React Native has been there for a while and is being liked by a chunk of developers. The reasons are pretty simple, it lets you have great UI that can be used for both Android and iOS. The framework lets you create a great mobile application with almost 92% code reusability. These are some of the stellar reasons why React Native has such a great community. Therefore, to tell you more about the great application that has been developed using the framework, we have written this article on Famous Applications created using React Native.


About: If you don’t know about Facebook then chances are that you are probably living under a rock. It is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. The company was founded in the year 2004 on February 4 by Mark Zuckenberg. React Native was itself created to make Facebook better. Although, the company decided to make it open-source so that everyone can use it. As of December 2018, the monthly user base of the website is close to 2.8 billion which is almost 30% of the earth’s population. There is no doubt that Facebook deserves to be in the list of Applications created Using React Native.

2.Facebook Ads

About: Facebook was the renaissance of social media marketing. A lot of people don’t realise it but Facebook is also a marketing agency. The Facebook Ad application makes sure that you market your product to the right customer. It is one of the best and the cheapest way to market your product and make it reach millions of people. They don’t create any disparity between the user or any business rather treat everyone alike. 

With Facebook Ads, you can select the age, gender, location, and a lot more of your target audience. It comes with various features which allows you to make the right decision with marketing be it your customer’s purchase patterns, device usage, and other miscellaneous activities. Another great thing about Facebook Ads is that it allows the user to modify their advertisement by nature, budget, and duration. It is a great service and deserves its place in our list of applications created using React Native.


About: Instagram is another great social media platform that has many users all around the world. In its crux, it is a picture & video sharing service that lets you upload all you favourite moments and allows the people who are associated to your see it. Instagram was initially launched on October 9, 2010. There are also a variety of filters that the user can use to make their pictures stand out. There is also a messaging service included within the application. Instagram is being effectively used by millions of customers from the day it was launched. For now, the service has been purchased by Facebook. It is an application that has transformed the way social media works and therefore, deserves a spot on our list for applications created using React Native.


About: Uber started as a Cab Service. Although after the initial app became successful, they also launched an online food delivery service known by the name UberEats. UberEats is an American food delivery service that launched in the year 2014. The initial parent company was founded in the year 2009 by the duo Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. With this application, the user can have access to a full-fledged menu of the restaurant from which you are ordering. It is a great service that let’s order your favourite food without any issue. Also, the design and UI of the application looks great and is super easy to use. Therefore, this application deserves a spot in this list of applications created using React Native.

5.Soundcloud Pulse

About: SoundCloud Pulse was an application which was specifically made for the creators. This app allowed all the existing users and the coming to manage their profiles very easily. It is a great application for all the indie artists to stay connected to the community anytime and anywhere. 

With SoundCloud Pulse, the artist can receive comments realtime and respond to them. It lets you keep track of how well your new track is doing. The application lets you follow other artists and share your sound both publicly and privately. There are many other features that the application offers to its user. It is a great application and we have featured it in the list of applications created using React Native.


About: Bloomberg is majorly known as a media company. Although, the company also caters to industries like finance, software, and data. The company was founded by the esteemed member Michael Bloomberg. Although, today we are here to talk about the application and not the company. 

The Bloomberg app keeps you updated about all the trending news around the world. Here you can get news about global business, stock market, and all the latest trending topics. The app can also be customised as your choice. The user can personalize to get the kinds of feeds he/she wants. It has all the news and analysis that anyone would want and this is why this one is mentioned in the list of applications created using React Native. 


About: Walmart is one of the biggest American chains of retail. It is a multinational company and has its wings spread in many countries. The multinational operates as a hypermarket, discount department stores, and grocery stores. Although, as time passed by they felt the need to integrate an app to their service. Therefore, the Walmart App Store came into being.

Walmart application has changed the way the regular customers’ shop. We the application, the customer can order anything directly to their home. It is really easy to pick anything from the store. All you have to do is choose all the items you wish from the application and get it delivered to your home. They have also included the service known as Walmart Pay. The application is really smooth and easy to use. It has been designed really well, therefore, we are mentioning it in our list of applications created using React Native.


