I once saw a Tedx video on Youtube by Matt Walker. It was about sleep and it being your superpower. A lot of us don’t know that it is an important aspect of our wellbeing and yet we often neglect it. Well, some may have chosen the path because of a hectic life and partying. Although, for some of them the situation is alarming. Why? Because they are suffering from insomnia. 

This may not feel like such a bad disease. Although, as per Matt Walker, we tend to weaken our immune system by doing so. This is bad because people have started to die of heart-related diseases earlier than before. Stress is the new epidemic and it’s hindering our capability to sleep effectively. Only Gods knows that heart issues are just the starting since our immune system is responsible for our overall wellness. Therefore, in order to help you with your sleep, we have mentioned the best insomnia apps to make you sleep like a baby.


About: There are a plethora of things that this application caters to. Although, the basic things on which this application is based on are Sleep, Meditation, and Relaxation. There have been millions of downloads of this application around the world. This is undoubtedly one among the best Insomnia apps and app for mindfulness. The application teaches you how to sleep better and stay stress-free during your day time. It is an application that is often recommended by Psychologist, Therapists, and Mental Health Experts. This makes it one of the best insomnia apps out there.


  • Get many stories about the universe that can lure you to sleep.
  • Variety of mindfulness topics such as Deep Sleep, Anxiety, Managing Stress, Happiness etc.
  • 10-minute daily program to ease you during the day or before going to bed.
  • Access to 7 to 21 days program for new joiners and advance users.
  • Life changing audio classes from experts in the industry.
  • Calm your body using the mindful stretching during the day.
  • Access to music that can help the user focus, relax, and sleep better.
  • Unguided meditation for a certain time and breathing exercises to relax you better.
  • Access to over 30+ natural soothing sounds and Scenes during meditation.
  • Get your daily progress with Daily Streaks and Mindful Minutes.



About: A lot of people have trouble sleeping but not everyone resorts to pills. This is a modern-day epidemic. The reason is that the sleep induced by pills is not quality. The pills can get you to sleep but the person is not that rested that he/she needs to be. 

Sleepio made for people who wish to stay away from pills or potions. The application has been developed by Colin Espie who is a renowned individual in the industry. This application is proven to make the user sleep 50% faster, reduce awake time by 60%, boost your daytime energy by 50% which makes it the best insomnia apps.


  • Get you a personalised program with cognitive behavioural therapy techniques.
  • The application has been developed by Colin Espie.
  • Get tailored session for better thoughts and lifestyle.
  • Track your sleep by filling morning forms and make your experience more useful.
  • Get instant help whenever you have trouble sleeping.



About: This is a little different than your regular sleeping apps. This app is more about controlling what happens in your sleep then help you sleep better. If you have ever heard about lucid dreaming then this app helps you achieve that.

Lucid Dreaming is a concept where you are aware that you are sleeping while you are sleeping. It gives you more control over what you can dream about. It is a domain in itself that needs regular practice to have better control. With Lucid Dreaming possibilities are endless. You can fly in your dream, breathe underwater, and whatnot. It is basically about all these things that you can not do in your real life.


  • Get a journal in the morning to pin-point all the dreams you had last night.
  • Reality checks so that you are aware that you are not sleeping.
  • Dream cues to make you conscious in your sleep that you are sleeping.
  • Cloud support to backup your dream journal.
  • Capability to pause your training.
  • Get achievements and track your progress.
  • Speech to text for all those who don’t wish to type in the morning.


4.Nature Sound: Relax & Sleep

About: Has this ever happened that you are utterly unfocused during your work? Well, this application will help you better during your office hours. In fact, doing so can also better your sleep at night. Just pick any sound that you wish to use and relax for a while to make you more productive. There are a variety of natural sounds such as thunder, ocean, sea, birds, rain etc. The reason I have mentioned this app because it can help you go to sleep at night also. These sounds are very calming hence stops your brain from streaming thoughts when you go to sleep. This makes you sleep easy and peacefully making it the best insomnia application.


  • Natural sounds that are merged with white noise.
  • High Quality Natural Sounds of Birds, Sea, Rainfall, Waterfall, Night Jungles etc.
  • Helps with tinnitus.
  • Get you great scenery with different music.
  • Sleep timer for your relaxation.
  • Multiple relax melodies to play.



