How to write App specifications documents? + free App Specs Template

We build custom apps for everyone but most of our customers are early stage Start-ups and Entrepreneurs. We also appreciate the fact that some of our customers who are looking to hire an App Development Company have less or no experience in hiring an app developer before. Such first-timer customers are of course no less than any seasoned tech-savvy customers, they have a great vision about the app they want to make, along with a strategy to promote but can get stuck on the question “How to write an App specification document?” so that each and every aspect of their requirement is well communicated to the App developer.

We get such inquires frequently where customer asks us to give them an App requirement specs template which they can easily fill and send across. We’ve uploaded such sample App specs template at this link.

Sample App Specs Download

Download this sample app specification template, follow the example, fill out and send across to the developer, for a quick estimation of their App Development Costs.

We also like to share the pointers that we use to create an easy to use App Specs Document, so that you can understand the factors working behind, and write better app specifications yourself.

The Executive Summary

No matter how clichéd it sounds, you should be writing an appropriate summary covering the business information about the project, the team behind, the market you are hitting etc. Introduce the salient offering of the app, its goal, and information on target users.

Below are some of the key points that you should follow in the executive summary section

Introduction of Application

You can write as “We are looking to develop a taxi app like uber but with a twist related to the occasion of travel, and we are targeting everyone in New York area at first so that they can book cars for occasions like wedding, birthday parties, business meetings, leisure etc and the driver and cab would be tailor-made for the occasion.”

Mention the kind of devices you want to target. It will be beneficial for you to ask for both the Android and iOS platforms in the beginning. Although based upon your target audience, you can either ask for just Android or iOS. In fact, it can be great if you even ask for a dedicated website. You can always ask separate cost per platform, so mention that as well.

Services Needed from the App Development Company

An App development Company like our’s (Agicent Technologies) could offer a lot more than just coding services that can be related to your requirement like

  • App Design & Development services.

  • App Development Services.

  • App Design Services.

  • App Store Optimization, App marketing.

  • Full Stack Development.

  • Consulting Services.

So you should mention specifically what you are looking for if you have the design already then you only need app development service, and if you are a developer yourself then you can ask for only app design services. You can ask for App consulting services also when you only have an idea and concept, and looking for a Mobile Consultant to understand everything, create wireframes, propose development approach etc.

Most of our first-time customers need all the services, and we happily offer the same. Although no one is stopping you from getting a custom service from our side.

Technology Preference

It’s always good to keep technology preference open to discussion before you’ve finalized your specs though many times an app publisher is pre-convinced to use a particular set of technology.

Some most popular Technical Approaches related to app development are:

Native App Development

In this type of technical approach you use native tool kits like Xcode and Swift for iOS, or Java for Android.

Note: Every technology approach has its pros and cons, you may read one of our cool blog postings on the same topic at this link – Cross Platform Vs. Native App Development and decide which way is preferred to you, else just share your project info with us and we suggest you the best option.

Features Description (The Core of This App Specs Document)

Describe the app as it flows for all kind of users, like the way we are describing a live App (Barnow Experience; It is an iOS based Application) here

The App Shall Be Having These Categories of Users
  • End users (People looking to find, review, and go to bars).

  • Bar Owners (who maintain their profile, send offers etc).

  • Admin (Owner of the app).

It is great if you can back your textual description with some drawings or raw mock-ups so that a developer can visualize it better. You can use tools like Invision , Balsamiq, or Mockups with little a little practice, or ask your App Development Company to do this for you. We generally do this for our customers just after taking a brief.

And if nothing works, pick a pen and paper, draw the screens, click and send pictures to the developer. The idea is you should describe it as much as you can. This gives a clear idea to the UI designer and helps you land the application that you’d like.

Acceptance Criteria

Now that you’ve described everything you need in terms of functionality, you may go further and create an App Acceptance Criteria as well.

What is Acceptance Criteria?

Answer: An acceptance criteria are the conditions that a particular app in development must fulfil. It can cater towards the clients itself, the platform for which it is made, and most importantly the target audience.

Getting an acceptance criteria in line will make sure that your desired application meets all the quality standards to be called as a workable app at least.

Acceptance Criteria can be divided into the following subparts:

Scope of the Features

These are all the mandatory features that your application should have. It ensures that you are meeting the market demand of a standard application in its niche. If the base idea of your app is a little different from the regular then defining it will build a clear story of what is important and can’t be left without.

If you are still confused then follow the list below:

Mandatory Performance Parameters

These are the parameters that are absolutely important for you. For instance, your app should optimally consume battery, should share the location, work without lagging etc.

Again, you can write these yourselves or ask your development company to do the same for you. It’s not necessary to write an acceptance criteria when you are looking for only a Quote, but is preferred if you write one. Setting up an acceptance criteria yourself gives you more control over the development. You get more visualization of your own project before going towards development, and it's a great exercise even for a non-techy or an App entrepreneur.

Some Additional Information

If you are outsourcing Mobile App Development for the first time then below are some articles that can help you out incredibly:

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