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Best Crowdfunding Sites for App Creators

Thinking of getting an application for your service but don’t have enough funds to kickstart a project. Well, this is the first problem that any app creator has to face. App Development happens at a hefty cost and not everyone has that amount to spare. How often this has happened that so many great ideas were buried because of financial crutch. Although, if you have never heard of crowdfunding then I must tell you that it is a great way of raising funds for your project. Getting funds from angel investors for your idea could be the best way for you as a beginner. Therefore, if you wish to get some insight about crowdfunding and wish to know some of the best crowdfunding sites for app creators then read down the article below.

What is Crowdfundings?

Crowdfunding in particular is a way of raising money for your ventures. A lot of initial startups take the benefits to kick start their projects. In this concept, a large amount of money raised by including a large number of people investing chunks of money in your venture. There are other ways which are identical to Crowdfunding but this one uses the internet as a mediator. It brings a plethora of interested parties to invest in your project and take benefit from it. Other than just app creation, Crowdfunding is used in a variety of different ventures like artistic and creative projects, medical expenses, travel, and community oriented projects.

Benefits of Crowdfunding 

  • It is one of the most efficient yet traditional ways of raising money for your projects.
  • The whole process of gathering or raising money is done via the internet.
  • This can be a great way of getting social traction and validation even before the project is launched.
  • Getting way too many people on the list gives you the capability to brainstorm ideas better with other people associated.
  • It is one great way of getting early adopters and advocates that are loyal to your project.
  • You get the double benefit of marketing and exposure.

Top Crowdfunding Sites


About: Kickstarter is a crowdfunding application that started as a public-benefit corporation. The company is based in the USA headed by Aziz Hasan. Initially the company launched in the year 2009 which was almost 10 years ago. The company is supporting app creators from multiple countries and have helped them to gain funds. Some of these countries are the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Mexico, etc. The fee levied by this company on raising a fund is 5% of the fund raised. Also, there is an additional fee of 3%-5% that can be applied on payment processing. As per the statistics launched by Kickstarter, the amount of projects launched by the company are 469,286. KickStarter is a great website which has helped raise many small to big projects and is still doing great work. It is one of the best crowdfunding sites for app creators.


About: GoFundMe is a service which has been capable of raising more than $5 billion dollars. Also, the money has been raised with the contribution of 50 million donors. It is a service that caters to both small as well as big projects. The company was founded in the year 2010 and has been going and growing strong since then. They have run their campaigns in countries like Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland etc. From the day of its inception, the company is being headed by the duo Brad Damphouse and Andrew Ballester. It is a great service if you are looking for crowding and can easily be placed in the list of best crowdfunding sites for app creators. 


About: One of the creators of IndieGoGo Daniel Reingelmann said,” It is all about allowing anybody to raise money for any idea”. Well, the service is doing the same since its launch in 2008. IndieGoGo was among the first companies that allowed crowdfunding. The initial idea for the service was to gather funds for any idea, charity, or start-up. For this, the service charges 5% of the total amount that is raised using the money. IndieGoGo runs on a reward based system. Using the service, investors, clients, mentors, or simply the customers can share funds, gifts, and equity stakes. It is a great service as you must have got by now and deserves to be on this list of best crowdfunding sites for app creators. 


About: Crowd Supply claim about double the success then that of KickStarted and IndieGogo. The service is based out of Portland, Oregon. The people who are utilising the service are provided with sufficient mentorship quite identical to a business incubator. The website is great in comparison since it offers higher success if we keep the adversaries into perspective. This is often treated as an inventory for successful campaigns. It is a great service and it is essential that we mention it in our list of best crowdfunding sites for app creators.


About: Razoo can be a great service who is looking forward to raise funds for his/her small business. It provides a great platform for people to connect peer to peer and raise. Also, the subscription fee for this service is only $49 per month. Razoo is capable of finding funds for you app creation and can easily set you up with someone you might like. They are very professional and gets you exactly what you want. This is the reason why we have mentioned the service in our best crowdfunding sites for app creators.


About: AppsFunder rather than being a service is more of a community that is interested in investing. AppsFunder specializes in maximising your returns and minimising the risk. This is done for both the parties be it the app developer or the funders. They not only provide an effective community that can invest but also train them on how to invest. They have helped and catered the development of many apps. Also, there portfolio for app development has been quite diversified. They also have a dedicated blog just in case you are looking for some extra knowledge. It is a great service and deserves to be on our list of best crowdfunding sites for app creators.


About: Tilt is another really great website for you to search for funding for your application. The company was formerly known as Crowdtilt and has been running great since its launch. The service launched in the year 2012. Although in the year 2017, Airbnb became its parent company. Tilt started as a non-profit organisation started by the duo James Beshara and Khaled Hussain. The initial round of the company helped raise funds of about $2.1 million. Also, the name of some of the initial companies were SV Angel, CrunchFund, and Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian. It is a great place to start your search and deserves to be on the list of best crowdfunding sites for app creators.


About: This website is specifically for investors who are thinking of investing in app creation. The website was created by Naval Ravikan and Babak Nivi. The main agenda for the application was to increase democracy in the investing community. The company wanted to create a place where startups can get fundraising easily. This could have easily promoted good talent in the market. And well, they have been doing that since 2010. The site enables any person to get funds from Angel investors that can help you build your service from scratch. It is one of the best out there and deserves to be mentioned in our list of best crowdfunding sites for app creators.

So this was our article on best crowdfunding sites for app creators. It becomes very easy to get your project in line once you have some initial push from the market. Crowdfunding is one really great way for that. If you have been thinking of getting an app development company for your project then maybe we can help you. In order to send us an enquiry mail us at We have also written an article on Top Food Delivery apps in Europe, therefore, to reach the article click on the link here. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading this until the end.

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