How to find an app developer
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How to find an app developer

how to find an app developer

How to find an app developer for your startup.

Finding the right app developer for your startup is important. The right mobile app developer with some good experience can come up with unique technical and product solutions which can further enhance your idea. How to find an app developer depends on which type of developer you are looking for and as per your project requirements.

You can either hire freelance app developers or app development agencies. In most cases, hiring freelancers is a cost-effective option, but app development agencies are always the best choice as they add value by bringing in their vast experience of mobile app development on the table. However, we will leave this decision to you and focus on some of best ways by which you can find right app developers from the industry to get a well-polished app for you.

Let’s begin.

1. If you want to hire local app developers, then posting job opportunities online and in local newspapers is a good way to invite candidates for the interview. Make sure the job posting clearly mentions the roles and responsibilities and most importantly the technology stack for which you are hiring.

2. Go to meetups and industry events to find a business partner who is well-versed with technology and can take care of your startup technically.

3. Explore your personal network and find programming nerds. If there isn’t then talk with as many people as you can and explain what are you looking for.

4. You can also hire freelancers from online platforms like Upwork and Freelancer to build your app. However, it is not what we recommend as hiring freelancers is not reliable and quality work isn’t guaranteed.

5. The best way to find app developers is to partner with an app development agency which already has a pool of highly talented programmers which you can hire on fixed project price or hourly basis. Hiring an app developer from emerging economies like India will save quite a lot of you money as compared to developed entities like USA, UK, etc. India is one of the favorite spots for global customers to outsource their development projects as Indian companies provide them the best ROI. Check out this list of top mobile app development companies in India to see who the top players are.

Also, read this ultimate checklist before hiring any app development company or freelancer to separate wheat from the chaff.

6. Explore GitHub projects which are similar to your app idea and then communicate with repositories owners to see if they are interested in your project or not.

7. One of the easiest ways to find tons of developers in one go is social media. Just post a tweet, Facebook, or LinkedIn post like “Need an iOS or Android app developer” and then see how many responses you get and that too in so quick time.

8. If you want to hire a CTO, then check out websites like CoFoundersLab, FounderDating, etc. where you can talk to people about your idea and choose someone who believes in it. The good news is that we provide a free “CTO on hire” service to startup companies. So, if you don’t want to hire a CTO, then you can hire Agicent to be your chief technical advisor.

We hope that these methods will help you find an app developer in no time and kick off your startup asap. As you might know, we at Agicent have a highly skilled team of Android and iOS developers which you can hire on fixed project cost or variable cost (based on the number of hours). Take a look at our portfolio and if you think we have got some fire in our belly then reach us at [email protected] to get a price quote.

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