Building a successful app is challenging, mainly when funds are restricted. Innovative app ideas often require significant capital to get off the ground and become a tangible, profitable product. While securing that money is no small feat, navigating it from the lens of small businesses—mainly focusing on their revenue, loan opportunities, and alternative fundraising strategies—can present actionable solutions. This article will discuss these strategies to finance your innovative app projects.

A Closer Look at Small Business Revenue

Understanding your average small business revenue is crucial to devising an effective financing strategy. This figure represents your firm’s overall earnings, indicating your company’s financial health, growth potential, and ability to repay loans.

Identifying the Average Small Business Revenue

In the United States, small businesses are incredibly diverse, ranging from solo freelancer operations to firms employing up to 500 people. Due to this diversity, the average small business revenue varies significantly. However, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has found that most small businesses earn less than $1 million in annual revenue. Knowing this can help you gauge your expectations for your app development venture. However, many factors will impact your specific earnings, from your business model to your industry niche.

Leveraging Revenue for Financing

Your revenue is crucial for understanding your business’s financial health and plays a key role in determining your funding options. For most lenders, your business’s revenue history is a significant factor in whether you qualify for loans. Moreover, it indicates your ability to repay debts, illustrating how vital your revenue can be to secure financing.

Small Business Loans Texas

For those building their app businesses in Texas, there are numerous loan programs available that can provide much-needed capital.

Exploring Texas SBA Loans

SBA loans in Texas are an excellent route to finance an innovative app development project. These loans, such as small business loans Texas, are typically low-cost, with reasonable interest rates and extended repayment terms. SBA loans include the 7(a) Program, which you can use as working capital, the CDC/504 Program for purchases like commercial real estate, and the Microloan Program, which can be beneficial for more minor requirements.

Seeking Texas Economic Development Bank Loans

The Texas Economic Development Bank offers the Texas Product Development and Small Business Incubator Fund (PDSBI). This fund provides asset-backed, low-interest loans to aid the development of new products or businesses within Texas, and your app development idea could qualify.

Venture to Other Texas Lending Programs

Various other programs across Texas serve specific regions, communities, or business types. Broadly, Texas capital access programs, rural and farming loans, and city-specific initiatives like the Houston Business Development Inc. can all be great financing options to explore.

Alternative Financing Strategies

While loans can provide the financial support needed to launch your app, they’re far from the only source of funding available.


Bootstrapping, or self-financing, can be a viable option, especially in the early stages of your app project. This could mean investing your savings or reinvesting business earnings into the project. The primary benefit of bootstrapping is that you maintain complete control over your business. However, it’s risky as you shoulder all the financial burdens and losses.


Platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have become increasingly popular in the tech world. They offer businesses a way to garner small investments from a large pool of backers. This approach puts your app idea directly in front of potential users, providing validation and fueling buzz while raising funds.

Equity Financing

Equity financing involves selling shares in your company to raise funds. Angel investors or venture capitalists can offer large sums in exchange for an ownership stake in your app project. This avenue can also bring strategic partners who provide invaluable resources and connections.

Business Grants and Competitions

Numerous business grant programs and competitions cater to tech start-ups across Texas and the U.S. These can offer a significant cash injection without requiring repayment but are often highly competitive.


In the ambitious journey of reframing innovative app ideas into profitable entities, revenue considerations, relevant small business loans available in states like Texas, and alternative financing routes are critical. Remember that each funding source has advantages and drawbacks, and what works best will depend on your specific circumstances and business goals.

Creating a detailed plan that outlines your financing needs, recognising potential avenues for funding, and continuously refining your approach can help your app project take flight. With carefully calculated strategies, your groundbreaking app idea would be well on its way to lighting up users’ screens.

Raising funds to fuel your app dreams can seem daunting, but knowledge is power. With this power, you stand a more substantial chance of bringing that excellent app idea to life, pushing the boundaries of innovation, and securing a vibrant future in technology.

Sudeep Bhatnagar
Co-founder & Director of Business
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