The way we do business has changed quite a lot in a couple of decades. As per the traditional system when the customer had to physically make the purpose, the scenario has changed ten folds. Now, your prospective customer can access your services from the comfort of his/her home. 

Yes, We are talking about the Ecommerce Market. It has truly leveraged the potential of the Internet and provided us with impeccable service. Although, a lot of people blame the big enterprises to eat the work of the traditional shopkeepers. Although, quite the contrary if you are aware of Multi-Vendor Marketplaces then you might know that this is not exactly the case. If you see then Big Companies like Amazon and eBay have given way to local retailers to sell their products in a larger geography. Although, if the question remains what is a multi-vendor Marketplace then read down below.

What are Multi-Vendor Marketplaces?

A multi-vendor marketplace is an online Marketplace that is managed by more than one retailer. One must have seen websites that sell products from a single brand. For example Levi’s, Adidas, Sennheiser, Nike etc. These are Single-Vendor marketplace. Although on the other hand, we have websites like Amazon that sell all these products. 

A multi-vendor marketplace is one which integrates multiple brands and multiple retailers at the same time. Amazon is one of the biggest names in this category but there are plenty of websites in this category. This allows the retailer to manage their inventory, Products, and delivery by themselves. Unlike Single-Vendor Marketplace, a multi-vendor marketplace requires a very large team to manage the website. 

How can Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platforms Help You?

If you are looking forward to creating a multi-vendor marketplace of your own then you will need a multi-vendor marketplace platform. Why? Well, if you are thinking of creating a full-fledged website by yourself then you need a website builder. Likewise, a multi-vendor marketplace platform offers you all the tools in one bucket to create an eCommerce platform of your choice. It provides the ease of development and can help you create something in hours if not minutes. The effectiveness of its use can be something that completely depends upon the user. These platforms provide multiple themes and features like payment gateways, multiple languages, the capability to create discrete admin pages for multiple retailers(simply the capability to add or delete products). It makes the hassle of creating a multi-vendor platform into ease of creating something that vast and vivid.

Advantages of Having a Multi-Vendor Marketplace

There is a reason that there has been a paradigm shift in the online market space as well. A lot of companies are switching from a single-vendor to a multi-vendor space which is controlled by them by not owned. Big companies from different niche products such as clothing, electronics, electrical appliances etc are placing their products on websites like Amazon. The sole intention behind is to create maximum sales and that is happening. Although to make it more precise below are some of the better advantages that a multi-vendor platform offers:

  • The collaborative efforts are reduced and the output is maximized(in terms of sales).
  • One doesn’t have to worry about maintaining the inventory.
  • Makes the overall process quite cost-effective.
  • The owner of the multi-vendor marketplace gets a commission upon each sale.
  • Give ample support to the retailer and the customer relationship. Also simplifies in the longer term.
  • For smaller Single-Vendor brands, it is a viable option to showcase their products.
  • Consumers also get to compare products with other brands.

Note: There are several other advantages as well but these are some of the best that needs to be mentioned.

Top Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platforms


BigCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platforms

About: BigCommerce is a SaaS-based ecommerce platform. This one probably comes under the best of the lot. With great features like Customer groups, Segmentation, SEO, Web-Hosting, and a lot more. Currently, it is being used by companies like SkullCandy, Woolrich, Bliss, Burrow etc. (Don’t get confused, it is a multi-vendor marketplace platform). With this platform, one can create a website within minutes. It provides a very Agile approach and offers a variety of tools to help you create a robust website. With BigCommerce, the customer can create Commerce, without limits. 

Cost: Free 15 Day Trial with Prices that go from $29.95/month to $299.95 depending upon your service. Also for the enterprise edition, you can directly contact them.


Shopify Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platforms

About: Whatever you are thinking of creating, Shopify will help you leverage the potential in your idea. Shopify gets you powerful tools that help get you more customers, drive sales, and manage your business well. This service also provides trusted freelancers or agents from Shopify that can help you. Shopify comes with analytics to manage orders, shipping, and Payment. It is another decent multi-vendor marketplace platforms that one can use.

