Well, there are a variety of gaming engines that are currently present in the market. It is a buffet for someone who wants to start creating games as a developer. Although, today we will be talking about Phaser. Phaser is a desktop and mobile HTML based framework. The framework is popularly known to create light-weighted games that can be easily played on a modern browser. Therefore, in order to check out some great phaser games that are created using the framework read down the article below.


About: Pong is one of the most famous entries on this list. Although, the version that is made using Phasor is not that. Pong mostly comes as an exercise for people who are learning to develop games. The game, therefore, has been developed by many initial game developers and one can find multiple variations of this phaser game. This is the reason we have kept it in our list of Phaser games.

2.Salazar The Alchemist

About: Salazar The Alchemist is an HTML5 puzzle game. The game was developed by RoboWhale. The game is a mix-match of 2048 and Match-3 genre. In this game, the player can combine three or more elements to discover a new advance element. There are also multiple mysterious artefacts that you can find on the way and the game also has some booster for help. Here you can combine elements and coins to buy a booster. It is a decent phaser game that is present out there. 


About: Sasquash is another puzzle-based games that are available out there in the list of phaser games. It can be completed by crossing the 25 levels that are provided. The main objective of the game is to destroy all the wooden blocks. Although, the player has to make sure that the Sasquash doesn’t fall of the world and only hits the ground. It is a decent game and everyone who is thinking of creating a phaser game should try it once.

4.Spinny Gun

About: Just like most of the entries on our list of Phaser games, Spinny Gun is an another small game created using the framework. In the game, all you have to prove is that you are the best shooter out there. There are going to be multiple targets and you have to destroy each one without missing. The more targets you hit, the more points you will be making. There are also a variety of guns to be unlocked, therefore, this can surely be tried at least once.

5.Basketball Stars

About: Basketball Stars is a game that can be played with single as well as two players. The whole game is about doing a basket where you have to manoeuver the player and make the maximum amount of score against the team. It is an action-based sports game that is developed by Madpuffers. There are also tournaments that can be joined in the game. It has been made to look like an old game yet it is fun to play for both kids and adults, especially for the ones who love basketball.

6.Sort Bird

About: Sort Bird is another among the phaser games that have developed using the framework. In this game, you have to take each of the birds to nest using a limited number of moves. The birds can be dragged to the nest until there are no moves left. Each of the bird has got a number on its head that shows the number of moves left for that bird. The objective of the game is to nest the bird with zero moves left at the top. This is also a decent entry in this list so any budding phaser developer can check it out.

7.Pet Pop Party

About: Pet Pop Party can be played on various online gaming websites. It is a decent entry is our list of phaser games. The game is easily available and based on HTML5 can be played on any modern browser very easily. It is a puzzle game where the user has to complete difficult puzzles to win the game. There are also multiple power-ups that you get when you save a pet. It is a great entry for people who like light-hearted games.  

8. Hexagonia

About: Hexagonia is an arcade game based on unique physics concept. In this game, the player has to deliver a ball using gravity into a tube. This can be done by removing the hexagons on the way. The forces that the player can use during the game are gravity and velocity. It is one of the phaser games that test your intellectual side and challenges you at every point and keeps your mind busy & sharp.

9.Avengers EndGame

About: This game was more of an experiment for the makers to create a phaser game using Quest AI. The game can be played online and is completely free. The main objective of the game is to blast through the enemy hologram to prepare for the final battle. The was developed by Synchrony Bank in collaboration with the Marvel. It is a decent example of what kind of phaser games can one create using the framework.

10.Master of Arms: Sword, Staff, Spear

About: It is another really decent yet basic game developed using Phaser Framework. The games work like the game of Rock-Paper-Scissor. It is a quick reaction based game where you have to pick the right item to defeat your enemy. Although with every wrong move there is going to be a negative spell on you. There are a total of 18 levels that are in the game and it contains up to 6 types of a beat. It is a decent game and can be checkout for inspiration.

So this was our list of great phaser games that can be created using the framework. The games that are generally made using phaser can be deployed on the website. There lightweight property and flexibility make them so great. In case, if you are looking for developers to create games for you on Phaser then maybe we can help. In order to send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. To read our article on games created using Javascript then click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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