Professionals nowadays are working hard to take their organizations and business to the next level. Most of the time, they have to handle a lot of concurrent tasks, process tons of information, and many other things without breaking a sweat. Thankfully, to the evergrowing mobile industry, they can now work on the go and keep track of everything with the help of apps such as Mac productivity apps from Elephas in their smartphones. Professional from any domain can find some cool and useful apps to boost their productivity and streamline their work process. In this post, we did some extensive research on the topic and find some cool and useful productivity apps for professionals like architects, doctors, lawyers, etc. We are quite sure that you will find a good app from this list, so make sure you read it until the very end and share it with your colleagues as well.

Let’s now see some popular and useful productivity apps for professionals.


Architects tend to work with designing of any building or any other infrastructure, with the help of these productivity apps listed below, you can create floor plans and explore architectural designs easily.

1. magicplan

magicplan is an Android and iOS app which allows architects to create floor plans easily. You just need to click pictures of your rooms and the app will automatically measure your room and draw floor plans. After that, you can add objects, annotations, and attributes to create the overall plan of a property.

2. BIMx:

GRAPHISOFT’s BIMx is a BIM project communication app for Android and iOS. It allows you to explore architectural design interactively through BIM model. The app uses ‘BIMx Hyper-model’ technology for navigating 2D drawing sheets and 3D Building Information models. You can also view ARCHICAD models on your mobile phones using it.


Sometimes doctors too need apps to find drugs clinical information and even some calculators to find BMI, GFR, etc. There are a wide range of apps available that can help doctors to be more productive. Here is our pick of top two apps.

1. Epocrates Plus:

Most US physicians rely on Epocrates Plus to find reliable drug prescribing and safety information. Other features of the app: search for up to 30 drugs at a time, identify pills by imprint code, BMI and GFR calculator, access medical news, etc.


PEPID is another useful productive app for doctors which they can use to find clinical and drug information. Other features of the app: easy search and auto-completion, access to CME credits, pill identification tool, drug interaction checker, Laboratory Manual, Drug Allergy Checker, etc.


Lawyers need to handle different clients and the ones who are running their agencies need to set up a proper communication channel. Here are some productivity apps which can help you achieve these goals.

1. Slack

Slack is one of the best team communication apps for all small to large scale organizations. If you run a law agency, you can use it to set up all your team communication and streamline the workflow. All your team members, can keep track of their tasks, share documents, and share screen using Slack. In order to get started with Slack, all you have to create a workspace and then invite your team members to join it. Slack is also available for Android, iOS, Windows 10, and Mac.

2. PracticePanther:

PracticePanther is designed keeping attorneys in mind. They can see their daily calendar, search contacts, bill clients, and do other productive tasks using your mobile devices. It also provides a secure client portal where clients can access their invoices, account balances, and payments info.

Finance professionals

There are so many financial apps for Android and iOS that can help most financial professionals to keep track of stock rates, currencies exchange rates, and other stuff. Here are two financial apps that can you help you.

Modern finance often fills the mailboxes of finance professionals and they have tons of information to process. Fortunately, there are some apps in the marketplace which boost their productivity. We picked the top two.

1. Boxer

Boxer is an innovative email app which works with most email providers including Outlook, Gmail, etc. It boosts efficiency as it allows users to bulk edit, smart labels, quick response, etc. You can delete emails with a simple swipe and emails to to-do lists.

2. Stocks Pro

Finance professionals can use this app to keep track of stocks and currencies in an efficient manner. Stocks Pro is an iOS app which allows users to search and find stocks by company name. Also, you can monitor profit from your investments in real-time.


Accountants usually keep track of expenses and cash flow information. Here are two best apps that can help every account to improve their productivity.

1. XE Currency

With the help of this app, you can get exchange rates, set alerts to monitor your favorite currencies to get immediate notifications. The app even works in the offline mode. You can monitor up to 10 currencies at once.

2. Evernote

Evernote is a very popular note-taking app for iOS, Android, web, and desktop platforms. Accountants can use it to take notes and organize all information in an efficient manner. Also, write to-do lists and save important links from the web. Best of all the notes are synchronized in all platforms automatically.

So these were some useful productivity apps for professionals. If you know some other, then do not forget to share them in the comments section below. In future, we will share more productivity apps for each professional on this list. So stay tuned and bookmark our blog 🙂 Also don’t forget to share these productivity apps with your peers, they might also need them.

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