About: Wix comes from the country of startups i.e Israel. It is one of the first cloud-based web development platform which was made popular by the Israeli company Wix. This one allows the user to create drag-n-drop websites using the tools provided. There are a variety of forms that the user can add to their websites such as social plug-ins, online marketing, e-commerce, email marketing, and community forum. There are so many forums and websites that are developed using Wix including third-party application. The website is basically free to use although, if you wish to use the premium features then you need to take the subscription. It is a great service and is being used by many people for ease. Therefore, it was mandatory for us to mention this service in our list of applications created using React Native.


About: AirBnB has established itself as a unique service. The basic concept of the application was to provide a platform for people to host their home. Although, now it offers proper lodging, tourism experience, and along with that proper homestays. Airbnb basically works as a broker receiving commission upon every booking. The story of the service is pretty amazing, the owner of the company started to put air mattresses in his living room and provide breakfast to the guest. This was how the company began to flourish as an idea. After a while, the founder of the company launched an Airbnb app which was as successful as its predecessors. The application aims to provide you with an authentic service. This application is very easy to use. The user has to select the place he/she likes and make the booking that’s it. It doesn’t hassle you and makes getting a suitable place pretty easy. It is a great application, therefore, we have kept it in the list of applications created using React Native.


About: It is an application that has been created to work alongside Google Fit Band. This application will give you a complete analysis of your health as monitored by the Fit Band. The UI of the application has been developed very effectively. The application is great in terms of navigation and gets you all the data in a graphical manner to increase its effectivity. Using this application, one can get daily, weekly, and monthly reports of their life. Using this application, the user can easily take pictures of their achievement and share it among their peers. It also comes with a pro membership that will provide you with way more features than you already have giving you an overall analysis. In terms of design and everything, some really good work has been put to it using React Native. Therefore, we have thought of placing it on our list of applications created using React Native.


About: Townske is a social media platform that lets people share different and unique places that they visit. Here people can actually share their recommendation about any city and the places that can be visited. There are lots of people who use townske for its recommendations and use it as a guide to tour new places. Their aim was basically to make the whole experience of touring fun. Using townske, one can find some of the best local restaurants, places, cafes, and much more. It is basically a community of thousands of people who blog about places they love. By using the application, you can find places that you might love and people that share similar likenesses. It is an authentic service to make your next trip amazing. The excellent idea and the great design makes this app amicable to be kept in the list of applications created using React Native.


About: The service, for now, is operating in a couple of cities all of which resides in the USA. The idea behind the service is pretty simple, they get you everything delivered at your doorstep from all your favourite shops. Here you can browse thousands of restaurants and places in a jiffy. All you have to do is select your category and make your pick. It delivers almost everything from Food, Alcohol to services that you might ask for. Also, it is completely free to order from The service has been made really great and boasts of its minimalism. It is another great application that is worth mentioning in our list of applications created using React Native.


About: Myntra is India’s one of the biggest fashion stores that are successfully running an online business in the fashion industry. The website is quite popular and a lot of people use to get their favourite clothing on a daily basis. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, the company originally started as a personalised gift company. Now Myntra owns two subsidiaries that are running successfully on other websites as well. In the year 2014, the company got acquired by The e-commerce store has got both an app as well as a website. It has been developed using React Native and I must say that Myntra has both a great looking app as well as a website. It is quite an inspiration in terms of UI/UX making it worth to keep on our list of applications created using React Native.


About: Discord is a service that started in the year 2014. It is a proprietary freeware that can be used as a VoIP application and can be used as a digital distribution platform. The service basically caters to the video game community. The service has over 250 million users all around the world. Also, the service is capable of running on various platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux as well as web browsers. The idea of Discord was brought by Jason Citron who was also the person behind OpenFeint which an online social gaming platform. The service used React Native for development and therefore, it is worth mentioning in our list of Applications created using React Native since it is a great one.

15.Discovery VR

About: If you are a fan of Virtual Reality then you might be aware that there is limited content over the internet. Although, if you like Discovery then Discovery VR is the application for you. They have a great collection of great videos on different subjects and experiences that you can watch in your VR headset and enjoy the content. The application has been laid out pretty well considering the UI/UX of the application. It is a great application and surely worth mentioning in the list of applications created using React Native.

So these were some of the famous applications created using React Native. React Native is a great framework for anyone who is looking forward to getting a hybrid application with native qualities. In case, if you are looking for an app development company then maybe we can help. In order to make an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. We have also written an article on Great Phaser Games then click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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