There isn’t anything that one can’t do on their smartphone currently. Our smartphone means the world to us. With this single device, a person is capable of sending or receiving emails, making presentations, playing games, streaming content, and a lot more. Although what happens if we need wish to connect it to a bigger screen, troubleshoot problems, or quiet simply share content with friends. If you are figuring out the solution to this problem then we have mentioned top screen sharing apps on Android. Therefore, in order to know the applications, read the article below.

1.Inkwire Screen Share + Assist

About: Inkwire can be a great way of helping your peers and family to guide them through issues. In fact, it can work as a great organisation tool that can be used to figure out stuff. The application is a great way to connect and is very easy to use. All you need is a single tap and it connects your Android wirelessly with other person Android screen. It also lets you write on another person’s screen so that you can guide them better. It is a great app, therefore, we have mentioned it in the list of top screen sharing apps for Android.


  • Capability to help you, friends and family, remotely.
  • Great customer support to troubleshoot issues.
  • Absolute teacher for new Android users.


2.Chrome + Vysor

About: Ever thought how great it would be if one could work on their Android Smartphone. Well, it is entirely possible and there may be a couple of applications for that but we will be telling you about Vysor. Vysor lets you connect Android smartphone with your desktop or laptop and allows you to use your smartphone remotely using your desktop. These things can come in handy in multiple situations. The application lets you emulate your Android smartphone seamlessly. It is a great application and deserves to be on the list of top screen sharing apps on Android. Also, you don’t have to look for the desktop version of the app since it is provided at the playstore page of this app.


  • Connects easily using a USB cable.
  • Easily share the screen for remote assistance.
  • Capable of remotely debugging and testing.
  • Use your Android Smartphone with mouse and keyboard.


3.Teamviewer QS

About: Well, Teamviewer should have been placed in the first position. Although, I think I am a little too lazy for that(hahaha). This one is way too popular and is being used by many organisations. With this application, one can easily get technical assistance remotely. The application works on a variety of devices from different manufacturers. There are multiple features that this application offers and you are also provided with a quick installation guide to this app on the page itself. It can easily be placed on the list of top screen sharing apps on Android.


  • Application allows peer to peer chat.
  • Can be used as a remote control.
  • Shows system diagnostics with detailed information.
  • Get a secured connection with 256 bit AES session encoding.
  • Get a list of processes that are running.



About: Airdroid allows you to manage your smartphone and lets you access it from anywhere. With Airdroid, one can connect their smartphone using a Linux, Mac, or Windows system. The great thing is that the whole connection can be established wirelessly. It also allows you to receive SMS, Calls, and app notification on the system you are connected with(considering that you have the necessary hardware). It is another application with so many great features and that is why it deserves a spot on Top Screen Sharing apps on Android.


  • Capability to transfer files in all kinds of machines like Mac, Windows, Linux, and mobile devices.
  • Capability to securely access any Android device using any sort of system.
  • It lets you manage all your contacts and messages.
  • Get notifications on connected devices.
  • Backup everything be it photos, videos, or text.
  • Multiple phone management features(only available for web client).



About: Squad is a great application for your squad. If you wish to connect with your friends on the go and share them anything then app lets you do it. For instance, if you wish to purchase something online then you can gather your friends on the go and ask for their recommendation. This application basically lets you go live with just a click. It is a great application and should be placed on the list of top screen sharing apps on Android.


  • Share anything with your Squad.
  • Gives you the capability of going live.
  • Capability to bring a max of 9 people in a single chat.
  • Browse all your favorite apps be it Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.


6.Screen Stream over HTTP

About: Before you start to read about this application, I must tell you that there is no sound support. Getting ahead, Screen Stream over HTTP lets you exactly do what the name of the app says. In order to use this app all you need is this app and a web browser. This application supports IPV4 and IPV6. Also, another great thing about the app is that is completely free and has no ads or pop-ups. Screen Stream over HTTP can be a decent addition in our list of top screen sharing apps on Android.


  • Get the device screen on your PC using a browser.
  • Apps work over any kind of network.
  • No additional software and application needed.
  • It supports IPV4 and IPV6.
  • In case if you are a dev then the source code is available on the app page itself.



