How Much Does it Cost to Maintain an App in 2021
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How Much Does it Cost to Maintain an App


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Building up a perfect app is not a big deal. There are different applications and software available in the market that have made this task relatively easier. The main thing that every app developer faces once after its launch is its maintenance. It is a recurring and crucial task that adds up more to the success of an app. One needs to work consistently on security, safety features, and glitches so that the users could enjoy a seamless experience. 

It is always advised for the developers to go through the different things like the development cost of the app and its maintenance to avoid sudden burdens in case anything unpredictable happens.

If we talk about the standard industry app maintenance costs, it lies between 15-20% of the app development cost. To sort out the different things, we have compiled this guide for you.

How much does it cost to maintain an app?

Mobile apps are generally the primary source of connecting users with your business for the long run. Technology is changing quite rapidly, and so are the apps. To ensure the safety protocols, it is important for the developers to deliver an error-free and seamless application. So, it gets quite important for one to keep on maintaining their apps regularly.

If we talk about the cost of maintaining an app, it depends upon the different factors. Right from technology used for creating the same to the platform on which the application was being built, from its complexity to the features involved, different things help in deciding the overall maintenance cost of the apps. The approximate cost of maintaining an app lies somewhere between 15-20% of the development cost.

Below, we will introduce you to some of the leading factors that affect the maintenance cost of an app.

Included Features

The average cost of maintenance depends upon different things. If you are counting on the maintenance cost, make sure to include the cost of the content generation, promotional activities, graphic creation, purchasing media elements, and much more. 


Regular upgrades of services and hosting services also put on a greater impact on the overall costing of maintenance of apps. These are usually the things that help in improving the safety and security measures of an application.

Recurring Maintenance

Everyone wants to have an updated app,, and that’s why they try to integrate the new technology into it. Furthermore, code modifications and the different upgrading platforms also affect the cost of maintenance to a greater extent. 

Additional services

The addition of features like servers, push notification, the introduction of the payment gateways, and additional unpredictable events also affect the cost of maintenance of an app the most.

Factors to consider for how much does app maintenance cost?

It gets quite easier for one to control the overall maintenance cost once after knowing the basic factors. If you are also interested in knowing how much does app maintenance cost and what exactly are the main factors that affect the overall maintenance cost of the app in 2021, just have a look at the few things we are providing you below:

The complexity of the application

The basic factor that contributes to the maintenance cost of the application in 2021 is the complexity of the application. Everyone wants to have advanced apps with more and more features, screens, and much more. But keep in mind that if you are adding these it will further raise your maintenance costs to the greatest extent. Adding more to it, the maintenance costs will also rise with the involvement of higher technology or framework for its development. 

Hybrid Applications 

The smartphones available in the market depend upon different operating systems. Everyone loves to have the one that they prefer the most. Android and iOS platforms are the two leading operating systems that the majority of users prefer to have on. Do you know what is the basic factor that lies behind the success of an application well its usage? The majority of the time developers prefer to create hybrid applications that can work effectively on both Android and iOS operating systems. But if you have created such, just keep in mind that the maintenance costs are also going to be quite higher than that of the maintenance costs of the same application for both of the platforms. 

Third-Party Integrations

The integration of third-party sources also adds up in raising the overall maintenance cost of an application. More will be your app linked closely with the different external sources such as payment platforms, social media services, higher will be the overall maintenance cost of your app. Let’s make it simpler for you, the maintenance cost of a simple photo editing app is usually quite lower than that of the news app. 

App Development Team Location

The maintenance cost of an application also differs a lot as per the location. You may need to pay the maintenance cost of about $50-150 per hour in the USA but it may somewhere lie in between $25-60 per hour in Eastern and Central Europe. Whereas if we talk about the maintenance cost of the application in India it is quite low and you can easily accomplish it by paying $10-30 per hour. 

The app maintenance cost is being calculated as fixed cost annually or monthly or the total number of hours allocated per month. The overall maintenance cost for an app somewhere lies in between 15-20% of its overall investment during the development phase. Please check our app development cost calculator if you want to know how much does it cost to create an app.