Cost: Free Trial for 14 Days. Price starts from $29 to $299 per month.


WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platforms

About: The first on our list is an open-source eCommerce platform that is built using WordPress. It offers everything that one might need to create their eCommerce website. It can help you set up your website in minutes. This also makes sure that you have secure payment, configurable shopping options, and more stuff that can help you leverage your website. It also offers a decent variety of extensions so one can extend its capabilities. It is surely one of the best multi-vendor marketplace platforms that one can seek.

Cost: WooCommerce runs alongside WordPress. The prices for the services can go from $0 to $100 annually. Rest some other services and extensions have different prices. 


CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platforms

About: CS-Cart has been behind over 35,000 stores and has been operating worldwide since 2005. Choosing a multi-vendor marketplace is prevalent considering that Amazon is the sole consolidator of all 44% of online sales. This became a driving force behind multiple multi-vendor marketplaces. This is what CS-Cart stands for, to provide a robust environment for creating a website that is efficient in terms of its competition. It is being used by many reputed firms such as Sourceforge, Finance Online, Software Advice, Capterra etc. It is one of the most feature-loaded platforms that offer a plethora of designing tools. If you are on a lookout for a great multi-vendor marketplace platform then your search can end here.

Cost: The price is for the software which had to be bought once. For one storefront, the price is $385. For unlimited the price $845 and for a multi-vendor solution $1450.


ShareTribe Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platforms

About: ShareTribe is one multi-vendor marketplace platform for someone who is looking forward to updating their website at multiple stages. It offers you software that helps you in every stage of your business life cycle. Therefore, it is another great choice in its category. It is also being used by companies like Decathlon, Canon, StudioTime, fittcoach etc. The user doesn’t have to write a single line of code and with little guidance, anyone can create their website. It also offers you unique and powerful APIs that helps you at every stage of your business. This is another one that you can depend upon.

Cost: It offers a free trial period for 30 Days. The initial prices for the monthly subscription start from $79 and go up to $239.

6.Yo Kart

Yo Kart Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platforms

About: In terms of features, Yo Kart is one of the finest entries in our list of top multi-vendor marketplace platforms. It is widely being by many B2B businesses. It can help you scale-up with an ample amount of additional features. And the platform offers features like Custom Web & Mobile Experience, Vertical Specific Design, Custom Feature Integration, 3rd Party API Integration, and extra backend functionalities. Therefore, one can bet over this one and consider it the end of your search.

Cost: Yo Kart ! is a one time purchase. The prices of it start from $999 and go up to $6999. They also offer packages for Mobile Applications.


Arcadier Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platforms

About: It is another multi-vendor marketplace platform for creating B2B and B2C eCommerce websites. It is very easy to use and can create a great website in no time. With its features like no coding required, easy setup, simple customization, and fully hosted etc. It makes it possible to create virtually anything to buy you. There are multiple professionally designed themes, multiple payment systems globally, support of 92 languages, a decent ecosystem of partners, and a lot more. Arcadier is another great offering in this department. 

Cost: Arcadier basic monthly package starts from $68 per month and goes up to $425. For the enterprise edition, one has to contact the sales team.


WCFM Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platforms

About: WCFM is not a proper multi-vendor marketplace platform but a manager to your storefront. It is nothing but a plugin but a powerful one. This is the reason we have mentioned this in our list. This can be used by WordPress websites and is powered using WooCommerce. It works like a simplified dashboard and offers features like WooCommerce Bookings, Appointments, Rental & Booking Systems, and Subscription compatibility. It offers other features as well. Therefore, I would suggest you to personally have a look at it. 

Cost: The prices start from $49.00 per year.


MyeCommly Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platforms

About: If you are sceptical about this then they also have a pre-development portal. Therefore, one has the liberty to actually try first and then pay. It will get you a working good quality website in little to no money in terms of comparison. There are multiple hidden benefits to using MyeCommly. Some of these are Integrated Payment Gateway, Collect Subscriber, Integrated SMS Gateway, Content Management System, and a lot more. Other than this, there are tonnes of great amazing features such as Dynamic Filter, Social Sharing, Social Login, Product Discounts, and much more. This is another great multi-vendor marketplace platform.