About: Well, Mimcr can be good for multiple numbers of things but most importantly it lets you share your smartphone screen to your friend’s device. The great thing about this application is that it lets you do voice chat, the time when you are sharing your smartphone screen. It lets you share a plethora of things like photo, video, game, news, shopping items etc. Therefore, in spite of sharing just a screenshot share the whole screen. It is definitely a unique application which is quite useful, therefore, we have mentioned it in the list of top screen sharing apps on Android.


  • Instantly share your screen to your friends via phone call.
  • Share your screen to the web for your friends to access.
  • Capability of sharing multiple types of media.
  • Apps work over any kind of network be it mobile network or wifi connection.
  • Get playful emojis for real-time engagement.
  • The application is completely free.



About: Screenmeet is an application that has been developed for customer support. This one allows people to sort problem just in case they are having any issues with their smartphone. Although, in order to use this application one, the technician you have should have Screenmeet installed on him/her. The session in this app is created using Screenmeet. Also, the application gives technicians the capability to mark the button using a laser pointer so that the user can tap over it. It is a decent application and deserves to be on this list of top screen sharing apps on Android.


  • Effective application for customer support.
  • Capability to use laser pointer along with the application.
  • One can even show things like camera, apps, and settings.
  • Be in control of the whole session.


9.APowerMirror – Mirror & Control

About: APowerMirror is another application that can be used to stream screens. The unique feature about this application is that it allows you to stream both Android and iOS screen. With this application, you can easily control your Android devices using a mouse and a keyboard. The application also helps you mirror your device to a projector which can come in handy multiple times. Also, there are multiple features that makes this application worthy of keeping in the list of top screen sharing apps on Android.


  • App has the capability to stream on your desktop, laptop, or projector.
  • It lets you record all the activity without any issue.
  • Lets you send messages using different formats like SMS, Snapchat, Twitter, or Facebook.
  • Get all your Android device notifications on your system.
  • Application connects using both a wireless as well as USB network.


10.PC Remote

About:  Well, this isn’t really a screen-sharing app but what it does can be of extreme utility. The application lets you simulate multiple devices like mouse, keyboard, gamepad etc. This application can be used for a multiple numbers of tasks, for instance, creating a remote desktop, playing games, or powerpoint presentations. This application can also be used for other utilitarian purposes like file access, camera stream to phone, microphone simulation, system monitor etc. It is a great entry on our list of Top Screen Sharing Apps on Android.


  • Works as a great device simulator for keyboard, touchpad, gamepad etc.
  • Can be used to play any sort of game.
  • Works great with remote desktop.
  • Capability to connect the phone screen with a projector.
  • Get your own customised layout for the app. – Simple Meetings

About: The concept of is pretty simple and that is the reason it is mentioned in this list of top screen sharing apps on Android. This application lets you do video as well as audio call using just your phone. This app can also be used via a VoIP. also allows the user to zoom in and zoom out so that he/she can watch any detail. The application is great and is easily accessible anywhere you want. 


  • Host Audio calls, Video Calls, and Share yourApp screen on a single tap.
  • Join any meeting from anywhere.
  • Easy screen share button to share your screen to the connected people. 
  • Open Google Docs, Slides, website, or anything that you want.
  • Capability to chat with participants individually or in a group.
  • Unlimited conference calling.



About: Mobizen is behind a couple of similar products but with different variations. Mobizen Mirroring is one app that lets you share your smartphone’s screen to a desktop, laptop, or TV. Using this application one can control their smartphone using a desktop, mirror screen of an Android/iOS device to PC, and supports all sorts of internet connection. It is a great application and is very easy to use so we mentioned it in our list of top screen sharing apps on Android.


  • Lets you enjoy everything on your smartphone on a bigger screen.
  • Control your mobile phone using a pc.
  • Get all alerts and notifications on the PC.
  • Find your files and move them or copy them from one folder to another.
  • Securely access each and every device with two-step verification.


So these were some of the top screen sharing apps on Android that one can use. These applications have become a great utility and provide a lot of ease to the users. In case, if you are looking for an app development company then maybe we can help. In order to send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. We have also written an article on Top AI Games to play, therefore, to reach it click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading this article until the end.


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