Apps are the core of mobile devices which help users to do verious tasks and access information online. In our previous blog post, we highlighted some popular and useful apps for professionals like doctors, architects, lawyers, etc to boost their productivity. But we missed developers who actually boil down their sweat to create those apps. Today, we are curating a list of top 10 apps that developers love. These apps will help beginners to master their coding skills and experienced developers to streamline their work process. So make sure you check out the list till the very end.

Without delaying any further, let’s begin our list of top 10 apps that developers love.

1. Algoid

Algoid is an educational app that teaches programming to kids and beginners using Algoid Language (AL). The app includes real-time debugger, scope explorer, and a step by step execution mode. In addition to that, it also offers syntax highlighting, code auto-completion, unlimited redo and undo, and syntax error handling.

2. DroidScript – JavaScript Mobile Coding IDE

DroidScript is a powerful Android app which allow developers to write apps for your phone using JavaScript. It uses Android’s built-in Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. Best of all the app also lets you connect with your computer over WiFi to code larger projects.

3. Developer Tools

This app helps Android developers to make development tasks easier like see resource qualifiers in use, see available system features, start dalvik explorer, got to device’s developer settings, go to the list of installed apps.

4. Dalvik Explorer

Dalvik Explorer is a little utility app which tells developers Java system properties, environment variables, java.util.TimeZones, java.nio.charset.Charsets, etc. are available to your app on a specific device.

5. Lisping

Lisping is a paid Lisp editor designed around the concept of editing the parse tree. You don’t have to edit the characters to write the code rather you have to select and arrange syntax to write a program. The iOS app supports Clojure and Scheme and has a builtin interpreter to compile code on your device.

6. Pythonista

Pythonista is a useful iOS app for iPhone and iPad which allows developers to write code using Python on the go. The app supports Python 3.6 and 2.7 for providing backward compatibility. With the help of this Python scripting IDE, you can write code to access sensor data, photo gallery, iOS clipboard, contacts, and other components. Other features include – syntax highlighting, command history, code completion, integrated debugger, object inspector, example projects, and UI editor.

7. Codea

Codea is a fun app for iPad which allows users and developers to create game stimulations and visual ideas. The app is designed to touch your code i.e., if you want to change an image, then you just have to tap and then select the second image. It is built on top of Lua programming language. Other features of the app includes – 2D & 3D renderer, import assets from Dropbox, full 2D & 3D physics engine, generate game sound effects, bluetooth keyboard support, etc.

8. Textastic

Textastic is a text, markup, and code editor which you can use to write code in more than 80 programming languages. The app can also be connected to FTP, WebDAV, and SFTP servers to your Google or Dropbox account. Other app features include – JavaScript console, syntax highlighting, external keyboard support, support modern programming languages including HTML, C++, PHP, Python, Perl, etc.

9. Raskell

Raskell is a paid iOS and iPad app to write code using Haskell programming language. The app has a builtin interpreter and code editor and for iPad app there is also a custom keyboard which is inspired from Vi. Other features of the app are – syntax highlighting, oragnize code files, export files and folders as Tar archives, and search hoogle directly from your source code.

10. AIDE

AIDE is a freemium IDE to develop Android apps right from your device. In addition to that, the app also provides interactive lessons which can help you to become an expert Android app developer. Other features of this Android IDE includes – visually design apps, write code, real-time error checking, refactoring, smart code navigation, and Java debugger.

With this we sum up our list of top 10 apps that developers love. If we didn’t include your favorite apps, then please share them in the comments section, so that, our readers can check them out too. WE have also written about Some Less Famous but Good Apps from Google and Microsoft so to check it out click on the link provided. Also, don’t forget to share this list of productivity and utility apps with your peers, social share buttons are on the left.

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