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Start filling your tech gaps with our proven Staff Augmentation services that work well for any size of the team you want. You can start by hiring just one Engineer or a team of 100s of them, Agicent serves you well irrespective of the size of your Staff Augmentation needs. Tap here to schedule a Free Discovery Session with us.

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Definition of Staff Augmentation Services

Staff Augmentation in the IT world is an outsourcing strategy of hiring additional staff from Agicent on time sensitive basis to cater to the short-term or long-term Technical and development needs. In simple words, when a company hires external talent from us to work continuously on their projects and fill the tech gaps then it is a Staff Augmentation Service that they’re availing.

Staff augmentation is the process of adding talent to your existing team through a third party. This could be anything from 10 engineers joining 10 different teams to a single developer with niche expertise.

Staff augmentation removes the overhead associated with sourcing, recruiting, training, and retaining talent. It can help you meet short- and long-term technology goals with added flexibility and instant access to a high-quality talent pool.

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Process of Staff Augmentation Services

Our process is very simple, and starts with a simple Discovery Call followed by simple steps as follows:

Step 1 - Discovery Call

  • During the discovery call, we understand the skill-sets you need, the experience level (beginner, expert, senior), number of engineers needed and the lead time. Put the requirements as the clear “Service orders” and go back to our resource management team that does sourcing, recruitment, onboarding and everything else that you need to onboard the right candidates.

Step 2 - Prelim Shortlisting and Interview by Agicent

  • We source the right CVs from the inhouse resource pool or from the market within 3 days, get their details and line up them for our round of interview for the screening. Since we are a software development team ourselves, our CTO and senior Technical people take their preliminary round and establish more than 90% matching between the job profile and the candidates before we send them to you for further screening.
  • In some case, we also give out technical tests or machine tests before shortlisting them for the final client facing round. We also get free trials from senior technical members just to make sure they are actually fit for the job.
  • An HR round is also done by us where we evaluate the candidate on soft skills and overall character in order to establish their compatibility with the forthcoming job.

Step 3 - Client Interview and Onboarding

  • We lineup the shortlisted candidates to be interviewed by your technical team and once you give a go ahead we start the onboarding process.
  • The onboarding process includes negotiating their notice period, their rates, working hours, relocation (if needed) and all other important aspects related to the job.

Step 4 - Account Management: Post Onboarding

  • That’s the beautiful part, no matter whether you hire one person from us or a team as large as 50 you’ll get a dedicated project manager and an account manager through out the lifecycle of our engagement. We introduce more project managers as the team size increases and put a super manager on the whole process.
  • So even though the team will work at your disposal all the time, you’ll still have our backup management as well as close supervision and administration to ensure that the team you’ve hired is running smoothly and delivering the intended without burning extra budget.

Step 5 - Billing and Invoicing Cycle

  • An invoice for the services will be raised at the start of every work month that you can pay using various methods (both online or offline such as bank wire transfer). We support almost all credit and debit cards and ACH transfers across the English speaking world and especially the United States of America.

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A Prominent Case Study in Staff Augmentation Triumph

We are the experts in digital and mobility transformation, using codes, design, and lots of passion and innovation. Find out some incredible success stories of our Staff Augmentation and development services that created history.


Staff Augmentation Services

During the lockdown, we helped building a large team of deep tech software engineers in the domain of Telecom, DevOps, Embedded and also in banking industry for India’s largest IT Company TCS. We recruited super specialist software engineers on a variety of technologies for work from home setup and onboarded 9 of them in just a week and then added more people as the account grew.

We hired across all the cities in the country, put account manager for client’s convenience and ran the smooth process which enabled the client to release there critical government level projects on time and within budget. Our billing cycle was smooth and transparent as we only put a transparent markup on the overcall cost of the resource to us.

Our staff augmentation teams work across Telecom network projects, OTT Apps, Banking, retail, ecommerce, gaming, ERPs and Industrial and governmental projects.

We successfully managed common challenges like last minute backing out of candidates using our own recruitment acumen that involved background checks, backup selected candidates, right two party beneficial agreements and some soft skills.