Cost: The prices for it starts from Rs.4999. 


Wordpress Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platforms

About: The only reason one might not know about WordPress is that they are probably living under a rock. It is one of the most popular multi-vendor marketplace platforms. The reason why it is mentioned so low is that it certainly needs some amount of technical knowledge. Not entirely but if you want your website to be something that you truly wish for. It has so many customizable themes. Also, one can purchase one, if they feel like they need something better. This is the most intimate one can get in the development if they choose it.


Cost: The prices for it depends on the theme you pick. Some themes are free as well. All the other things are its plugins like Yoast and accessiBe, extensions, or services had to buy separately.

11.Zeil Commerce

Zeil Commerce

About: This one is suited to any kind of business be it C2C, B2C, or B2B. Not only an eCommerce website but this can also help you create a plethora of other types of websites. Some of these are Service Marketplace, Booking & Rental Place, Digital Assets Marketplace, b2B Marketplace etc. It can help you create something that will be worthy of competition. It offers features like Online Payment, Multiple Vendor Platform, Flexible Listing, Search & Filters, Wishlist, Support Chat, Subscription fees, and much more. It makes delivering globally very easy with additional features such as multiple payment gateways, multiple currency support, and multiple languages along with other marketing features. It is another very good multi-vendor marketplace platform.

Cost: To know the pricing contact the sales team.



About: If creating a manageable and immersive experience is something that is in your mind then Magento would be the one I recommend. They provide next-generation technology to create a masterpiece of a website(or the way you conceive it). It has a solution for any kind of business and provides a plethora of other great features. It is being used by big companies like Hp, Ncare, Zumiez, Rossignol, Tom Dixon etc. They are the leaders in their space and a truly recommendable service in the category of multi-vendor marketplace platforms.

Cost: It is offered in three variants. First is Community which is free. The Cloud variant will cost $2000/year and the enterprise edition costs $22,000/year.



About: Ixxocart is a powerful shopping cart software. The offering of IxxoCart can be divided into three different sections. All the products that they offer are downright serviceable. They try to provide flexibility, options, and speed that can help you create a business of your own. Also, the team behind is ready 24*7 for support. The product that they provide is conceived after tonnes of research. The website they can help you create is Mobile Ready and gives the benefit of SEO. It is another wonderful, to begin with, and can be suggested in the list of the best multi-vendor marketplace right now.

Cost: The prices start at $149 and goes up to $2795. It is a one-time fee after that the user will receive a perpetual license.



About: Thinking of creating something that is future-ready. If that is the case then Oorjit gets you a highly scalable eCommerce solution that can be used for your enterprise. It is very flexible and can be customized as per customer needs. It has provided support for brands like Delmonte, BMW, NRL, Fangear, and many more. It also offers modern-day features like Coupons & Deals along with a decent CMS. It is 100% customisable and industry savvy with an intelligent e-commerce recommendation. It is an awesome tool and deserves to be on the list of top multi-vendor marketplace platforms.

Cost: One-time payment of $10,000.



About: The platform has been specifically created to cater to people who are looking forward to selling online. Cocorico understands that the future of eCommerce is service-based and therefore helps you amplify your potential. The tool is open-source and can be used by just anyone. It is currently being used by hundreds of platforms to sell services online. It also supports development tools such as Php, MongoDB, Docker, Apache, and many more. It is a great system and can be used for a multi-vendor marketplace platform.

Cost: Need to contact the sales team.

So these were some of the best multi-vendor marketplaces that one can use to create a decent eCommerce platform. If you are looking for someone to help you with your journey in app development or website development then we can help. We are Agicent Technologies and we have been making apps since 2010. We have maintained a decent portfolio. Therefore to check us out as your prospective app development company mail us at [email protected]. We have also an article over Writing an impeccable Plan for Mobile App Idea then click on the link provided. We hope this article might have been of some help to you. Also thank you for reading it until the end. 


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