4 Crucial Steps to maintain your app

1. Build your app well from the start

If you are going to build up an app from scratch and are currently willing to save money on its maintenance, it becomes quite important for one to keep the maintenance in mind. The best thing you can do in this league is to select a functional platform that is quite easy to scale. Make sure the platform you are using is quite reliable and includes modern technology that provides you updated results always. 

Moreover, testing, performance, security, and compatibility are some of the other factors you need to invest in. Testing documentation is one of the perfect ways to enjoy seamless app maintenance and support in the future. 

Don’t forget to add up the preferable feature set in your application and also try to prevent the usage of unnecessary features. Before starting building up your app you can take a while and think and can even take the help of a business analyst for considering what features and specifications you can add to your app for -providing the best user experience.

2. Take care of the scalability

The next thing you have to care about is scalability. If you are willing to reduce the maintenance costs of your application in the future, it becomes quite important for you to check whether the app’s architecture and the server infrastructure are perfect enough to handle the higher traffic or not. Keep on a progressive approach and keep in mind that the number of users of the app is going to be increased every day. 

Just make sure that your app is quite good to ensure smooth functioning. Upgradation of the services on your app is the perfect way for ensuring its smooth performance.

3. Stick to your team

The developers should stick to their team for effective performance. Every time you will change your development team, it will take more time for them to get accustomed to your projects to learn about the technologies used, their working and pros and cons, etc. 

So, if you are willing to reduce the maintenance costs in the future, it becomes quite important for you to work with the same team that’s why it is always recommended to choose the best app development company in the first place. It will not only boost up your maintenance process but will also make it quite seamless. 

4. Check your analytics

Once you have created your application you can make use of analytics for checking out which features are quite useful for you and which are being ignored by the users. You can find the different factors that are affecting the performance of your app and can then add changes accordingly. 

Types of Mobile App Development Maintenance

App Updates & Enhancements

Updates and enhancements are some of the most important aspects of any application maintenance part. If we talk about the most active apps available in the market, they most probably receive about 1 to 4 updates per month. It not only helps in improving their overall performance and security but also makes them more reliable and user-friendly. The major app updates and services involved in this segment are:

Updates with the integration of new features and content

  • Design improvements and customization
  • Improvement of existing features 
  • Mandatory updates to support newer versions of operating systems
  • Integration of third-party APIs or frameworks

App Monitoring Services

These services depend upon the complexity of the application and the size it is included on. Higher will be the complexity of your application more it will require the checkpoints for dealing with the external issues. 

App Support & Integration

The app support and integration tasks are handled by the owners or related authorities. These services are usually integrated into the existing infrastructure by the developmental phase for checking out the different related issues.

How Much Does It Cost To Keep an App Running?

Well, it is the major queries that strike everyone’s minds whenever it comes to creating and managing an app. Figuring out the exact costing of running an application is quite tricky. It involves multiple predictable and unpredictable factors that make the overall process quite complex. But still, there are some other measures that we can take on for calculating the expected cost of running an application. If you are interested in knowing what exactly they are, just check out the references we are providing you below.

  • Cost of hiring a developer or development company
  • Unpredictable maintenance cost of app
  • The average cost of maintaining an app
  • Market location
  • Type of technologies used
  • Upgradation
  • App marketing strategies


Application development and maintenance is a never-ending process. Right from adding updates to resolving issues, there are a lot more things that go on side by side throughout. The expenses on an app do not end with its creation, it begins with it. One needs to pay about 15-20% of the development cost of an app on its maintenance in a year. Also, you can know the cost of creating an app with out app development cost calculator. It gets quite important for the developers to put on their hardcore efforts for retaining users. The guide is specifically designed for providing you with information on how much does it cost to maintain an app. It will be a great help for all those who are currently looking for the query, how much does it cost to keep an app. We have tried to add on the different related topics here so that you can get an exact idea of the same.

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