow, Healthcare Skills Training International is a group of healthcare professionals, all with qualifications in clinical education and successful in their field and specialty.

HCS is a wordpress based website that gives a lot of information on the healthcare related specialised skills as well as sells specialised courses for a price. Apart from the development of the website from the scratch, we also implemented custom wordpress plugins for localization for different languages and regions and currency, user experience and also payment gateways libraries like Klarna for enabling course sales by monthly EMIs.

In their case, website maintenance service largely includes regular backup and security, customization of admin panel and custom report generation, localization, feature enhancements, and creative designs when needed.

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Website Maintenance Rate Plans and Packages

Here is the typical pricing structure for Website Maintenance team based on their experience and skill levels. Additionally, we can tailor a customized On-Demand Development Team and adjust the monthly rate to align with your specific requirements.

One Web Developer Team

$ 1900 per month
  • Monthly 160 hours of work.
  • 1 Dedicated Website Developer.
  • 1 Dedicated Project Coordinator.
  • Shared UI/UX Designer
  • Need basis Tester
  • Fully Managed Team

Good for most business website maintenance projects on wordpress type frameworks.

Two Web Developers Team

$ 3600 per month
  • Monthly 320 hours of work.
  • 2 Dedicated Website Developers.
  • 1 Dedicated Project Manager.
  • Shared UI/UX Designer
  • Need basis Tester
  • Shared Tech Lead and DevOps

Good for more functional website projects, also for more than 1 website.

Three Web Developers Team

$ 5200 per month
  • Monthly 600 hours of work.
  • 3 Dedicated Website Developers.
  • 1 Dedicated Project Manager
  • Shared UI/UX Designer
  • Full Time Tester
  • Shared Tech Lead and DevOps

Good for handling multiple website maintenance projects.

For the larger teams requirement exceeding 3 developers or any specific customization, please book a Discovery call here or reach out to [email protected]. Our team is ready to tailor a solution that aligns perfectly with your unique requirements.

Scope of website maintenance services - What does web maintenance service entail?

Anyone who has a business or a practice or a brand is a website owner, however major entities that use our website maintenance services regularly are as follows:

Business/ Corporate Websites

Businesses having information/ lead generation websites built on a CMS like wordpress or wix or just custom code. They usually use websites to generate business leads and also to share information about their services/ products to others.

E-commerce Websites

for whom the website is the major critical component of their business because they get all the orders from there, it is their store front and has to run seamlessly all the time. E-com websites need a higher level of maintenance regularly compared to other sites.

Professionals websites

such as Doctors, Dentists, Coaches, lawyers, chiropractors, makeup artists, Chefs, DJs who get bookings on their websites.

Functional Web Apps or SaaS apps

Functional web applications similar to mobile apps which not only offer information but also functionality and features like a hotel booking website, flight booking website and so on. They obviously need a real high level of maintenance regularly compared to regular biz websites, and for such web apps maintenance and development we recommend using our full stack web development and maintenance services.

E-learning websites

We can keep these into the category of the functional web apps or SaaS only though we’re mentioning these separately considering their very “nice” nature and technology demand. They too need more maintenance than regular informative/ lead capturing websites

Event websites

We have managed Event organisers websites like Jazz London Online that puts the event schedules and sell tickets.

App’s Landing page websites

Usually the websites describing the app’s functionality with videos and screenshots, also a blog and may be a subscription option too. Examples are Fastrackfasting, Hasfit, and Studiothinkapp.

Now These Site Examples Mentioned Above Need the Following Tasks Done for Regular Website Maintenance

Regular Feature and Functionality Enhancements

For example, adding a “get directions” button or making a new “lead capturing form” or creating some kind of “Quote calculator” and so on. These aren’t the complex functionalities but at times they become “urgent” ones too so having a web maintenance services team handy really help you out at such pressing timings.

