Top App creation companies worldwide. Top App creators who create an app for clients on demand.

Top App Creation Companies – App creators that design and create an  app for client.

Since more than a decade, one technology that has largely changed the way a normal person lives a daily life is the mobile app technology. We now have mobile apps for almost every thing that we would earlier do on websites or on bulky desktop software. The beauty of mobile app is that you need not to do any changes in the hardware of the device to achieve a certain function, in fact you can just use existing hardware and resources of the phone (like GPS, sensor, internet, Biometric) and write beautiful and powerful mobile apps that can do anything from delivering the taxi to delivering the food, and dating, and calculating your diet intake and what not.

More and more apps need more and more App creators, and that is where you need to hire Mobile App creation companies to create a custom mobile app for you. These companies are also called as mobile app development companies more often in the business communities who are familiar with the “software development processes” but we are specifically catering to building a list of mobile App creation companies in order to help the ones who have not hired an app creation company before.

This hand curated list of top mobile App creation companies would be useful for anyone who is looking to hire someone to build an app out of their app idea. We have built this list of top mobile App creation companies following a strict criteria since we are a mobile app creation company ourselves since 9 years. We are aware of the factors that separate the best app creation companies from the not so good ones.

Hring an app building company is like hiring a technology partner for your startup for long term. It is not going to to be just one off Vendor-buyer relationship. Therefore we’ve considered following as critical factors while compiling this list of Top App creation companies in the world.

  1. No. of Years that they’ve been creating the apps.
  2. Size of customers that they serve (startup, micro startup, enterprise, growing startup, funded)
  3. Versatility and variety of their portfolio (we considered apps not older than 2 years).
  4. Cost of App Creation as per the online info available on sites like clutch, goodfirms etc.
  5. Geographical regions that they mostly serve.
  6. Their overall aggregated rating over various app creation companies review sites like clutch, upwork, goodfirms.
  7. Complexity and quality of their apps in terms of UI, Performance, usage of latest technology.
  8. Overall score, online reputation, and media presence.

Based on these factors, the list of Top 10 App Creation Companies goes as follows – 

1. Agicent App Creators

App creation company Agicent

In the list of top App creation companies, we rank Agicent App Creation Company as no 1 Mobile App Creation Company. While many App creators focus only on the coding part of the Apps, Agicent focuses on all aspects of the process of App creation. App creation includes App design, App development, App Testing, App conceptualization, App maintenance, App marketing, App monetization, App integration, App promotion and everything else related to mobile apps.

Agicent has been one the best mobile app maker companies for startups, early-stage entrepreneurs, and even enterprises and offers great quality App development services at highly affordable prices, that almost any startup can afford. The average project price at Agicent is $ 3000, though you can hire us for even smaller ticket app projects and Agicent would work equally good. On hourly basis, the charges vary between $ 15 to $ 20 per hour.

In case of startups, Agicent encourages client to go for a fixed price app creation only, since that helps you keeping the scope define and budget under control. One can ofcourse switch to a longer term App development retainer model for regular development efforts.

Agicent is a focused team of app creators that include veteran app consultants, app developers, app designers, testers, and marketing experts. The sole objective is to offering the great quality of services and professionalism to customers at a fraction of the cost of what bigger app creation companies charge. 

Agicent is serving customers as an App maker agency for 13 years and created more than 300 apps, games, and websites so far. There is hardly any category of apps that we’ve not developed, whether it is social, dating, or utility, or location-based, business apps or some complex PoC demonstrating the functioning of an algorithm, we’ve been doing it all.  We recently got covered by big Media publications and news sites, like Huffington Post and Daily Mail for Pregmo App, the news can be read here – We keep getting recognition from our customers and third parties, and that works as a fuel for us to do more good quality App creation work.

Agicent creates an App on both native and cross-platform tools and uses modern technology for creating backend or front ends like node.js, angular.js with Mongo DB, AWS. We work as a team with our customers and understand the importance of clear communication, transparency, quality, and planning and therefore none of our projects has gone bad in last so many years. Also, we keep educating our customers on newer technologies, best practices and also assist them in controlling the budget.

In addition to all that we offer in terms of creating an app, we also help our customers by free initial marketing boos to your apps by FREE App Store Optimization, marketing, and social boosting on our own social networks. We are the best friends for early stage startups when it comes to creating an app or a website. You should also use our app creation cost calculator tool here – Hire an App creator from Agicent today.

2. Savvy Apps

App creation companies

They are working since 2009 and setting new records with each passing year. They’ve been creating mobile apps since the early days of the app stores, and got many of their apps listed amongst the best creations in the app world.

Through the years, they’ve also earned the reputation of working with household names like PBS and The Motley Fool as well as high-profile startups like Homesnap and LifeFuels. You can regularly see their work  featured across mobile app creators industry. Thus, it is considered as the 2nd out of the 10 top App creators who create an app as per customer demand.

3. Fueled

App creation companies

Fueled is a NYC based mobile app creation company, and now having an office in India as well. They are known for winning several awards of excellence and also famous for creating and building highly polished apps, they are creating apps and serving their customers since around 10 years for now, and their minimum project price is $ 50,000 and hourly rates are between $ 150 to $ 199 per hour, that is a bit higher for several small startups to afford though and which is why they are one of the finest app creation companies. They usually target small enterprises and business bodies based out in the US itself, and create an app for iOS, Android, web on demand.

