"Agicent makes App Development process painless with their industry knowledge, attention to detail and a professional step-by-step development system."

- Joshua Kozak, CEO, HASFIT

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"Agicent makes App Development process painless with their industry knowledge, attention to detail and a professional step-by-step development system."

Joshua Kozak, CEO, HASFIT

Hey there, before reading more about App cost calculator, have you taken the ABCD ride of mobile app development? Takedown the below notes if you are unaware of the ABCD route:

A is Awareness: In the awareness stage, you identify how the product or service that you offer will be solving the customer’s problem.

B is Browse your competitors: Before entering into the new app world, make sure you know your customers and competition well. You should be aware of what your competitors offer and what drawbacks they carry.

C is Consideration: In the consideration stage, you now analyze the market, the cost associated with your every step and figure out what revenue system will best suit your idea.

D be the Decision: In the decision stage, you have already made a few tough calls and want to proceed with the risk involved.

What is an App development cost calculator?

An App development cost calculator is an online tool mainly offered by mobile application agencies that brings the estimated rough cost for the app you want to launch. The app cost calculator tells you how much does it cost to build an app. Although, the cost varies as per the device, functionality, integrity, UX and many other factors that we will be discussing in detail. Meanwhile you can use our app development cost calculator to determine your app development cost.

How Our App Cost Calculator Works?

With the above introduction of this app cost calculator tool you must have got certain clarity in terms of cost involved, features you want your app to have, the hourly rate of the human resources and the estimated time to develop your application. Now that we know what an app cost calculator does, let's now understand how it works. This app cost calculator tool will raise certain essential questions that you will be answering by clicking an appropriate option. Every question contains a cost driver that decides on the expense involved. Once you are done answering the details, you will get an email with the estimated cost of the app.

Factors driving the app development cost:

  • Mode of operation:

    It is important to decide what sort of app you want to design. Do you want the wheels of your app to be internet or do you want your app to benefit your customers even if the customer is unable to browse the internet? The above two questions play a vital role while deciding the mobile app development cost. Several other loops, features and important decisions are linked to the mode of operation you will be moving ahead with. Supporting offline app usage will also increase the app making cost.

  • Native or cross-platform:

    As the mobile application has two well known segregated users. One being the iOS lovers and another the Android explorers. To develop both applications you need to tell the app cost calculator the development method you want to proceed with. Do you want to have one basic single base code for both the devices or you don’t want to compromise on the speed and efficiency and hence you want to create two different base codes for both Android and iOS? Native applications will have more app development cost.

  • Prefered UI:

    Irrespective of a great backend, if the eyeballs are not stuck on the visual of the app, then your app is definitely not a success story to be heard. A great UI connects the users from your application which results in a great engagement. If you have ever used an App development cost calculator, you must have come across a question which asks what sort of UI/UX you want to keep. Some applications like to keep it basic, some applications add their own style & frame and some applications prefer animation. The more customization and animations are included in the user interface, the more will be the cost of the application.

  • Localization:

    After having a fair idea of how your market looks, you must have decided on geo-localization, correct? Do you remember a recent ad from Amazon that says ‘ Now adding carts is easy because you can now choose your own language to browse various stocks on Amazon? This was done to convert more users into customers. As a brand, if you give the native language importance, your user base will definitely spike up. And considering the various languages in mind, you will be needing relevant customer support. If you develop the app in a modular way that considers the number of domains and languages you want to opt-in then the localization will add a bit more cost into your cost of app development.

  • The total number of the screen:

    Number of “unique screens'' can have a lot of effect in determining the app development costs, even though they don’t show much “technical features or functionality” but only some information or output of a user’s input, the more unique screens you add the more app development costs that would attract.The more screen the app includes the more design, prototype, wireframing and development effort it requires. Many screens will take longer both to design and to develop, and thus will cost more.

  • Security incorporated:

    We can bring home the comfort or get the job done with just a finger tap. This ease also brings the threat. Hacking of the secured data is often attempted by certain hackers, hence to keep the crucial information confidential the security software has to strengthen the walls by going a little extra mile. The cost of securing the data varies on the security issues that one is willing to fix. If you don’t want to compromise on data security then probably you will opt-in for rigid security software that will add on more bucks into your app making cost.

  • The backend Involved:

    Without a rigid and strong backend an app cannot do well. With so much personal information that a user shares with the application, it is really a tough task to keep it secure and encrypted. Here is where a cloud-based server shows its importance. The developers have to play cautiously while integrating an API in the app because, without a proper API integration, the app functionality might block and won’t even work irrespective of your several attempts. Hence a stable and strong backend holds the whole magic of functionality.

  • Third-party integration:

    Sometimes you want the app to browse other tools or applications for unlocking certain functionality. For example: for simplifying the process of sign-up, you allow the app to continue using a google account or Facebook account, in case you need to integrate the app with a third party. The integration takes a long time to function appropriately, hence the more third party application integrations are included, the longer will be the app development process and more will be the average app development cost.

  • Major functionalities you want to keep:

    App development cost calculator also gives importance to the number of features and functionality you want to keep. The number of features and functionality is directly proportional to the mobile app development cost. The functionalities also depend on the idea of the application you have. For example: If you want to design a Uber like app, then you will need Paypal or any other payment method gateway, message chatbot, push-notification, navigation, geo-locator and various login options. Each feature has a separate cost associated with it as they require several hours to function smoothly after integrations.