Plugin and Theme Updates for Specific Tasks

Especially in case of websites made using Wordpress, its all about plugins. And plugins do need updates (which is simple mostly but sometimes not) and sometimes you need to create your own custom plugin to perform a certain task for which there is no ready to use plugin. Also despite all the great plugins available on wordpress, you do need a tech person to optimise the formatting, performance, integrating multiple plugins for specific tasks and much more. Same goes in case of updating the theme to a better one. Having a web maintenance team for custom plugin development and theme update is crucial and therefore we make it easier for you.

Continuous Localisation as the Business Grows

Localisation isn’t just changing the language of the content, it goes way beyond than that ranging from complying with country specific data privacy rules (like GDPR in EU or HiPAA in case of healthcare related sites), to change or currency/ language/ content and even payment gateways according to the location. It also involves changing the taxation process as well as invoicing process not just on the front end but also on the admin side. It also means consolidating and aggregating different form of payments into one for one master MIS system for ease of business management.

Regular Content Update

Updating or editing content from a CMS panel sounds very simple, but for busy professionals like doctors, entrepreneurs, coaches writing and publishing new content can be a demanding task and our web maintenance service comes into play here as handy. We also have a team of very good content writers who can help you in writing SEO optimised compelling content apart from just publishing that in good format. Also, updating new content using CMS for blog pages is easier however if you want to design a compelling landing page with different design and creatives then you need an HTML developer to do the same as “predefined” CMS format may or may not work in such a case. For example, this page you’re reading could’ve been created on our wordpress CMS but we use the CMS only to write blog in a set pattern and layout while for this page we needed a different design, layout and placement of the items because this is a service sales page unlike blog where we deal with “how, why, what” type of questions.

Admin Panel Updates and Management, Reporting, Lead Management, Newsletters

Now Admin panel is usually utilized for 3 key functionality when it comes to website management:

  • Content Management system to upload/ edit/ delete content.
  • Reports generation to see the user analytics, manage and respond to leads, keep the data secure in the cloud.
  • To generate notifications for the users or sending emails or simply downloading users data to create marketing/ retargeting ad campaigns for google, linkedin, FB or instagram and likes.

For an ongoing business, an Admin panel always needs to be updated with new features and accesses. On a new website you might not want to have an interface to pull reports with several filters as data could be small but as you grow you may want all the important filters to generate specific reports and to share those with stakeholders right from the admin. Another example could be delegating certain features of the admin panel to your staff or partners (but not all) and here you’d need a developer to deliver the same.

Performance Monitoring and Optimization

Applying automation scripts inside the website codes and using website monitoring tools you can keep updated on its performance during peak or lull periods all the time. It also includes a deep performance check and optimization on a monthly basis apart from just the automation tools to keep the website up and running always up to the mark.

Web Hosting and Infrastructure Management

Even the simplest of the websites these days need perfect development brains in order to run perfectly. Using right hosting provider, ensuring 100% uptime, using CDN (content delivery network) for better delivery of the website across the world, using faster and optimise image and video rendering, ensuring Email sanctity, DMRC protection, keeping compliance with web standards etc all need more than just wordpress skills and for a great competitive edge you need proper developers fo the same.

Even google considers all these mentioned above (and more) as a benchmark before giving you better rankings in the search engines. This also helps in keeping your email system clean and out of spam whenever you want to start sending newsletters.

Security Scanning

Similar to performance monitoring, regular scans are done on the website to identify new vulnerabilities and then apply security patches to protect against any new breed of cyber threats. This can also include using premium libraries for enhanced security even when everyone is asleep.

Regular Backup and Recovery

We can automate the regular backup and recovery process but for that the hosting provider will charge you a lot and then also they would do it only at certain times monthly. Having a manual team will do the regular backup and recovery like clockwork and prevent any data loss at the time of outage or security breach. One of our healthcare websites got hit by a hacker and they asked for a huge ransom as they wiped all the data but since we had the latest backup we restored our website showing a “finger” to the hacker after applying necessary security layers.

