If we see in a nutshell then a huge chunk of our lives is invested in getting ready for the real world. I am talking about our education that starts from the very beginning of our lives and ends till we graduate from college. There are some people who are […]

Blockchain technology is at a rapid phase moving forward with enormous growth and this technology is trusted by many renowned industries and experts. It has launched recently but the trust it gained is immense and undoubtedly appreciable.  Taking forward this technology into designing and developing mobile applications. It is a […]

There is no denying that Music.ly aka Tik Tok is a phenomenon. The world has been posting itself on it. The application is so much in use that it has made Tik Tok Celebrities out of it. Tik Tok has become a sea of content where creators from all over […]

From the time of its launch, Angular gained a decent reputation. Angular made the development of web applications relatively easy. The framework gained momentum in the market and became something of a phenomenon. This is the reason why the framework is still relevant in the market despite the launch of […]