Benefits of Our Staff Augmentation Services

Contrary to traditional hiring, Staff augmentation shows more flexibility and freedom toward the team. Some of the key pros of staff augmentation include:

Work with the top 5% of the talent

Availing our staff augmentation services mean you are in to work with the best minds and talents in the given skill-set and industry. Based on your requirements, we bring you the finest of the resources in shortest amount of time possible.

Quick Scaling on-Demand

We know you are hiring us for the staff augmentation services because you want it urgent and therefore our whole recruitment process is designed in such a way that we don’t even call candidates who have more than a month’s notice period. Thanks to a large talented tech resource pool in India and our own inhouse teams, we never have to wait for the right candidate for more than 2 weeks ever.


We offer absolute flexibility to our clients, you can always scale up and down your team on a short notice period. As we have our inhouse team on multiple technologies also, we sometimes add new engineers in a matter of days rather than weeks.

No HR Overload

It will be Agicent taking care of all admin, HR, compliance, taxes related work and every tiny bit of that. So our clients can simply focus on the work with the team and nothing else. For handling their payrolls, taxes, insurance and leaves to keeping them motivated, involving in employee engagement programs and also in personality and skill development we do it all while you get the best work out of the team.

No Hardware, Infrastructure, or facility overhead cost

Our 18000 sq. ft. dedicated facility is capable to host 300 people team under one roof and we can always expand our space whenever we need. We already have right infrastructure (computers, testing devices, internet lease lines, security walls, cloud repositories) already in place and paid for and you need not to pay anything additional for such things.

Higher Control, Less Liability

You can work directly with the team, prioritize the tasks the way that you please, use your own methodologies and communication process and even working hours while we take care of the liabilities. Your liability is only the bill you pay to us.

Cost Benefit & Transparent Pricing

You get a huge cost benefit when you avail our staff augmentation services for both short and longer term engagements. You pay no cost for hiring, management, admin but only for the actual work. Also, Indian developers (even the top most ones) are still cost effective and quality oriented compared to any other software outsourcing destination in the world.

Also, we transparently reveal you the cost of the resource to us and simply put our markup on top of that so you always know what you’re paying for and getting the best deal. We’ve spent 14 years hiring, negotiating and working with different experience level engineers and unlike large IT company’s we offer the same quality of resources at lesser price.

With Agicent, you can get the best of our India’s solid IT Talent Pool and at a very reasonable cost.

Dedicated Teams and Higher Productivity

The team created for you will only work for you and no one else. Their dedicated work hours are noted in real time using tools like Time doctor and your project manager will have their productivity matrix and KPI handy every time.

Reasons Why Companies Opt For Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a vast term when it comes to the profiles of professionals hired as an external source who will join the in-house team. But, precisely in case of a Tech company, staff augmentation is required under some circumstances such as –

  • In incorporating new and advanced technology to reach and meet the dynamic advancements rapidly and also to the market demands.
  • Service-based organizations cracking short-term projects, instead of hiring for the long-term full-time team, staff augmentation can enable the company to accomplish and fulfill more effectively and in an optimizing manner.
  • Staff augmentation provides modularity. For example, in the case of an app development company aiming to develop a multi-platform app, they can simply go for staff augmentation to build a platform-specific team.
  • For long term cost benefits, flexibility of operations, less management and compliance overload, and less recruitment hassles.
  • Sometimes, for reaching a certain time limit. For example, an app development company supposed to launch any new feature or any bug fixing requires more manpower. Staff augmentation can enable the company to meet the same, without disturbing in-house employees who might be working on other projects.

History of Staff Augmentation

The term staff augmentation was initiated in the early 1980s-1990s. However, this term does not involve any kind of documented history or any persona associated with it. Staff Augmentation is one of the outsourcing models that was followed during the early rise of temporary employment agencies. In the 1970s-1980s, when IT consulting firms began their expansion, Staff augmentation was one of the elements they integrated, and with the surge of globalization and the impact of the Gig economy since the 2010s till present staff augmentation has shown major prevalence in the industry.


