10 Best App Review Websites

As the app business keeps blooming, it helps bloggers and individuals set up app review websites which in turn help people to discover cool and useful apps easily. People visit these sites to read app reviews and grab new ones to bring out the best experience for their devices. Most app reviews cover all platforms – iOS, Android, and Windows. However, some are platform-specific, targeting only iOS or Android and even niche targeting such as gaming or productivity app reviews.

If you are an app developer or own an app and want to get it in front of the right audience, you should consider submitting it to some of the popular app review websites. App review websites usually generate a good amount of targeted traffic via SEO. If you can get your app featured on any of the review websites, chances you will get featured and surely grab some early adopters and loyal users. In order to make your task easier, we compiled a hand-curated list of the best app review websites that you should consider first. Similar to finding reliable app review websites, if you are looking for dependable essay writing support, consider DoMyEssay essay writing services for timely and quality assistance.

The app submission process is simple and easy: visit the sites which allow the app submission and submit your app to the admin for review. If there is no option to submit your app, then find the website email on the contact us page or about us web page and write a personalized email to the respective review team explaining to them the usefulness of your app and why the admin should spend his precious time in reviewing your app.

10 Best App Review Sites in 2023

So far, so good. Let’s go through the detailed list of the best app review websites.

1. TechCrunchbest app review websites


TechCrunch needs no introduction; the finest online technology news portal offering a wide range of information and insights on technology. A very popular website among techies and non-techies. It will be a super boost for your app startup if you can get your app featured on TechCrunch. You can easily do it if your app stands out of the box and delivers a unique value. The website is invaluable for entrepreneurs looking to stay up-to-date with the latest tech trends, startups, product launches and venture capital funding. It provides comprehensive coverage to the startup ecosystem, letting entrepreneurs connect with potential investors and customers. Also, they regularly host events and conferences that let entrepreneurs, investors and stakeholders in the startup community. But to reach out to TechCrunch is more challenging than it might sound. A lot of effort is required to stand unique among millions of app ideas.

Domain Authority: 93

Page Authority: 79

2. Mashableapp review websites


Mashable is another great and very popular digital website where you can get your app in front of a massive audience. The website covers ample different topics related to technology, science, entertainment, culture, social media, business and more. You can write a story or an informative post about your app and contact the Mashable editorial team to get it featured. The team of experienced journalists and writers who produce good quality content that appeals to a diverse audience. Not only it has an editorial team, but offers other services such as job listings, events and a shop that sells branded merchandise. A section of the website, Mashable Deals, where you will get daily offers on various tech and lifestyle products. The website’s engaging content and innovative approach makes it to stay on top of the latest trends and developments.

Domain Authority: 93

Page Authority: 78

3. ProductHuntapp review site


ProductHunt is a tech product review website and is surely one of the best platforms to showcase your product to tech enthusiasts. The community-based website lets makers and marketers to launch their products or services and meet their first real users. It provides a valuable opportunity to entrepreneurs to gain exposure and feedback to their products. The website hosts discussions, and Q&A sessions, allowing entrepreneurs to connect with other like-minded individuals and share insights. Before submitting your app/product to ProductHunt, we recommend you to read about the best practices and how its product curation algorithms work. Also, keep a catchy title and tagline, an appealing thumbnail, write an engaging product description, try to give a personal angle to your product, and link all your social media accounts before submitting. After app submission, if the community members upvote your product, it might be featured on its homepage.

Domain Authority: 90

Page Authority: 70

4. AlternativeTobest app review website


AlternativeTo.net is on a mission to get users with alternative software recommendations for well-known applications. The website is active since 2008 and offers a user-driven platform that allows users to suggest and recommend alternatives to popular software products. The database of AlternativeTo contains 400,000 apps and software products along with alternatives, ratings and reviews. Here you will find a comprehensive list of options, along with user reviews and ratings. A valuable resource for individuals who are seeking alternatives to software products or applications that they are already using. The extensive database of the website assists users with informative information and recommendations. Hence making it easier for them to select the right software or applications as per their needs.