4. The BHW Group

App creation companies

As they say,”We are designers, developers, and architects, but most of all we are problem solvers.” With over 12 years of experience in this domain, The BHW Group prepares specific solution to all of its clients based on their requirements without reusing and modifying any previous solutions. Thus, with their team of expertise, they are today recognized as one of the most reliable app creation companies in the US and they create an app using latest native and cross platform tools.

5. OpenXCell

App creation companies

It is a CMM level 3 software company that was set up in 2008. Since then they have been working into software development and app creation. Additionally, they are also the pioneers in mobile app development, real-time systems, bot development and IoTs. Thus, you can trust them for high performance results and technology innovations and can choose them the next time you look for any app creation company. They create an app for all platforms, including iOS, Android, Web, Desktop, Wearables at great price.

6. Eureka Software

App creation companies

They are actively working for more than three decades from now. They comprise of mindful engineers, scientists and creatives. They are a step ahead of many companies in terms of creativity and are therefore one of the best app creation companies. As they say, they’re in the business of solving complex development, product and UX challenges serving various clients and customers with app creation and development. They create an app using technologies like Xcode, Swift, Java, Kotlin, Flutter etc.

7. CitrusBits

App creation companies

CitrusBits is firmly planted at the intersection of user-focused design, mobile app creation and development, digital strategy, and emerging technologies. They’re passionate about leveraging mobile technology – including iOS, Android, Swift applications, virtual reality, blockchain, and The Internet of Things (IoT) – to help businesses disrupt entire industries and reach their loftiest goals. Founded in 2005, it has established itself as one of the trustworthy choices when it comes to create an app.

8. ArcTouch

App creation companies

Founded in 2008, they create an App, design, test and release for iOS, Android, and Xamarin, and bots for conversational platforms like Amazon Alexa and Facebook Messenger. With all the top clients, they provide with very satisfactory services that keeps the interest of some of the international clients beforehand. They also help with blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), and augmented reality (AR) technology solutions as per client’s requirements. They are one of the oldest and finest App creation companies who started creating apps back from the times iOS came into picture.

9. Stanfy

App creation companies

They provide their clients with idea validation and then help create an app. They have happy clients with good reviews and a place in the app development market. They use a creative approach for designing which makes them even more recommendable for the people looking for app creators. They have been praised by the customers and clients for the solution they provide in app creations.

10. NMG Technologies

App creation companies

NMG Technologies that is now covering around 30 countries worldwide, was established in 2008. They define themselves as- global full-cycle software development company building advance websites, software and apps using latest technologies.Therefore they also hold a place in this list of Top App Creation companies with a decade of existence.

That’d be all for now for this list of Top App Creation Companies worldwide. We hope that you find our research and its outcome helpful. We are working on creating more well-researched lists like this one for other domains as well, like Best Web development companies, or best design companies and would publish those in near future. If you have any suggestion or idea to be added in the list, you can surely write us to  [email protected] or you can mention in the comment section below.

Article update on 11 Sept 2018 + List update (new App creation companies after Top 10) – 

Since we continuously research on the subject of top app creation companies and app design companies as part of our business research exercise, we’ve come across some more app creation companies that are worthy to be included in the Top 20 App creation Companies list if not in Top 10 App creation companies list. The criteria has been as same as we followed for the original list.

All of these App creation companies are above average nevertheless, and capable of doing any kind of app or web project. However, the cost of app development shall be different with different agencies since that depends upon many factors that include (but not limited to) – Location of development agency, Complexity of the App, choice of technology and much more.

Similarly, even though the broad level process of app development is common across all good app creators but it can have different steps and sequence of development when development agency is much large in size or much smaller in size. The model of engagement and pricing are also a factor while choosing a development process. For example, we do most of the fixed price projects on waterfall model while use Agile for projects that are more ongoing in nature. It’s advisable that you should always figure out your goal first in terms of development, budget, and timelines and then allow development agency to propose you the best suited Engagement Model.

Now, following are 10 more App creation companies who create an app across all major platforms, and made it to the list in 2019 –

11.WillowTree Inc. – WillowTree, Inc. is an industry-leading mobile and digital product agency, established in 2007.

12.Dom & Tom– A digital product agency based in New York and is working since 2009.

13.Intellectsoft– Intellectsoft is a full-service software partner, based in California. It was founded in 2007 and now provides with all sorts of software solutions.

14.Blue Label Labs– It was founded in 2009. Now they are New York based App designers, developers and marketers.

15.Utility– They are an award-winning mobile design and development agency based in New York and was founded in 2013.

16.TechAhead – TechAhead is a mobile consulting, design and custom apps development company, based in Los Angeles, working since 2009.

17.Cleveroad– Cleveroad builds Web and Mobile solutions that fit any industry and budget. It was founded in 2014 and is located in Ukraine.

18.Wve Labs– Wve Labs is a mobile app development company focused on providing an end-to-end solutions. It was founded in 2015, based in California.

19.Experion Technologies– They deliver software product development and engineering services. It is based in Texas and was established in 2006.

20.Intuz– Intuz is a top custom mobile applications development (iOS & Android) company based out of San Francisco and was founded in 2008.

So, these were some more of App Creation Companies to be added here. Hopefully, it’ll be helpful and this further list can help you with a better solution.

We’ll keep sharing such useful information here, so stay tuned and keep reading and sharing with your peers.

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