How to Create an App From Scratch [10-Step Guide]
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How to Create an App From Scratch

How to create an app from scratch

We all have witnessed the rapid increase of mobile users in the internet era. It is an intelligent take to capitalize on the mobile presence of your business. But most of us are stuck on how to create an app from scratch.  Knowing the fact that mobile app development is a long process and involves a good amount of cost, most of us get worried. But we have got this sorted for you. This comprehensive guide will direct you to create an app from scratch.

But before we jump to the guide of How to create an App From Scratch in 10 Steps, let’s just quickly walk through the benefits of having an app:

  1. Customers will have your brand visibility all the time. 
  2. Creates a direct marketing channel for you
  3. Add value to your customers. 
  4. Gathers the customer’s engagement and loyalty.
  5. You are ahead of your competition. 

10 Steps to Create an App From Scratch

1. Define Your Objectives:

define your objective to create an app from scratch

Yes, we all know that the ultimate goal of any business is to generate a million-dollar revenue but take it slow. First, define what all objectives will take you closer to your dreams. Firstly, brainstorm about the objective your app is going to serve. Will the app enhances the experience of all your customers or will it be generating sales and purchases? You should first decide on what you want your app to do that streamlines the revenue of your business. 

Let’s just understand this with the help of an example. Do you want to build an app like Garanti, that has a goal to create a mind-blowing service that has successfully targeted millennials via building a strong relationship through their mobile app, iGaranti or do you want to head for an app like Amazon where you can shop whatever you want?

Also whatever objective you want to keep to build an app from scratch, do know that both two will have different market strategies and functionalities associated with each other.

2. Dive into Some Competition and Market Research:

 For building an app from scratch knowing what your competition is doing can be the wisest step.  You can present the existing application from your competition in a better way and can build in the features that they haven’t which adds value to your customer and somehow solves a problem. 

Delve deeper into your competitor app’s customer experience, functionality, design and problem statement. Make room for improvement of your competitor’s product and start implementing those on your application. 

  It is important to know that your app should:

  • Who is your customer and what is their pain point which your app can solve
  • How your competition is reaching out to the TG
  • Are the customers liking the app your competition has launched? If yes, then try finding out what the customers don’t like about the competitor’s app. 

If you already have an existing business and now you want to step in for an app then all you need is to talk to your customers for a better understanding of what they want. Communicating with the existing customers and getting the feedback implemented will make half of your job done in terms of market research. 

Once you know what exactly you need to introduce in your app, you have solved half of your problem for making an app from scratch.

3. Now You Need to Define Your Goals:

By goals, we mean measurable goals. It is your goal only that will sketch the development process ahead on building an app from scratch. Use your goals to invest your time, energy and resources effectively. Before setting up the goal, always keep users and your business idea in mind. The KPI’s of your goals should be loud and clear. 

Let’s understand this with the help of an example:

If you’re building an eCommerce app your goal should be to make the customer shop the items they have added to the cart without discarding them on the first go. This ensures that they trust your brand for offering the best price out there in the market. 

4. Creating a Wireframe and Test Cases:

create a wireframe

Have you ever wondered how to create an app prototype from scratch? Creating a wireframe is an important part of the process that defines how to create an app from scratch. A wireframe is a rough sketch of the mobile application you want to develop. A wireframe can be created on paper or even on a high design tool, it all depends on what feasibility best suits you.

All you need is to create a skeleton with a well-defined flow that further defines the function of every step with a user story. This could be better understood by an example, let’s say you want to build a house, now you need to explain this to the builder. How will you do that? You will possibly sketch it on paper and define the number of rooms, number of floors and each space serving different functions of your home. Correct? This is how a wireframe also works. 

5. Development:

development phase to create an app from scratch

Now that you have the objective, goals, market research and framework ready, the next step to proceed forward is the development. There are plenty of ways to build an app but the most important call to take while building an app from scratch is which technologies to use which again depends on the cost, resource, time and functionalities to be built in the app. An app has to have a great UI, a good backend and an excellent admin panel.

But before we get into the App functionality and features, it is important to know which app development method to use. 