Periodical Manual and Automated Testing

We use automation tools like selenium, online website monitors for automated testing as well as do manual user acceptance testing to ensure everything is working fine all the time. In an ideal world both manual and automation testing must be used for important website and we try to hard to give you that ideal world when it comes to website testing.

SEO Monitoring and Optimization

We use premium tools like Ahref and Semrush for our precious clients to keep a close check on broken links, ranking changes, redirects, spam scores etc and generate weekly reports. Extending this SEO monitoring, we also help our clients with a super quality SEO and digital marketing services that bring results and not just backlinks.

We also create websites architecture judiciously for the SEO, for example we define by the code that every new URL will follow the perfect structure for the SEO as you want, Alt tags will be in place on images, a new page will automatically get its featured image for google and OG (Open graph image and data) for social sites like FB, Google and we go as detailed as ensuring the favicon works fine across all size of devices and much more.

Integrating Analytics and Then Critical Marketing/ Retargeting Codes

Google analytics and conversion codes are just too obvious, and when you grow your website you know that you need to put hell lot of different marketing SDKs on your website namely - Pixel from meta, Pixel from Linkedin, google Gtag, Tag Manager, Quora Pixel and then any other SDK from your marketing partner. And then also ensuring that these marketing codes are working perfectly by using real time data.

Technology Migration Services

Many small businesses start by creating Wix or Wordpress websites on their own but soon enough they need a more custom code oriented website to support better functionality and that is where a web maintenance service team like ours comes into action. We recently moved a wix site to custom code, and also a custom site to wordpress, and also a wordpress site to laravel and vice versa. Every custom has their own set of requirements, and we as a web maintenance service team keep ready for such tasks and enjoy them.


Learn more about our processes from our clients.

Mahesh Harpale

CEO, Infoshell Technologies, LLC.

Mahesh Harpale

Their web maintenance services are as high quality as their product development services. We have moved all our web maintenance work to them along with the core App development work and they are just doing everything we need ahead of time and in great quality!

Mahesh Harpale

CEO, Infoshell Technologies, LLC.

New York, USA

The Process of Monthly Website Maintenance Service Package

Agicent's Website Maintenance Services process is designed to provide clients with a hassle-free and comprehensive solution. This means we do website maintenance as “Done for you” service, where most of the regular tasks will be done without even you need to instructing them while for the customised tasks we only take your inputs and then take care of everything ourselves ensuring no hassle for you.

Having a team of proper Web Business analysts, designers, content writers, SEOs along with the developer helps us to provide you this hassle free web maintenance experience.

The process is transparent, with clear communication channels and efficient reporting to keep you informed whenever you want to, and not overwhelming you. Top of everything, we provide absolute flexibility in the process, which means that based on your needs we alter the developer skills, our timings, and even the release processes. Here is the step by step process of our website maintenance services:

Step 1 - Discovery Sessions with Project Manager/ Business Analyst

  • Our Project Analyst and Manager (PM) lead in-depth discovery sessions with the client team whenever there are new website maintenance or enhancement requirements
  • We meticulously gather requirements and normalise them into a "ready-to-be-achieved" scope of work for the development team.
  • Continuous collaboration and communication for regular iterations.

Step 2 - Scope of Work Creation and Requirements Visualization (Ui/UX designs or clickable prototypes)

Detailed Analysis: We conduct a deep-level analysis of requirements and their implications on the end user's experience.

  • User-Centric Focus: Our team focuses on understanding the needs and expectations of end users, creating a "Minimum Expectations Criteria" to guide development.
  • Your Project Manager will get high fidelity UX/UX designs from our designer and show to you for your approval or further iterations.
  • Visualisation Tools: We leverage advanced tools like Figma and Marvel App to create and show case these UI/UX designs where you can easily collaborate/ comment and approve.
  • User-Centric Design: Our designers make sure that designs are made for the audience and not for the devices, which means you’ll have a thoughtful consideration behind every design be it just a small button or a big time web application.

