App Development has been going around in a variety of fields. Technician is one such niche where we need a healthy amount of applications to make our work simplified. Although, the work in the department has been quite low. Despite that, there are certain applications that are helping various electricians and electronics engineer. To tell you about some of those Best Technicians Apps, we have written this article.

Note: Below we have mentioned applications that belong to field management, specific issues, and general electrical & electronics expertise.


About: It has been estimated that almost 75% of IoT business fail at some point. Blynk is a great application that can help IoT technicians build an infrastructure for it. A lot of startups and even big enterprises are using this. It is a special application and it has its own place in the industry. It is going to be legit mainstream because most of the things in our houses are turning smart day after day.

Many times because of unskilled workers, it becomes a little difficult to apply the concept that can help you implement IoT. Although, with Blynk one can easily take up actual business challenges and start implementation. They provide you with a complete IoT so that one can design, develop, and cater to the building blocks. This is surely among the top technician apps


  • Makes you capable of visualising data and plot from any sensor.
  • Gives you the control for relays, motors, and electrical appliances.
  • Multiple features such as push-notification and sending emails.
  • Make a prototype for sorts of IoT services.
  • Capable of connecting any IoT device to multiple networks such as Wi-Fi, LTE, 2G-4G, and Ethernet.
  • Get Access to extensive cloud APIs such as C++, JS, Python, or HTTP.
  • It is an open-source application so it can be accessed from a privately owned server.
  • Drag and Drop function to create apps for IoT devices.

If you are someone who needs to fix an IoT device or make changes to it then this is one of the best applications in the market.

2.Cable Calc+

About: Calculating the right size of the cable is always an issue while doing an installation. Over that, an electrician also has to calculate the voltage drop. These may be regular chores but one has to make the calculation every time if they would like to go as per the Wiring Regs.This is surely among the best technician apps

Megger CableCalc+ helps you with exactly that. The best part about the application is that it is completely free and doesn’t require internet to work effectively. In order to use the application, one has to follow a simple set of instructions. Enter the cable type, the ref method, the maximum load that can be taken in kW and the length of the cable in meters. The application will get you all that you need.

The app is capable of calculating the factors within seconds. The user will be provided with minimum cable size, the voltage drop in voltage as well as in percentage, and the load current in amps. The application also has the option to change the supply voltage from a default 230 V to whatever you feel like.


  • A wide range of cables included in the application.
  • Some types of cables included are SWA 2,3, Core XLPA, Fire Proof, Twin & Earth, MICC Cable.
  • Voltage Drop Calculator and Zs tool.
  • Wide range of Reference methods.
  • Comes with a guide to use the electrical test instruments.


3.OCCT and Furmark

About: This is a core application that is used by IT technicians. This tool is basically used by the Stress testers for Graphic Cards. The application enables the user to push the limits of a graphic to the limit where no heavy application or game might ever reach. By this, the tool is used to identify the cooling issues and potential power supply issues. Although, it is not the best tool to check the overclocking capabilities.

In the Tool, Furmark is used to test the GPU when it has been pushed way ahead of its limits. This one is used for more realistic testing scenarios. If you wish to use the tool for multi-GPU config then it needs to be set at full-screen. The windowed variant is more for the primary graphics card.

In fact, the OCCT can also be used to Stress Test a GPU. This one is capable of generating high temperatures that any app can’t do. It is also capable of churning out some highest power consumptions. This is surely among the best technician apps


  • Also, known as Power Viruses are used for stress testing.
  • The app can be used with all sorts of GPU.
  • Provides very high temperatures for Cooling tests and Stability testing.



About: If you are someone who is a technician or owns a business of providing technicians then mHelpDesk might help. This application is specially catered to field technicians. With mHelpDesk one can automate the whole process. Processes like adding customer contact, Scheduling, communication, billing, and everything else that is needed.

With mHelpDesk, one can customize the range of services. The application also provides you with personalized trainers to benefit faster. With mHelpDesk, one doesn’t start from scratch as they provide all the best practices beforehand. Also, switching your data to the mHelpDesk Platform is relatively very easy. 

This Software helps in a variety of industries for managing your work. Industries like HVAC, Plumbing, Security System, Computer Repair, Maid Service, Lawn Care, Electrical Technicians, and many more. This is surely among the best technician apps. It is a one-stop every hassle that you have in your business. The tool the capability to free you from all the complexities of a field business. 


  • Capability of handling all the customer(leads) and impress them with on-the-go work.
  • Job management that flows from end-to-end.
  • The software can be conveniently accessed from your smartphone.
  • Customer-centric tools that help you provide the best experience.
  • Capable of handling bills and invoicing. 
  • It gives you a detailed report of how your technicians are stacked for the job.
  • Ease of integration with different tools for effective work.


5.Jobber Pro

About: Jobber Pro is another CRM service that can help you manage your field team. It is an excellent app if you have various technicians that are always on-the-go helping the world through their services. The application will let you create estimates, scheduling and dispatching of teams, sending invoices, and getting payments.

