If you are in this article then I must believe that you are already aware of Flutter. Well, for introduction it is a mobile framework that lets you create hybrid applications with 100% code reusability. It is has got really great material design and also the applications created using Flutter are a little faster. The framework has been developed by Google and it has started to grow its community. One of the reasons would be the use of language DART which is relatively easy to learn. Therefore, in order to read great apps created using Flutter scroll down below.

1.Google Ads

About: This is Google best way of earning revenue and helping out its customers to market their product well. It is an advertisement platform that is used by advertisers where they pay Google a certain amount of money per click for driving traffic. The task is simply done by mentioning the website of the advertiser at the top upon a certain search term. In the year 2017, the platform earned over $95.4 billion making it one of the most valuable assets to the company. Flutter has been incorporated to make the service better. Also, the framework itself has been developed by Google to make its services better just like Facebook did with React Native. Most of the revenue that is generated by Google Ads is by providing services like Adwords, DoubleClick AdExchange, Doubleclick Ad Manager, and many more. It is by far the biggest implementation making it a great choice for our list of apps created using Flutter.


About: Reflectly works like your journal. Mental health issues are rampant in today’s society where we all are working in a stressful environment. Therefore it becomes essential for us to keep a check on our daily thoughts. This application is exactly what most people need in our daily life. It’s artificially intelligent system helps the user to get through the difficult journey and keep a track of all the thoughts they have inside the head. The application teaches you about the science of well-being. The app helps the user to have positive psychology, getting perspective, develop gratitude, mindfulness, and cognitive behaviour. The application will provide with all the tools that can help you keep your mental health good. It is a great application and deserves to be in the list of apps created using Flutter.

3.Hamilton Musical

About: Hamilton App is the official application of Hamilton. This application gets you to access to all the official content that Hamilton has. Hamilton is a musical that involves singing and rapping. The musical is based on the life of Alexander Hamilton who was the founding father of America. This musical became highly successful both financially and critically.

The application gets you all the exclusive access to all the content and allows the fans worldwide to have it in their pocket. With this app, the user gets access to videos, slideshows, and a lot more. Get access to lotteries and a whole lot of Trivia. This application also has a karaoke mode where you can record your favorite hamilton song and share with your peers. The application also allows the user to share stickers and purchase merchandise directly from the app. This app is definitely great for all the Hamilton fans out there and deserves its place on the list of apps created using Flutter.


About: The three things without which we cannot live are Food, Air, and Water. Without any of these things in our life, no human can survive the earth. All of them are pretty important although for now, we will be talking about your water intake. There are many times when we often forget to take water in time and end up dehydrating. Well, dehydration is an alarming condition but keeping the adequate amount of water inside your body is necessary. 

To cater to this need of yours, this application has been mentioned in this list of apps created using Flutter. Watermaniac lets you track your overall water consumption throughout the day. The application sets you a daily goal, history of all the drinks that you have taken, and makes notification for you to drink on time. It is a great light-weighted application that lets you track one of the most vital necessities.


About: Hookle is a great and very innovative application that lets you have all your social media data on one platform. This one would be a great application if you are a digital marketer. The application lets you see all the insight and help you achieve the traffic of your dream. The application literally guides you through most of the channels and save you a whole lot of time. This single application lets you share all the feeds you want in a single click to multiple channels. It also gives a relative comparison of your business in comparison to others. This is a true boon for any small scale business and therefore we have mentioned it in our list of Apps created using Flutter.


About: The idea behind the application is pretty simple. Suppose you are travelling somewhere then every time you wish to know where you are, you need to open google maps. Well, Google Maps does the work just fine but there is a little hassle to get a proper location. With SGBusTracker, if you are travelling then this application will tell you exact location at that moment. It is a decent idea and nothing fancy although its clean-design and light-weight make it amicable to be placed on our list of apps created using Flutter.


About: VOY is a great application for people who are looking forward to keeping positive emotions throughout the day. There are so many who meditate to achieve mindfulness and reinforce positive thoughts. This application goes beyond that and helps the people who use it keep a stress free head. The application uses great tools to turn positive feelings into code. The application also takes the help of NLP. It is a great application and deserves a place in our list of apps created using Flutter.