    The more advanced features you want your app to have, the more will be the app making cost. The user interface is also a great cost driver, as the cost of basic UI, Customizable UI and animations differ. If you want to incorporate technologies like Virtual reality, IoT, AI and many other advanced ones, then they may also have a separate price range respectively.

Mobile App Development Cost Breakdown

Although there are several factors that play a vital role in the development cost of mobile applications. Listing down some most important ones with the cost associated with it:

  • Functionalities involved:

    There are many applications out there in the market with eye-catchy functionalities. From basic mobile applications to AI-based features, we all have a variety of mobile applications.

    Complexity Min - Range $ Max - Range $
    Simple App 1,000 18,000
    API Apps 30,000 70,000
    Enterprise App 60,000 100,000
    Gaming Apps 100,000 150,000

    Also, the features you want your app to have, has a separate app development cost associated with them. This is because every feature is treated as a new exercise and there is a lot more to work on. The team has to work on the feature’s UI/UX, the backend and the testing. Below is the estimated cost of the feature and the number of hour’s it requires to function properly. Here you go:

    Feature Hours Cost in $
    Login 20 500 -850
    Search 10 300 - 500
    Push notification 40-200 1000 - 7500
    Payment gateway 50 2700 - 3500
    Geo-location 50 1200 - 2500
    Chat 80 750 - 1000
    Ads 20 1000-2500
    Device synchronization 50+ 1250 - 2500
    Streaming 30 1500
    offline mode 40 1000-2000
    Data encryption 20 500 -1000

  • Mobile app interface:

    App is all about experience, touch, look and feel. If your app has flawless UI/UX, you worked on the most important factor. Now, that you are deciding what design aspect to keep, the below-shared data may help you in taking this important call. We as a mobile application development agency recommend having a clickable prototype before initiating the development to get more clarity.

    Design Min - Range $ Max - Range $
    Visual Design 2000 15000
    wireframe 1500 15000
    UX design 2000 15,000
    Games 100,000 250,000

  • Security system:

    Encryption of the data shared by the customers is one of the important checklists to be taken care of. Implementing encryption into your mobile application is tough as there are different kinds of data the developers need to deal with i.e. text, images, video, audio clip, documents, PDF and many more. Apart from the data type, the developers also have to check on the compatibility between the devices. For example, an android user sending an audio clip to the iPhone user. Here the compatibility needs to be mapped. The encryption needs at least 20 working hours to get implemented and increase the app development cost. The average cost to build a strong security system ranges from $500 to $1000

  • Location of your tech team:

    The experience and skill set of a developer is really important. Every region has a market standard set for different professions. Not only a developer plays a vital role here, but an app development team comprises various pillars such as a QA team, Backend developer, UI/UX designer, Project manager and business analyst. The mobile app development cost depends largely on the hourly rates. the below professionals charge based on their skill set and project handled earlier.

    Below is the hourly rate of the professionals based on their domains:

    Professionals LATAM CEE Asia Northern America
    Architect $45 - $95 $65 - $120 $45 - $75 $85 - $175
    Project Manager $35 - $65 $50- $75 $25 -$50 $70 -$125
    Business Analyst $40 - $88 $50 - $90 $29 -$50 $95 -$160
    Lead Developer $40 -$75 $55 -$90 $45 -$75 $80 -$175
    Intermediate Developer $40 - $71 $48- $65 $35 - $60 $65 - $130
    Junior Developer $29 - $55 $45 - $55 $26 - $60 $96- $160
    DevOps $45 - $76 $70 - $95 $28 - $60 $80 - $150
    Senior QA $33 -$66 $40 - $75 $25 - $50 $60 - $95
    Intermediate QA $28 - $59 $35 - $60 $22 -$40 $45 - $85
    Junior QA $25- $50 $22 - $40 $18 - $40 $43 - $85
    Graphic Designer $25 - $50 $40 - $75 $18 -$41 $95 - $140
  • App maintenance cost:

    Don’t ever buy the trap that says releasing the app makes your job complete. The real game begins when you start targeting the number of daily active users. This is one of those curves that you want to grow over time. And for that, you have to ensure that no bug can lower down the peak of your growth. The cost associated with maintaining the app is more than whatever you invested while developing the app. Below are the costs associated with the maintenance of the application.

    Feature Cost $
    Server cost 25 - 50
    Push notification 10-15
    Payment gateway 170
    Bug fixing T&C
    Emergency maintenance T&C
    App store fees 25 for google pay
    99 for App store


From the above-detailed data, you must have a fair idea about the features, UI/UX, Complexity and many other factors. There are plenty of mobile app development companies out there in the market but all that matters is the quality of the app that you want to ensure.

As you have already decided on launching your app, don't bother much about the cost associated with it, rather bring quality to your customers. Don’t wait longer, proceed ahead and play with the App development cost calculator created by Agicent to get your business rolling. The great customer base and your dream ROI awaits.

Hiring an in-house team will take a lot more of your time, money and energy. Agicent has a team of expert developers with plenty of experience and desired technical requirements as per market standards to make your app a big success and bring home the good revenue, you are dreaming of. All you need is to reach out to us, as we have 50+ app developers professionals who already have created apps with kickass features. Send us an email at [email protected] with your project query, or fill up a simple form by clicking on getting in touch, or call us at +1-347-467-1089 and our team will get in touch with you within 12 Hours!

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