A lot of people often quote “Spanish” as the language of love. Although, it offers a lot more use other than just using it to make your phrases more romantic. There can be multiple reasons why you specifically are willing to learn the language. It could be your subject, or you might be visiting the country, or maybe thinking of permanently shifting to a country where the native language is Espanol. Whatever your reason maybe, if you are searching for the best Spanish learning apps then we have provided with decent options below.

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About: The first application in our list of best Spanish Learning Apps. This is a wonderful application to, begin with if you are into Espanol. StudyBlue uses flashcards to promote effective learning for the user. They have a collective of over 10+ million users that are in association with this app. The application puts over 400+ million flashcards directly in your hand. The better aspect of this application is that it gives you the capability to share your flashcards with your peers. It offers you a variety of features like customisation of audio & video, Quizzes, progress tracking, flashcard recommendations etc. 


About: Well, SpeakEasy aims to make your journey of learning the language easy for you. Whenever we are starting to learn a language, the biggest challenge of the task is to understand the phonetics and grammar. Well, SpeakEasy wishes to make that journey as joyful as possible by providing hundreds of written words along with the phonetics. This is a perfect application for all those who are travelling or thinking of travelling to Spain, Latin America, Mexico, the Carribean, South America etc. This app can also be a great phrasebook for you in meetings, dining, sightseeing, shopping etc. It is a great application and definitely deserves a spot in our list of Best Spanish Learning Apps.

3.Todo Claro

About: Well, there are a decent number of applications in the market that can help you learn Spanish(we have mentioned nine in this one). Although, there are very few places where you can practice your command over the language this effectively. Todo Claro doesn’t look like much although if you have a test pending or you just wish to test yourself then this is it. It has a variety of test lessons with a huge chunk of exercises that are available for you to solve. They have divided the exercises into different segments like Grammar, Culture & Interculturality, Daily Situations, and Vocabulary. It is a great place to polish your Spanish skills and deserves a spot in this list of best Spanish learning apps.


About: Another application that effectively uses flashcards. Brainscape has been developed for students, teachers, and trainers both as a web and mobile education platform. The application uses adaptive flashcards that make the learning both intuitive and immersive at the same time. The service was started by Andrew Cohen in the year 2010. This application also rates the confidence of the user on the scale of 1 to 5. This is done in synchronisation with flashcards. Therefore, whenever there is a chance when you are getting a low score on a particular flashcard then it is repeated till the time you nail it. This is another great application and is a decent entry in our list of best Spanish Learning Apps.

5.Gritty Spanish

About: Well, this is a perfect application for you if there are gaps in your formal language. This doesn’t teach you by the conventional textbook method. Gritty English helps you understand Spanish fast. They provide an immersive learning experience along with Spanish Audios. In fact, the material that is provided as the audiobooks have been recorded by fluent native speakers. Also, this one allows you to choose from three different styles. For beginners, the application has been provided by 32 fun stories. Gritty Spanish also has side by side transcripts that can help you learn even more and might help you in different scenarios. It is a great service and that is why we have mentioned it in this list of best Spanish Learning Apps.


About: FluentU takes the help of world videos to help you learn Spanish effectively. It gets you one of the best content that is available around the globe to teach you about the language. It plays content as well as subtitles in both English and the language you wish to learn(in this case Spanish). The application is available for both the platforms i.e. Android and Apple. In fact, if you are serious about learning this then the service provides you with a 14 days free trial. It has received a positive reception from its customers and is a great application, to begin with. FluentU can be a great option for you and therefore needs to be placed in our list of best Spanish Learning apps.

7.Learn Spanish Podcast

About: Learn Spanish Podcast is an application that teaches you the language using Podcast. In this application, the users are provided with hundreds of courses. It is a fun application that pays attention to your basic vocabulary, provides three-minute videos, listening practices etc. In Fact, they try to cover some other aspects as well like Spanish for Holidays, Travel, Onsite Meetings etc. This is another decent entry in our list of best Spanish Learning Apps. 


About: SpeakTribe is another great application that can help you learn Spanish with decent flow. This one allows you to learn Spanish fast and in an interactive manner. They have mixed all the lessons together to get you a complete package. In fact, with this application, one can actually get a hang of basic Spanish in a matter of 5 days. The lessons provided take a deep dive into the concept of Spanish grammar as well as vocabulary. The application offers a lot in terms of features and that is why deserves a spot in this list of best Spanish Learning apps.


About: If you have some issues with the conjugations of this language then it is one of the best apps to do so. Conjugato will sort your verb conjugation. The makers of this application created this application with the intent of providing something that can be used with ease to learn the language. In fact with this application, one doesn’t need to type the answer specifically but can also speak it directly to the mic. It is a great application if you wish to enhance your conjugation, all you have to do is just give a few minutes to the application. This is the reason we have mentioned it in our list of best Spanish learning apps.

10.Rosetta Stone

About: Rosetta Stone is known for making educational tools. The software company has created multiple software and apps that help develop language, literacy, and brain fitness. Although, they have harnessed much success in the field of language learning products. With this service, one can learn multiple languages such as English, German, Russian, Japanese, Italian, and yes Spanish too along with a couple of others. The application allows you from a couple of subscriptions that can be of 3,6, and 12 months. It comes with a variety of tools and features, therefore, deserves a spot in our list of best Spanish learning apps.

So this was our list of the best Spanish learning apps. If you are travelling to any region where Spanish is the language then I must tell you that it is absolutely necessary for you to learn some basic words. In case you are looking for an app development company then maybe we can help. In order to send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]

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