8.Music Tutor

About: This is an application for people who want to become proper musicians. This application helps you learn how to read musical notes on time. This application will help you develop time and speed as you tread along the way this application leads you. This is a proper sight-reading application. It has multiple sessions of 1, 5, and 10 minutes that can help you practice with treble, bass, or alto clefs. This application basically helps you develop your aural(listening) skills making you masterful in your craft. After each and every session, the app will let you review your mistakes and help you improve day by day. This is a great addition to our list of apps developed using Flutter.


About: Well, there are multiple applications that let you track all the big events that are happening around you. Although, what about those local events that are happening near your vicinity. Meeve is a unique application that helps people connect based on events happening around them. Although there is a catch, the events that are happening are itself posted by the user. It is a great platform to find some like-minded people. Also, the fact that the development of the application uses flutter makes it a great addition to our list of apps created using Flutter. The application has got a great design and it is pretty smooth when you use it. The navigation is also great making Flutter a decent framework to be considered.

10.Birch Finance

About: Well, previously having a credit card was a luxury that only a few people took. Although, now it has become quite mainstream and there are multiple rewards associated when you make a purchase. Birch Finance is the application that helps you keep track of all your spendings and the credit card rewards. Using this application, any average shopaholic can earn up to 700$ in a year. The application comes with recommendations to use which card for all your purchases. It is a single platform for all that and therefore deserves a space in our list of apps created using flutter.


About: Have you ever been intrigued by Cryptography. Well, if yes is your answer then trust me this application has a lot of surprises for you. The application has been developed such that it fits all the ages. The application has so many tools like anagram and much more for your learning. They have a wide collection of ciphers and hashes with full-fledged insight.  The list of cipher that you can find goes like Scytale Cipher, Caesar Cipher, Atbash Cipher, Beaufort Cipher, Keyword Cipher, and many more. Apart from that, if we talk about hashes then what’s included are Whirlpool, Skein Hash, Keccak Hash, Argon2 Hash, and much more. It also has various encodings and tools for the user to use. This application is truly one of a kind and therefore we have placed in our list of apps created using flutter. 


About: Alibaba can easily be called one of the oldest e-commerce websites that have survived until now. Apart from e-commerce, the company also specialises in retail, internet, and technology. It offers a variety of sales services like B2B, B2C, and C2C. It has got a web portal using which one can get access to a shopping search engine, electronic payment services, and cloud computing services. 

Alibaba also has an application which is one of the largest wholesale e-market available. The application has everything from the latest fashion accessories to the best electronic available. The application lets the small shop owners, wholesaler, distributor, small and large scale business professionals to purchase whatever they want with ease. Alibaba makes sure that you only get quality products and wide range of quality to satisfy you. It is a great application and therefore we mentioned it in our list of apps created using Flutter.


About: A lot of people who are reading this might know about cryptocurrency. This application is related to that only. Kalium allows you to send instant cryptocurrency using their banano wallet. There is no fee incurred on making the transaction. The application lets you send money to anyone, anywhere around the world. The application lets you create a Banano wallet or help you create one to do successful transactions. There are other varieties of options that can help you make a secure transaction. The only recommendation would be to save your seed otherwise you might lose access to funds if your device is stolen or log out of the app. It is a great application that uses flutter, therefore, we have mentioned it in our list of apps created using flutter.


About: If you are someone who absolutely loves Instagram and likes sharing stuff on Instagram then the app could be of some use to you. This application will help you make your Instagram updates way more interesting. The service gets you free templates that can be used to upload interesting pictures on Instagram. There are a variety of designs that are offered along with the application. Also, the application is available for Android and iOS. It is a decent application and therefore, it has been placed by us in the list of apps created using flutter.

15.My Leaf

About: This may not be that much of a productive app for most of the people. The application is solely dedicated to Nissan Leaf. This is an unofficial version that can be used with the car. It is the world’s biggest-selling electronic vehicle. There is no doubt that it is a phenomenal car. Although, this application can be used to gain statistics about your vehicle. With this application, the user can keep a complete track of his/her Nissan car. It is a decent application and since it was made using flutter, therefore, we mentioned it in our list of apps created using Flutter.

So these are some of the Great apps and services created using Flutter. Flutter is a great framework if you are looking forward to creating hybrid applications with a great interface. The framework may be relatively new but with the kind of backing it has and the feature, it offers onboard this is gonna stick for long. In case if you are looking forward to an app development company then maybe we can help. To send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. We have also written an article on applications created using React Native, therefore, to check it out click on the link here. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading this article until the end. 

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