Domain Authority: 87

Page Authority: 67

5. AppAdvicebest app review website


AppAdvice is another great app review website for iPhone, iPod, and iPad apps. We really like the UI of the website as the reviews are written straight with pros and cons and to the point, and the app list is presented in a good visual manner. Visit the website and contact the admin to write a review of your app. If you want your app to be listed on AppAdvice, you need to follow some basic set of rules fixed by the platform. And to submit an app, you must send a request to [email protected] with the subject “Apps Gone Free.”

Domain Authority: 85

Page Authority: 59

6. 148Appsapp review website


148Apps is another app review website. The website only covers iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad app reviews. So, if you are an iPhone app developer, then do consider submitting your app on 148Apps as it brings in targeted website traffic which can boost your user acquisition strategy. Submit your app with all details, screenshots and Youtube videos that help in understanding the app working quickly.

Domain Authority: 78

Page Authority: 59

7. MobileAppDailybest app review websites


MobileAppDaily is a leading media house in the tech industry showcasing the unique user value of your app to a dedicated audience that’s likely to bring organic leads, and not merely traffic. Their marketing plan for your app doesn’t stop at textual app reviews but extends to creating a brand image with App Walk through Videos, CEO Interviews, Press releases and SM promotions. So if you’re an App owner, PR agency or App development company, contact MobileAppDaily to elevate your product’s reach and expand your brand presence to the right audience.

Domain Authority: 61

Page Authority: 52

8. BetaListapp review website


BetaList is not an app review website but you can use it to submit your app and present it to a global audience. On this website, post your app as a startup. Before you can submit your app, you need to sign up with either your email id and create a username or sign up with Twitter id. Once you sign up with them, you can submit your app by sign in. The website has monthly visits of approximately 231k. The platform comes up with fresh articles every day and is up-to-date with the content.

Domain Authority: 60

Page Authority: 54

9. GetAppbest app review site


GetApp ranks 9th in our list of app review sites, is one of the best websites to uncover and compare apps. The platform offers a wide range of software categories, including project management, accounting, CRM, human resources, and more. Because of the user-friendly interface and extensive filtering options, businesses can easily get the software solutions they are seeking for their specific needs. The platform also covers vast categories for app reviews, along with business intelligence, billing & invoicing, project collaboration, customer support, campaign management etc.

Domain Authority: 60

Page Authority: 59

10. KillerStartupsapp review website


KillerStartups describes itself as a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their startups to a global audience. One of the advantages of your mobile app getting featured over here is it will potentially reach out to 5000 prospective customers regularly. Well-Known successful companies such as Plum have listed their mobile apps on KillerStartups. Submitting the app doesn’t guarantee placement, but the submission process is quick and smooth. The potential benefits are huge as they receive over 15K-30K monthly visitors. Are you ready with your app fill up the form and who knows, your app is featured at KillerStartups.

Domain Authority: 55

Page Authority: 56

11. AppSafariapp review websites


Another app review website that writes honest iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app reviews regularly since 2007. The devoted team of AppSafari helps you to find the best apps and their reviews help you to reveal what to buy and to be alert from the App store. So far, they have covered 6K reviews and still counting. They try to keep things simple and fun and offer information on the latest and greatest apps and software developed only for iPhone or iPod touch. On a daily basis, new apps are released, and they try to stay updated with the latest data. You can list your app on AppSafari, the 2 million monthly page views, it is the primary directory listing for all Apple products apps. You only need to fill out the form and click the submit button to get your app featured on the website.

