These are not the times when people have to do physical labour to earn a livelihood. It is of no doubt that jobs these require more mental churning than anything physical. This has led to us to sit in one place for hours. Apart from that a lot of people go through a terrible accident. There can be a variety  of reasons why one would need to see a physiotherapist. It is said at everyone at any point of time will deal with lower back pain. Therefore, in order to help you, we have mentioned top physiotherapist app. These apps are effective whether you are a patient or a physiotherapist or someone who has questions related to the field.

1.Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D

About: This one is more of an educational app. If you are interested in knowing the physiology of the body then this is it. Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D gets you various layouts. It gets you insight about the human body. If you are someone who is suffering from any Muscle and Bone issue, this application will give you enough context to understand what is bothering you. It is also a great Physiotherapist app.


  • Viewer: You can watch the anatomy of the body in 3D. There are almost 145 labels which can be seen with a full-screen view. The labels include categories such as name, action,  origin, insertion, nerve supply etc. One can also see the bones with all the details.
  • Actions: There are almost 37 actions that are integrated into the body actions. With this app, those actions can be seen as animations to get you a better understanding.
  • 3D Model: Various parts of the body such as knee, pelvis, shoulder, face, hand etc can be seen in 3D using this application.
  • Quizzes: This feature is great for any practising Physiotherapist. There are mainly six types of quizzes that one can take up to test his/her knowledge. 
  • Media: There are multiple pages on the application that have articles for musculoskeletal condition. One can also find embedded videos for additional information.


2.PT Pal Pro

About: PT Pal Pro is basically a support application for various Doctors, Clinician, and therapists. It gets you instructions that one has to follow up during the time of delivery. These are Physical therapy, Occupational Therapy, cardiac, Oncology, Women’s Health Exercises, Speech Exercises, Pregnancy etc. All this can be seen on your smartphone directly. It is an application that is meant for both therapists and patients. It is ,therefore ,another really great physiotherapist app.


  • Makes the patient remember tasks and features.
  • App show instructions by the Physiotherapists and therapists.
  • Keep a track of the patient’s progress.
  • Engage patients for the therapy.
  • Gets feedback about pain and difficulty from the patient.
  • Tries to provide better service by the therapist by optimisation.

3.BlueJay PT – Physical Therapy Exercise Videos

About: People have to go through a lot of difficulties if they have gotten physically injured because of a certain mishap. This application guides you to have a healthy recovery. It makes sure that the patient is properly rehabilitated. The application also guides you through each step of your rehabilitation. They also upgrade their plans and program to serve the user better. It is another really great physiotherapist app.


  • The app gets you home exercise programs.
  • It can also get help from the concerned therapist or Doctor.
  • Gets you chat feature so that you are connected to your doctor.
  • Creates logs to monitor pain and movements.
  • One can also browse the video library to create their own for treatment and pain.

4.Rehab TherX

About: If you want an application that will get you a personalised exercise program then this is it. This application will let your doctor or therapist design a program for your better recovery. The application is very easy to use and lets you create a comprehensive program for yourself. This is helpful for both Physiotherapists and People who are going through physical rehabilitation. You can also get multiple body regions in the application along with their movement. It is a great application if you are in need of a physiotherapist app.


  • The application lets you choose from 300+ illustrated exercises. 
  • It has filters that can help you find the region you are searching in seconds.
  • It comes with the option of print/email of the designed program.
  • The app lets you create a profile.
  • Therapists can create patient Database.
  • Gets you the option for checking out the past exercise programs.
  • It also has pre-set routines.
  • Also, comes with Spanish Translation.


About: This one is another application that gets you to access to a personalized plan to follow. The plan of instruction will be provided by your health professional or therapists. The application lets you track your progress and gets you results in no time. The results can be easily shared with your healthcare team. The application is used for all sorts of rehabilitation. Rehabilitations such as Pre/Post Surgery, Physical, Cardiac, neurology, and chronic disease rehabilitation. This is another really great Physiotherapist app.


  • Capability to review your own personalized plan and videos.
  • Get daily reminders to get your health back on track.
  • Get Surveys and Questions related to your health for better recovery.
  • Get Feedbacks to your questions instantly using secure messaging.
  • Capability to track your progress with visual reports.
  • Remote support from the team in case of emergency.

6.Muscle Premium

About: Muscle Premium is an application that gets the human anatomy in your hands in 3D. The application is very easy to use and can be used by anyone who is recovering. It is also a great physiotherapist app who like to keep notes close to himself/herself. 

It shows you images with common injuries and conditions for the human musculoskeletal structure. There are a variety of 3D models for bones, ligaments, bursae, and skeletal muscles. One can also learn about various other things such as blood supply, intervention, origins, surface area etc. This is definitely a great application to checkout.


  • It includes both male and female musculoskeletal structure.
  • Get detailed diagrams for various parts of the body.
  • Get 3D muscle movements for actions.
  • Demonstrations for normal anatomy, common injuries, and conditions.
  • Get reference material in more than 7 languages. 
  • Descriptions of different types of injuries, diseases, and pathologies.


About: If you are thinking of purchasing a physical Goniometer then maybe you can have a look at this app. A Goniometer is a device which is used to measure the angle of the joints. The application gets you an easy range of motions. The application is being used by many therapists and chiropractors. 

The application has been made by collaborating with healthcare providers. The application has been used in different conditions such as Orthopaedic, Chiropractic, and Physical Therapy practices. This application can also be used for different sports medicine, radiology, rehabilitation, engineering, architect, and much more.


  • Capability to set 0-degrees and a relative 0-degrees angle.
  • App can be rotated to measure different angles.
  • This one gets the capability of a digital gravity inclinometer.
  • Store up to a total of 12 readings with the full version.
  • It can get you 10 ROM Readings for your ease.