Step 3 - Architecture Planning, Quick Development Sprints, Allocating Tasks to Right Personnel, and Project Management Tools

  • Architecture We’ve a very simple but most powerful strategy behind creating Tech Architecture. We create Web Architectures to support Scalability, Enhancement, Security, and Performance and everything else falls in place.
  • Agile Methodology for the development: It is based on the incremental development principle where work is divided into “weekly achievable chunks” and then it is done faster and with iterations and shipped quickly.
  • Efficient Allocation: Utilizing cutting-edge project management tools like Trello, Jira, Linear , and Miro, we efficiently allocate tasks, assign responsibilities, and set timelines and then track those. You will be the main stakeholder who can see all what is happening on these tools.
  • Flexibility for iterations: We never stop you in demanding the iterations, afterall the end product must be acceptable to you first before anyone else. So we leave a great deal of flexibility for such iterations in order to create products that we both love.

Step 4 - Continuous Communication & Collaboration

  • Two way communication: While we use tools to keep you updated on everything transparently, we keep our eyes and ears open for your feedback and message all the time. No matter how you send your requirements via trello or jira or email or a whatsapp message or just a phone call - we streamline that for you and never let any important detail missed.
  • Weekly Huddle/ standups: A weekly huddle is the best way to collaborate and discuss recent progress and next task like a super champion football team.
  • Team Synergy: We foster an environment where ideas flow both ways. Working with Agicent’s web maintenance team is like working with people who synergize with you, exchange ideas with the capability of executing them. You’ll work with real people who have passion in the web, unlike a robotic environment.

Step 5 - Continuous Testing and Delivery

  • Agile advantage: Our incremental development process allows testers to test the software not when it is done but on an every day basis. This results in a high quality product every single time, and also reduces a lot of last minute testing overload.
  • Both Automation and Manual Testing: For redundant tasks or where buik usage is involved we leverage automation testing tools like Selenium while for user acceptance (UAT) and sanity we utilize our manual expertise. You get the best of both worlds ultimately.
  • Test reports and tracking: Even the most trivial bug will be recorded, and tracked and be part of your test reports. Nothing goes as missing.

Step 6 - DevOps, Hosting and Infrastructure Management and CI/CD

  • We create the most useful development and delivery process right from the beginning. Which means implementation of CI/CD pipelines wherever needed, implementing the staging/ test server (or several versions of the staging servers), managing them and keeping them in sync with the website for every new update.
  • Optimising your hosting and infrastructure expenses by leveraging the various configuration expertise of our DevOps experts given by major cloud services like Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud etc.

Step 7 - Scaling and Meeting New Market Demands

  • As mentioned above, the architecture is the most important thing and that is what we take care of right from the early stage of the development. And this scalable architecture helps us scaling the product for a large number of users as quickly as in hours. We’ve done so for our web products like, and many others where we saw sudden surge of the users (more than 500 % rise overnight) and we just made sure our sites never go out.
  • Easy implementation and integration of the new features or third party libraries is also a big advantage of such scalable architecture..

Step 8 - Resource Management and Timesheets

  • Management and Supervision: Your Project Manager will be the person responsible for the efficient utilisation of the resources responsible for the project.
  • Timesheets: Every work done with its status is recorded in a real-time updated timesheet and clients can check that anytime they want and not just end of the week or month.
  • Transparency and commitment: Anytime you have a question or concern about a timesheet item, we keep it outside of the billing hours until you are 100 % convinced on its veracity.

Roles of Professionals in Our Website Maintenance Service Team

Lead Website Developer

  • Coding and integration with captive or third-party APIs.
  • Unit testing, code version control, and code logging..
  • Build compilation for test and production environments.
  • Research to find and implement solutions aligning with business requirements.
  • Progress tracking and reporting using project management tools like Trello or Jira.
  • Coordination with the Business Analyst and the client.
  • Regular backup and security checks on the software.
  • Creation and maintenance of project documentation.