Domain Authority: 55

Page Authority: 38

12. AppAggapp review sites


AppAgg-Application Aggregator is a platform that lets users find, download and manage all apps from one place. A comprehensive directory of apps that offers users a friendly interface to locate exciting apps that meet their needs. AppAgg collects app information from various sources and presents it in a clear and concise manner, allowing users to find new apps. The platform mentions a detailed app description, reviews and screenshots to help users to make an informed decision about the apps they download. From Android to iOS apps/games, Windows to MacOS apps/games, Steam to Nintendo games and PlayStation to Xbox games, a one-stop-shop to find your next app. For your app submission, you need to sign up with the platform and then submit your app easily by following the steps. 

Domain Authority: 53

Page Authority: 37

13. Nettedbest app review website


Netted, is an online platform that curates and focused on sharing the best new products and services on the Internet. A team of well-respected Webby awards runs it, also known for recognizing excellence in internet content. They are on a mission to assist people to discover innovative and useful products. Mostly they feature consumer-focused apps, and if you are lucky enough to be featured, your app will get unmeasured exposure. The wide range of categories includes technology, fashion, wellness and entertainment. The team of experts scours the internet for new and interesting products and then shares with their audience via daily email newsletters and on their websites. The commitment is solely to feature products and services that are valuable, and resourceful. You can connect with them with your pitches on sites, apps, digital services and more.

Domain Authority: 50

Page Authority: 48

14. StartUp Pitchbest review app sites


Startup Pitch, born with an experiment in user-generated news termed D.I.Y Startup News, is a concise and compelling presentation. The aim is to introduce the business ideas and persuade potential investors or partners to provide funding. Initially, the platform gave people the opportunity to post-startup-related stories without having to have a blog or get more coverage for their up-and-coming blog or startup. But as the website evolved, it gave the Startups the ability to answer questions about their product and have it turned into an appealing pitch among investors. Humans check every pitch submitted to the website with no editorial on any post. If the pitch is not deemed spam, rude or racist, it gets displayed. You can post your startup pitch by following the pitching rules. You can also use their paid marketing services to increase your app’s visibility in front of the right audience. 

Domain Authority: 37

Page Authority: 44

15. TheWebAppMarketapp review websites


TheWebAppMarket is an online marketing, ratings and reviews website specializing in digital promotions of mobile apps and web products. Despite being a relatively new entrant into the market, this content marketing specialist is dominating the web. They also offer affordable ASO services for app developers. Both app developers and app development companies, they offer a variety of marketing campaigns that are affordable, even for emerging startups. If you are a fellow app entrepreneur seeking an app review, get in touch with them today. 

Domain Authority: 23

Page Authority: 44


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Conclusion to Best App Review Websites

With this, we sum up our list of the best app review websites where you can submit your app and present your app to the right audience. There are plenty of other app review websites on the internet where you can do the same thing. Submitting apps to review websites will increase the reach of your app and also get some backlinks for your Google Play or App Store page, which will help your app to rank higher on SERPs as well. We highly recommend this technique to market your app.

So, if you think you have what it takes to be featured on our list, then pitch us with your app name, app store link, and an informative description. If we find your app cool, useful, or unique, we will surely add it to our next blog edition.

Frequently Asked Questions


The exact time for an app to get a review can not be calculated as it depends on the platforms and the volume of submissions they are receiving. Hence depending on the websites you are submitting your app for review might take anywhere between few days to couple of weeks.

To get more reviews for your app, you can ask the journalist, bloggers and Vbloggers to review it in their next article. Also, ask users to rate and review the features and functionality of the app. By responding to user reviews, you should increase your engagement with your users and address their concerns if they have any associated with your app functionality.

Without a specific list to refer to, it's not easy to precisely answer the question. However, most websites that review apps and software tend to focus on other famous categories such as social media, productivity, gaming, entertainment and health & fitness. For instance, TechCrunch, Mashable, and Thewebappmarket cover these categories along with the tech world. Often you will find reviews on new and noteworthy apps that offer unique or innovative features.

Determining the most reliable app review websites depends on their reputation, editorial standards and audience. Some of the commonly reliable app review websites include ProductHunt, AlternativeTo, AppAdvice, 148Apps, AppAgg, and an endless list.

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