8.Core-Clinical Orthopaedic Exam

About: CORE can be used more as a reference tool. The app can be used to diagnose different musculoskeletal and orthopaedic disorders. It gets you a database of almost 400+ clinical issues. In the database, one is getting demonstrations in Video, how to perform the procedure, diagnostic properties, and medical references. It gets you almost all sorts of manoeuvre for different ailments. The application provides you with step-by-step data that can be used for examination.


  • Get great updates with periodic changes that happen in the industry.
  • Gets you information about various parts such as tendinous, ligamentous, neuropathic.
  • Video Demonstrations as well as Diagnostic properties to ease the user.
  • Various medical references.
  • Optimization for both smartphone and tablets.


9.Mobile OMT Spine

About: This application is dedicated to the spine. This is the sole reason that makes it a great physiotherapist app. It is a great reference tool for clinical use since our spine is one of the most important parts of our body. The tool is great for any student, clinician, or educator. The application has great manipulative techniques for the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. It gets you step by step instruction with high-quality video and audio demonstration. It also gets updated with the latest clinical research.


  • More than 50 orthopaedic manipulative techniques for the spine.
  • Video demonstrations for each technique with great quality.
  • Get techniques related to high-velocity thrust manipulations, non-thrust joint mobilizations, muscle stretching, and “Contract Relax” stretching techniques.
  • Get history for manipulative techniques.
  • Get updates on research related to OMT in regions of the spine.



About: This one makes the list of top health & fitness apps in Australia. Despite being professional, this one is very easy to use application. It gets you a wide range of physiotherapy exercises and physical rehabilitation exercise. All of these exercises and  techniques have been described to the user in a detailed manner. 

All these exercises and techniques will help you improve strength, fitness, posture, flexibility, core stability, balance, and coordination. This one is a top physiotherapist app and a great tool for patients, athletes, and many health professionals.


  • All the content that has been used in the application has been made by Physiotherapists.
  • Gets you over 500 physiotherapists exercise for maximum benefit. 
  • It comes with a reminder.
  • Add new exercises to your program.
  • Get instruction with real life people performing the same exercises and techniques.
  • Exercises have been constructed carefully to ensure progression.
  • Get exercises that require zero equipment and can be done easily at home.
  • No internet connection required to view the exercises.


11.Physical Therapy for Kids

Kids are always the most difficult to handle especially when it comes to exercise. This application has been developed by a yoga instructor to help ease the parents. The application has been designed to provide pediatric help to physical therapists. This application gets you gross motor strength, balance, and coordination. This is achieved in the application using flash cards, animations, The app is really engaging for children and should surely make the list of top Physiotherapist app.


  • In the app, you get English narration and text.
  • The illustrations and animations that are shown are hand-drawn.
  • It gets you 52 really fun FlashCards.
  • App has been perfectly crafted for children between 3-12.


12.Physiotherapy Exercises Guide

About: Another really great physiotherapy app that one can consider on their smartphone. The apps can be used to aid several kinds of ailments. The exercises that are mentioned in the app doesn’t need any equipment. All the exercises require your own body weights and the range to which one can flex his or her body. Also, the app gives you instruction to those exercises without inflicting any injury.


  • Get wide range of Physiotherapy exercises.
  • Get the range and reps of exercises.
  • Detailed picture diagrams for better understanding.
  • Easy to use and works offline.


13.Pathways Pain Relief

About:About: This application has already been a help to so many people. The application helps the patient who is dealing with persistent or chronic pain. The app shows the way for the patient to overcome their pain and lower its intensity over time. The app can be helpful in various factors such as Back Pain, Neck Pain, Fibromyalgia, Joint Pain, Digestive issues etc.


  • Get access to different techniques such as Physical Exercise, Meditation, Stress Reduction, Mindfulness, Diaphragmatic breathing etc.
  • The app will progressively take you on a journey of healing.
  • The app lets you focus on developing pain overtime and make you focus more on relieving techniques.


14.CMV: Slow Frame – Frame Videos Analysis

About: If you are into sports this is the application that has been made for you. It caters to the stance and position for various sports. It is a real-time tool that can be used by anyone to avoid injury and gain the correct stance. The application can cater to sports like Golf, Basketball, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Shooting, Archery, and many more. Not only this but the application is a great addition to GoPro. 


  • Gets you various features with the camera such as Frame Capture, Using 100% iPhone Screen, Zoom, Angle Calculations etc.
  • Get Professional coaches, trainers, and educators teaching you high-quality videos.
  • Easy to Capture and Save any Full-Resolution image from any frame.
  • Works well with GoPro.


15.Muscle Trigger Points

About: It is important for anyone who is inquisitive about all the important joints in our body. This app is a reference to almost 108 muscles in our body. It talks about 160 trigger points, 80 conditions that can be triggered by those points, and 25 videos to effectively relieve specific muscles. 

There are visual references that are provided for the muscle with referral, origin, insertion, nerve, comments etc. The user can choose each muscle individually and take references. This is a great Physiotherapist app and it is being used by many Chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, or anyone who wants to learn it.


  • Get a variety of region all around the body.
  • 25 high-quality videos that can teach you how to relieve muscles.
  • Get all the details related to a particular muscle or technique.
  • Different slides for various muscles.


So these were some of the top Physiotherapist app. In case if you are looking for an app development company to help you out creating a physiotherapist app then maybe we can help. In order to reach us directly, you can mail us at [email protected]. You can also check our app cost calculator. In order to read an article on Best Technician apps, click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading the article until the end.

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