App development has 5 different ways:

  • Native development: Native development gives you the most flexibility of any development method. By coding from scratch, your app can do anything. It’s an ideal option for anyone trying to build a gaming app or an augmented reality app.
  • Hybrid app development: The hybrid development is built using javascript. This type of app development method will save time and money but you will feel a slight dip in the performance of apps built using Hybrid app development. 
  • Rapid app development: For something basic like a mobile application for internal processes, RAD will be a viable option. Just understand you’ll have limitations. RAD will only offer you some existing tools to create an app with an online interface
  • Cookie-cutter app: You can pick up one existing app and change the functionalities as per your needs. It offers a lot of functionality that you can turn on or off as per your needs. The flaw in this method is, this is less flexible and the functionalities are extremely low. It is a great option for those who have a low budget and seeking the generic features to be inbuilt in the app. 
  • Build fire: Build fire method offers great flexibility and one can add their functionality using the Build fire SDK. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to build a customizable app. 

6. Mark Measurable Milestones:

As stated earlier that building an app from scratch is a time-consuming process. To make the work easy and fruitful, a smart move will be to divide the production into small chunks within the specified timeline. You don’t have to keep stressing over the whole process all the time. This will help you in achieving smaller bundles and control resource load prioritization. As we know that complex functionality takes a good amount of effort, a solid algorithm and a clean code environment to be implemented. Measure the complexity of every division of the development against the specified timelines to ensure that the timelines are met and the requirements are met.

7. Testing it all Together:

testing your app

QA is one of the most important steps for making an app from scratch.  Once the app is ready, test it on different devices of the same OS to check if the app is adaptable and all the functionalities are working as planned. Be the first user of your application and always act as a user while browsing the app. Make sure that the app works online and at least loads while there is no internet connection. Check the chatbots, payment getaways, cancellation, log-in and maximum functionalities. The app does not need to be perfect at one go but the QA team has to make sure that all the bugs are caught properly so that the developers can fix it before it goes live in the market and a user complains about the app. 

8. Hosting and Marketing it:

Now that the QA team has done their part appropriately and the app is up without any live bugs. For the next step, the app is now to be hosted on the app store or google play. This process takes a lot of documentation and protocols involved at places related to security purposes. From generating a signed apk to creating a developers google play account, from creating application forms to adding the description of your app, from selecting the pricing tab to maintaining the reviews and rating, this process has a lot to do.

Creating an app from scratch requires a lot of effort and hence to cater the hard work right, some marketers treat the launch of the app as an event and create a lot of buzz around it which is the right approach to bring downloads and usability from the users.

9. Gather Feedback and Make Improvements:

Your app is ready and you already have the answer on how to create an app from scratch. Hang on, you still have some work left to be done. You now have your real customers on board using the app, it is always a good idea to ask the customers about what they would like to change in the existing app. Some feedback works like wonders. Implementing those as a new feature brings more engagement and revenue to the app. Remember the app is all about the customers and once they are happy, it is a clear indication that you are on the right path.

Don’t forget to make a buzz around the launch of the new version of the app brought by the customer’s feedback. This makes the customers feel that they are important to your brand which is a great milestone for the brand to achieve.

10. Maintenance and Support:

Previously you were stressing over how to create a mobile app from scratch and by this pointer you already know how your app will be launched. But only launching the app will not mark your job as done. You need to plan the efficiency of the app, the same as promised. Maintenance of an app includes updated features with no live bugs. As the app downloads increase so will the user usage be? Make sure you have good technologies and integration in place while catering to a good number of customers. These are several elements of mobile app development that you’re always going to be dealing with. Always plan and budget accordingly.

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Now that you already have a fair idea of how to build an app from scratch there might be some common questions that will be troubling your mind such as how much cost will it require to build an app? or I want to create an app where do I start?  or which app development to hire for making an app from scratch?

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1 – How do you make an app from scratch?

Like every business idea need a plan to be successful, likewise, every time you think of creating an app you need to pen down your plan i.e. how you plan to create an app from scratch. And if this is the first time you’re planning to create an app from scratch then you need to contact an app development company that has already created dozens of app and is happy to create one for you.

2 – How much does it cost to build an app from scratch?

The cost of creating an app from scratch depends on various factors i.e. complexity of the app, design, integrations and many other things, but we have made this simple for you. Want to know how? Here is our guide that will tell you how much does it cost to build an app from scratch. Also, we made it easier for you by creating an app cost calculator that tells you the average cost of app development from scratch.

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