Different Models of Staff Augmentation

  • Based on the location from where the team is been hired

  • Offshore Model: When the team is hired from a country other than where the client’s business is being set up. It is a cost-effective approach as generally staff is hired from a country where labor costs are low.
  • Onshore Model: When the team is hired from the native country itself. However, this kind of staff augmentation model promotes team integrity because of customary cultures.
  • Nearshore Model: When the team members are hired from nearby countries, generally with similar time zones.
  • Based on how Resources are engaged and organized

  • Dedicated Team: When the team exclusively works for the client, generally preferred in case of high-priority projects. This kind of model commits long long-term partnership and flexibility.
  • Time and Material: The model is known as “pay as you use” or “pay as you go”. In this model, the client is being charged based on the hours the staff is working for their organization. It gives transparency to the project and protects clients from the worry of huge prices.
  • Fixed-price: This kind of model is generally preferred when the scope of the project is predetermined as well as when the requirements are properly defined.
  • Based on roles and responsibilities of service provider

  • Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT): The service provider serves for a short period, it first manages the team during the build phase and later transfers it over to the client side such that controls are with the client.
  • Staff Augmentation as a Service (SAaaS): This model is generally used for the on- demand workforce as a temporary service. Staff are being hired from the talent pool.

Things to Avoid in Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is always successful when done with proper planning and vision, however here are some of the common mistakes that need to be avoided for a successful staff augmentation strategy:

Things To Avoid

Improper evaluation and selection of the candidate

That’s why at Agicent we do our own evaluation before sending anyone to be interviewed at the client’s end. Thanks for our own more than a decade long expertise in software development, we can evaluate and screen out the incompetent candidates right at the round 1.

Lack of Planning and Management

For any task to be accomplished properly what is required most is planning, any loophole in planning may lead to inconsistency which will ultimately create failure. You must define the KPIs, deliverables, and overall expectations well documented before initiating a staff augmentation team.

Improper Communication

Effective communication is the foremost element required in all avenues. In case of any miscommunication or misunderstanding it may lead to baffling situations and therefore can affect the project’s growth.

Poorly defined scope and requirements

In the case of unclear requirements during the discovery calls of service providers and clients, may lead to suboptimal results.

Mismatched Company Culture

Sometimes even the right skilled engineers may turn out to be a not fit for the job and that may happen due to reasons like previous company’s culture, domain experience, or simply because of having no experience in working with the English speaking clients. That’s why we check language skills as the part of the pre-screening process.

Overrunning Budgetary

Although Staff augmentation is preferred as it has the benefit that it is cost-effective. However, improper management may lead to cost overrunning and therefore may cause its failure. So even though Staff augmentation team work on ongoing projects, you should always have a budget range in mind before initiating a team.

Inadequate Output Proposal

The goal must be SMART, i.e. Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. Any unrealistic expectation may hinder the process.



Learn more about our processes from our clients.

Mahesh Harpale

CEO, Infoshell Technologies, LLC.

Mahesh Harpale

Their web maintenance services are as high quality as their product development services. We have moved all our web maintenance work to them along with the core App development work and they are just doing everything we need ahead of time and in great quality!

Mahesh Harpale

CEO, Infoshell Technologies, LLC.

New York, USA

Best practices for Successful Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation holds the articulation between the two distinct organizations i.e. a client and a service provider and therefore this whole process requires some strategic approaches to make it successful. Some of them are:

Sweat during the screening process, get trials when possible

Proper screening, verification and validation of candidate’s experience is a must. Also, their soft skills and overall job fitment to the work as an individual is to be evaluated. If candidates are ready for that, then we should always get a trial work done in order to be double sure of their capabilities.

Strategic and Conceptual Planning

Both the service providers as well as the client should be very well planned about the project ideas and the process of integrating augmented staff with in-house teams and expected duration of the project. The goal must be clear and should be well-defined and communicated to the all stake holders involved.

Clear KPIs, regular performance follow-ups and feedback sessions

Once after the onboarding of augmented staff, the performance metrics of staff should be tracked, and constructive feedback should be provided to them. It builds effectiveness.

Confidentiality and Security

Adhering to robust methods of security and safeguarding intellectual property, and sensitive data is mandatory and considered as an ethical practice of staff augmentation.

Ensuring a productive and energetic environment

The works ethics should be clearly defined, and both the client and vendor team should work in a progressive and productive environment. The teams dedicated to the client do have to dwell with other teams as well and therefore company vide employee engagement activities, personal development opportunities, and right incentives for high performance must be there.