Role of the Web Business Analyst/Project Manager

  • Conducting discovery sessions and requirements gathering.
  • Formulating a comprehensive scope of work for the development team.
  • Creating Minimum Expectations Criteria based on user needs.
  • Coordination with the development team for efficient task allocation.
  • Transparent reporting on project progress and challenges.
  • Facilitating communication between stakeholders and the development team.
  • Ensuring seamless workflow and client satisfaction.

Role of the Web UI/UX Designer

  • Translating requirements into high-fidelity UI/UX designs.
  • Developing clickable prototypes for visual representation.
  • Ensuring design elements align with desired user experiences.
  • Collaboration with the development team for seamless integration.
  • Utilizing visualization tools for efficient design communication.
  • Iterative improvement based on user feedback and testing results.

Role of the Tech Lead

  • Overseeing the entire development lifecycle.
  • Managing coding standards and technical aspects.
  • Providing guidance to the development team.
  • Ensuring efficient use of technology and tools.
  • Addressing technical challenges and implementing solutions.
  • Collaborating with the project manager for strategic planning.
  • Continuous improvement of development processes.

Role of the Web Tester

  • Conducting rigorous testing for functionality and user experience.
  • Identifying and reporting any issues or bugs.
  • Collaborating with the development team for issue resolution.
  • Ensuring compatibility across different devices and browsers.
  • Utilizing testing tools like Selenium for automated testing.
  • Participating in the continuous improvement of testing processes.
  • Documenting testing procedures and results.

Apart from these skills, we’ll also use side skills whenever needed like SEO Analyst, Content Writer/ Copywriter, Ad experts, DevOps.

Best Practices Followed by Agicent Web Maintenance Service Company

Regular Content Audits

In an era where information is constantly evolving, Agicent recognizes the pivotal role of content relevance. Our web maintenance services include regular content audits, ensuring that website information remains accurate, up-to-date, and aligned with evolving business dynamics. By refreshing text, images, and multimedia elements, we contribute to a vibrant and engaging online presence.

Proactive Security Measures

With the rising sophistication of cyber threats, we prioritize robust security practices. Our web maintenance services encompass regular security scans, thorough risk assessments, and proactive implementation of security updates and patches. This approach safeguards client websites against potential vulnerabilities, ensuring a secure online environment.

Performance Optimization

In the era of instant gratification, website speed and performance are non-negotiable. Agicent's web maintenance team adopts an Agile Performance Optimization strategy. We constantly monitor and optimise page load times, ensuring an enhanced user experience and favouring improved search engine rankings. This commitment to speed aligns with contemporary expectations for seamless online interaction.

Comprehensive Backup and Recovery

Data integrity and protection against loss are non-negotiable aspects of web maintenance. Agicent employs comprehensive backup and recovery protocols, ensuring that client websites can be swiftly restored to a previous state in the face of unforeseen events. This commitment to data security reflects our dedication to providing a reliable and resilient online presence for our clients.

adaptive technology

Adaptive Technology Updates

Remaining technologically relevant is a cornerstone of our web maintenance strategy. Agicent stays ahead in the tech landscape by actively seeking and adopting emerging technologies. Our approach involves seamless updates to underlying technologies, platforms, plugins, and themes. This adaptability ensures our clients benefit from the latest features and maintain compatibility with the ever-evolving digital environment.

Thorough Testing Protocols

At Agicent, we prioritize the seamless functionality and user experience of client websites. Our web maintenance services employ rigorous testing protocols, encompassing both manual and automated testing. Utilizing tools such as Selenium, we validate website functionality across various devices and browsers, ensuring a consistent and flawless user experience.

SEO Best Practices

A website's visibility in search engine results is pivotal for online success. Our web maintenance services include strategic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) implementation. We constantly monitor and update meta tags, keywords, and other SEO elements to align with evolving search engine algorithms. This strategic approach contributes to enhanced website visibility and sustained online relevance.

Analytics and Data-Driven Insights

Data is a powerful ally in optimizing website performance. Agicent integrates analytics and data-driven insights into its web maintenance services. We leverage tools to gather comprehensive data on website performance, user behavior, and traffic patterns. This data-driven approach informs strategic decision-making, allowing us to refine website strategies based on real-time insights.