Jobber is capable of integrating with your favourite apps and software. It is not just an application but a full-fledged service that can help you simplify your business. Jobber aims to transform the way the services are delivered. Jobber has identified the market of small businesses. Therefore, it is a platform for any technician to provide their services to the best fit.This is surely among the best technician apps


  • Organizing operations made using the application.
  • See the progress of your team and keep them on time.
  • Track the time of each job completed.
  • Keep a track of all your customer details.
  • Make customer-centric approaches to improve your services.
  • Grow your business using social media platforms such as Facebook, and more.
  • Get paid faster and efficiently using the application.
  • There are a variety of additional features such as Expense Tracking, Client Communication, Time Tracking, GPS Tracking etc.


6.Electrician’s Blog

About: Electrician’s blog is a full-fledged website which has been made specifically for Electricians. Although, then why it is mentioned here, well, they have an application too. The application just like the website gets the user a variety of great articles in a different article. 

Rather than serving as a tool, it is more like a pocketbook for any electrician. There is a lot of great information for any Electrician. Also, the blog is updated on a regular basis. This is surely among the top technician apps. If you are an electrician then this will get you new tricks, tips, and trends that are going on. It is essential to keep yourself informed since anything new in the market might help you drastically.


  • A variety of tips and diagrams of wiring.
  • Tonnes of articles for electricians.
  • Gets info about the regs.
  • Covers all the latest product news and reviews.
  • Free Jobs are listed for electrician and trainees.
  • Forum where you can discuss your problem.



About: ElectroDroid can be a great tool at hand for any technician or engineering student. It is a great application since it provides you with a variety of electronic tools and references. This app also provides the functionality to expand the plugins using the application. The expansion can be done for devices such as PIC, AVR, Micro-Controllers Database, Simulators, and Parts Search.

This is surely among the best technician apps. It also gets you information out various ports pin-out such as USB, Serial, Ethernet, VGA, VESA, Audio-in etc. Also, one gets various resources such as Ampacity Table, SI Unit Prefixes, Coin Batteries, Batteries List, AWG and SWG Wire Sizes etc. 


  • SMD Resistor Code.
  • Resistor Color Decoder.
  • LED Resistor Calculator.
  • Battery Life Calculator.
  • Decibel Convertor.
  • Power Convertor.
  • And a lot more.


8.FieldMaster Technician

About: We previously mentioned a management app for field workers and technicians. Although, this one is more personalized in comparison to that. Although, in order to use this one needs to be subscribed with Trimble. This helps in streamlining the work and improve the delivery of the service. 

There are also a variety of tools that are provided along with the application  that can help you provide better. This is surely among the best technician apps. Features such as collaboration tools, communication between technician, and capability of working together to achieve better results with faster implementation. 


  • Get daily task and see the ones that are completed and that are not.
  • Make logs of your daily activity such as starting/ending work, breaks, warehouse visits, and refuelling stops.
  • Easily connect with technicians of the same trade who are nearby in times of assistance.
  • Capability of watching team members on the map at any given point of time.
  • Get the contact information of your teammate.
  • See all the key locations around you on the map.
  • Get daily logs for daily activities and tasks for the day.


9.Electrical Toolkit

About: The app has been made to cater the Electrical as well as Electronics engineers, and students. Although, this application can be used by any Electrician or simply a technician. It is among the top technician apps

There are many times when one has to figure out a range of solutions in order to deploy an effective circuit. This application will help you get all the formulas that you need to do your work effectively. The application is very simple to use and helps you calculate the values in the circuit. One can easily edit the input data provided. Also, they are planning to add more features in the future.


  • Get all the electrical and electronic formulas at a single place.
  • Notations of different electrical factors along with symbols and units.
  • Conversion of units from a lower factor to a higher one.
  • Get detailed diagrams of different formations.


10.Electronics Plus: 100+Calculator, Arduino, Datasheet

About: Electronics Plus is often considered as one of the best applications in the trade. The application has been developed by CRUX. Electronics Plus can be used for Electronics, Electrical, Drone/RC Plane calculators, Aeronautics, Thousands of Datasheets collections, and Component Pinouts. It is a one-stop solution for almost all sorts of Electronic devices. It is a must have application for anyone who associate with the field. This is surely among the best technician apps. He/she can be a Student, Teacher, Technician, Robotics Experts, or anyone, this application caters to your needs just right.


  • More than 100+ calculators for different requirements such as Electronics, Electrical, and Drone/RC Plane/Quadcopter Calculator.
  • Collection of more than 3500+ components Datasheet.
  • Large collection of the useful pinout.
  • Conversion of different units such as Length, Weight, Voltage, Capacitor, Frequency etc.
  • Resistor, SMD Resistor, and Inductor color code calculator.
  • Ohm Law Calculator.
  • Battery Calculator.
  • 3 Phase Power Calculator using Two-Phase Wattmeter method.
  • Flyback SMPS Calculator.
  • Parallel Resistor Calculator.
  • And a lot of other calculators that one can use.


So here is our list of Best Technicians Apps for 2019. Being a technician is a full-time job and if there are apps to help you then the work becomes way more easy. In case, if you have any ideas for any technician app and you have a problem executing then maybe we can help. In order to send us a business enquiry, you can send us a mail at [email protected]. In case, if you wish to read our article on outsourcing destinations then click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading this article until the end.

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