Leverage our Engineering powerhouse for your growth

Industries That We’ve Served With staff Augmentation

In addition to our acclaimed software development, we also provide staff augmentation services. leveraging our expertise of skilled professionals you can boost your team and can revolutionize your business. We provide dedicated teams whether you want short term assistance or long-term association, we foster innovation which can help you achieve remarkable success and deliver exceptional results.

Frequently Asked Questions


In case of regular web and mobile technologies, you get to see the CVs of very competent candidates instantly since we've these teams already inhouse.

In case where we have to source from the market, we take 1 to maximum 3 days to send you the CVs. If you don't see a CV from us for any requirement in 3 days then we consider ourselves failed and it never happens.

It's a very fast process, and we do the preliminary checks on the candidates right from the day one and take one round of interview also before sending them to you.

For most of our clients, it took them 5 days to select a candidate and 2 to 3 weeks to onboard them. Sometimes, we've onboarded candidates too in 2 days.

Ans: Not always. For example, the resources we already have on our rolls can be deployed instantly without any minimum commitment from your side. However, in case when we source the resource from the market exclusively for you from day 1 then in that case certain duration commitment is needed from your side (usually 3 to 6 months) for obvious reasons.

We've seen this happening a lot during the pandemic days and figured out and applied a multi-pronged approach to fix this problem. Some things we do -

- We effectively communicate the job, KRAs, timings and all other perks and terms of the job to the candidate before we even shortlist them for the next round. Most of the times, candidates can back out due to having non clarity on the project or client so we ensure they are on the same page as the first step.

- We shortlist and select backup similar resources as well for such situations only, usually we always have 2 selected candidates for one job so if one backs out the other can quickly fill in. In case of regular skills like react native, iOS, Android, .NET, Java core, React.js, Wordpress, PHP we usually have more than 2 selects all the time.

Ans: Both, we have pretty solid inhouse trained and experienced project managers who can take up the job whenever needed if they are available. We go about hiring an external project manager only when our own PM team is full with projects or when you need a specially and similar to your project-experienced PM only for your own project.
Ans: You can start with as low as one resource requirement, we have no minimum threshold limit so start with just one person or 100 - you'll find us equally good. Ofcourse, the larger size projects will need little more lead time and multi-layer management compared to small teams but our promise remains the same which is - you always get a useful team from us that delivers and we ensure the delivery at our own cost and efforts.
Ans: We offer both IT Tech Staff Augmentation as well as non tech staff augmentation for different non tech skills like digital marketing, seo, email marketer, customer care executive (Voice, non voice), Virtual assistant, Back office accounts, Market researchers and so on. Basically, we provide resources for all business functions and roles across tech and non tech fields.
Ans: You can pay through bank wire transfer or payment gateway link. Usually the payments are 100% upfront for a month though in some cases we offer 50% twice a month cycle also. We support all the widely used cards, ACH, Bank cards.

There are no taxes on our services when exported to the USA or anywhere else outside India.

Ans: Our process ensure real time communication and status updates. The timesheets are collaborative and can be seen by all the stake holders anytime and questions can be raised wherever applicable. Also, we use tools like TimeDoctor. keep the things well in check and in a more automated manner.

Ans: Sure, we'll be happy to welcome you at our office anytime. We do have some clients who have their project owners working with us right from our office time to time especially in case of larger size projects. We are always open to make our processes more flexible and transparent so the clients get the best out of their investments and also gel up with our team too for the long term.
Ans: No, we already have an infrastructure that can support 300 people in our own premises and we have the capabilities to double the size on a short notice. So unless there is a special equipment that you need besides computers and internet and regular IT hardware, you don't have to pay anything additional besides for the services
Ans: Ofcourse, the team is dedicated to you and you may feel free to use them for one project or many.
Ans: Yes, we offer a minimum 4 hours of timezone overlap to every customer across the world and if you are in US EST then we can offer you 100% timezone availability.
Ans: Mostly we create IT staff augmentation teams in our Indian office only, though in some cases we can hired directly right from the USA and deploy them onsite. We are a legal entity in the US also, registered with the state of Georgia.

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