Customer-Centric Approach

User satisfaction is paramount in the online realm. Agicent's web maintenance services prioritize customer-centric enhancements. By gathering and incorporating user feedback and preferences, we ensure that updates align with the desires and expectations of the end-users. This iterative approach fosters an improved and resonant user experience.

Regular Reporting and Communication

Transparent communication is foundational to Agicent's web maintenance philosophy. We prioritize regular reporting and communication to keep clients consistently informed about project progress. Utilizing efficient project management tools, we ensure clear reporting and collaborative discussions. This commitment to open communication contributes to stronger client relationships and project success.

mindset for continuous

Mindset for Continuous Improvement

The digital world is always changing, as is our dedication to excellence. Agicent instills a continuous improvement mindset in its web maintenance services. We regularly evaluate and refine our processes, adapting to emerging client needs, technological advancements, and industry best practices. This proactive mindset positions our clients for sustained success in the dynamic online environment.

Client Education and Empowerment

Agicent believes in empowering clients with knowledge. We provide educational resources and guidance on the importance of website maintenance. Our aim is not only to deliver exceptional services but also to ensure that clients understand and actively contribute to the long-term success of their websites. This educational empowerment builds a collaborative partnership and strengthens the overall impact of our web maintenance services.

Common Mistakes That Should Be Avoided In Website Maintenance Service

Avoiding common mistakes is crucial for effective website maintenance. Here are some pitfalls to steer clear of:

  • Neglecting Regular Backups

  • Mistake: Failing to schedule regular backups.
  • Why to Avoid: Data loss can occur due to unforeseen events. Regular backups are a safety net for quick recovery.
  • Ignoring Security Updates

  • Mistake: Neglecting timely application of security updates and patches.
  • Why to Avoid: Outdated security measures expose the website to vulnerabilities, risking potential cyber threats.
  • Missing Out on Mobile Responsiveness

  • Mistake: Ignoring the importance of mobile responsiveness.
  • Why to Avoid: With a growing number of users on mobile devices, a non-responsive design hampers user experience and SEO.
  • Neglecting Content Relevance

  • Mistake: Failing to update and refresh website content regularly.
  • Why to Avoid:Outdated or irrelevant content can harm SEO rankings and deter user engagement.
  • Ignoring SEO Best Practices

  • Mistake:Disregarding SEO strategies and updates.
  • Why to Avoid: Poor SEO can result in reduced visibility, impacting organic traffic and search engine rankings.
  • Lack of Regular Testing

  • Mistake: Infrequent testing of website functionalities.
  • Why to Avoid: Bugs and issues may go unnoticed, compromising user experience and overall website performance.
  • Poor Communication with Stakeholders

  • Mistake: Failing to maintain clear and regular communication with clients and stakeholders.
  • Why to Avoid: Lack of communication can lead to misunderstandings, delayed approvals, and dissatisfaction.
  • Ignoring Analytics Insights

  • Mistake: Neglecting data-driven insights from website analytics.
  • Why to Avoid: Analytics data provides valuable information on user behaviour, helping in informed decision-making for improvements.
  • Not Adapting to Technology Changes

  • Mistake: Failing to keep up with technological advancements.
  • Why to Avoid: Outdated technologies hinder performance and limit the incorporation of new features and functionalities.
  • Inadequate Training for Content Management

  • Mistake: Providing insufficient training for content managers.
  • Why to Avoid: Without proper training, content updates may be inconsistent, leading to inaccuracies on the website.
  • Having No Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Mistake: Lacking a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.
  • Why to Avoid: Without a plan in place, recovering from unexpected events like server crashes or data breaches can be challenging.
Limitation of website maintenance services

Limitation Of Website Maintenance Services

Like anything else in the world, website maintenance services too have some limitations like these:

  • Cost Constraints
    Website maintenance can be financially demanding, leading to potential limitations in the frequency and depth of upkeep activities due to budget constraints.
  • Downtime Due to Server and Hosting Maintenance
    Temporary downtime during updates poses a challenge, impacting the user experience and potentially causing frustration or business loss.
  • Dependency On Third-Party Providers
    Relying on third-party plugins introduces dependencies that can lead to vulnerabilities or compatibility issues, affecting the overall stability of the website.
  • Limited Scalability Of Framework Based Websites.
    As websites grow, the scalability of maintenance efforts becomes a challenge in cae of framework based websites (like wordpress, wix) and they require more complex and resource intensive process. When websites grow, it is always better to switch to as much custom code for easy scalability as you can.
  • Security Risks
    The constant need for vigilance against emerging security threats is resource-intensive, and failure to address vulnerabilities promptly can compromise website security.
  • Resource Intensity
    Website maintenance can be resource-intensive, requiring skilled personnel and time, which may pose challenges for some organizations.
  • Technical Challenges
    Adapting to evolving technologies and ensuring compatibility may present technical challenges, especially for older websites.
  • Limited Automation
    Some maintenance tasks lack automation, leading to manual interventions that can be time-consuming and prone to errors.
  • Balancing Speed and Quality
    Striking the right balance between quick updates and thorough testing is crucial, as rushed updates may introduce errors, while cautious approaches may delay important improvements.
  • Content Management Challenges
    Managing and updating content effectively can be challenging, with inconsistencies potentially affecting SEO, user experience, and the relevance of the website.
  • Significant changes to website design or structure may disrupt user familiarity, impacting engagement and potentially causing resistance to new features or layouts.

Want web maintenance for just one site or for multiple, we’ll help you. Inquire now!

Industries That We’ve Served With Website Maintenance Services

Over the past 13 years, we've designed and developed applications and software solutions for a wide spectrum of industries with full stack development. Whether it's healthcare, lifestyle, IoT, AR/VR, gaming, enterprise, booking, fintech, or any other category, we have a rich portfolio of projects to showcase. Just name the industry, and we'll demonstrate one of our recent or past apps tailored to that specific field.

Tools & technologies used for Website Maintenance Services

We research, strategize, and come up with the most steadfast and profitable model of the full-stack app for your business. Hire full-stack app developers to take advantage of technological advancements that give you an edge over your competitors.




React JS
React Js
Express Js
Node JS
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Mongo DB
Mongo DB

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: From the point of view of technology - the website should be monitored, tested and enhanced on monthly basis. From SEO point of view - the content of the website should be updated and added on a weekly basis as search engines love the websites that are “happening”.
Ans: Yes, one developer can efficiently manage and work on multiple websites, unless one website is big enough that takes all their hours. We suggest shared developer for small websites while dedicated developers for more functional and bigger websites.
Ans: Certainly, and that’s what we already do a lot. We partner with agencies and take care of their client’s website maintenance right from the requirement gathering phase with their clients and then to implementing those and taking care of everything as “Done for you” service
Ans: To safeguard Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), we adhere to a stringent non-Disclosure agreement (NDA) governed by the laws of the United States of America. Our whole team is bound with the confidentiality agreements we sign with our clients as a part of their job agreement with us. Also, all of our staff is permanent and we never outsource so it keeps “within” the family.
Ans: Absolutely yes. Just contact us via [email protected].com with your website link and we’ll be happy to quote you. You can always upgrade or downgrade your website maintenance plan whenever there is a need. We can also work on “Adhoc” basis for the web maintenance or development.
Ans: Certainly, you have the flexibility to upgrade your maintenance plan as your needs evolve. We understand that business requirements can change, and our plans are designed to be scalable to accommodate those changes.
Ans: While website maintenance, redesign, and development are distinct in terms of their objective but similar in terms of the “Technology skills requirement”. The process we follow makes it very simple - you’ve the maintenance team with a web development team for X amount of hours a month and you can use those hours for new feature development or regular maintenance or to create an altogether new website. The idea is - this team should be useful to you for anything related to the website technology, you can use them as you may please.

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