About: This application has been recommended by J.K Rowling. If it can help a writer sleep better maybe this is among the best insomnia apps. The app caters to you in three different segments: Sleep, Nap, and Focus. The application gets you 3D voices and various sounds that can help you sleep better. It also features a 3-minute music that can bring you back from sleep. Apart from that it also helps with naps. One can easily customize their naps to improve the quality of work. It can also create an environment for you to focus better. This is one of the best insomnia apps out there.


  • It is very easy to use and most of the features are available at the click of a button.
  • There are no side effects of this application.
  • Every session that you get at Pzizz is unique in nature.
  • The app experience is highly customizable with options like sleep duration, 3D Effects, voice gender etc for a personal experience.
  • The application has been validated by the clinics.



About: Ever wondered why a good sleep is so much connected with meditation and mindfulness? Well, the answer is simple because these techniques help you concentrate. Most of us are unable to sleep because our mind starts movies in our head when we try to sleep. Although, by practising meditation and mindfulness, one can learn to control those movies. Stress is a part of our life and being calm is not always possible. Although, once you start to control your mind, your daily experiences become a lot more calming and sleep quality improves. The application is divided into three different guided sessions: Beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The range of meditation that you get starts from 5 minutes to 85 minutes. This app also provides personalized recommendations. Therefore, it is the best insomnia apps for anyone dealing with it.


  • Get lessons for meditation and mindfulness.
  • Improve your Sleep, Heart Health, and Cholesterol Levels.
  • Get guided meditation for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced users.
  • It helps you with various troubles such as Anxiety, Building Acceptance, Better Focus, Fear of Flying etc.
  • Get personalized content based on recommendations.



About: This one is a smart sleep assistant that helps you sleep better. Pillow analyzes your sleep automatically using your Apple Watch. It also works great by just placing your iphone or ipad next to the pillow. This application can also be used as a smart clock. It also allows you to record audios of your snoring, sleep apnea, and sleep talking. Pillow  also focuses on the trends about sleep with up to 10 health metrics Apple has related to sleep. This is the best insomnia apps if you are looking forward to taking your ailment seriously.


  • It helps you track your sleep if you have just worn your apple watch.
  • Get last night’s data on your apple watch.
  • Easy switch between manual and automatic mode anytime.
  • Get analysis for your heart rate.
  • Quick comparison of your sleep with Apple Health.
  • Get to know all the events whether you snored, or went completely silent.
  • Access to three naps modes for better efficiency.
  • Bunch of premium features for additional functionality.


8.Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

About: Headspace is a great application if you like to live stress-free and healthy. Our state of mind is directly related to our sleep and our sleep is related to our health. The application helps you through guided meditation. There are plenty of meditation and mindfulness techniques in the application that can help you sleep better. 

In the application, you get the basic course completely free. This basic course will teach you all the techniques that you need to begin. The application helps you improve your awareness during the day. It also makes you more productive during your work. There are a variety of tips and knowledge that can help you better control your situation making this app the best insomnia app.


  • Hundreds of guided meditation techniques with topics related to Exercise, Focus, and Sleep.
  • Get new daily meditations to have something fresh.
  • Create mini meditations to reset your mental state.
  • Create “SOS” for your panic moments.
  • Create Special Moments to make you present throughout the day.
  • Get you mindful minutes and add it to your app.
  • Training has been provided by the monk and mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe.


9.Sleep Genius

About: The makers of this application claims it to be the most scientific application when it comes to sleep. The application is based on the world sleep program. The insomnia apps has been developed based on years of research for Faster, Longer, and Deeper Sleep.

The app involves a neurosensory algorithm that helps your brain to get ready for sleep. It will also guide your brain through various stages such as sleep cycle, wake you gently, and refreshing alarm. In fact, the research done by the app is helping astronauts of NASA to sleep better.


  • Get access to 4 different sleep programs.
  • Get cyclic alarms for multiple revivals.
  • Scientifically create nap program that can help rejuvenate brain by up to 52%.
  • Access to Relaxation Program that helps you reduce stress and anxiety.


10.Simple Habit

About: Another application for guided meditation and relaxation. Therefore, what makes this one so different? Well, this one’s got Google Play’s Best App Award in 2017 and Google Material Design + Google Play’s Award for Stand-out Wellbeing in 2018. At Least in terms of proving itself, Simple Habit is a great insomnia app.

Simple Habit has been made for people who are busy throughout the day. One has to just use the app for 5 minutes in order to feel rejuvenated. It will decrease your stress, improve focus, better sleep, breathe easier, and a lot more. With this application, one gets over 50+ free sessions and more than 1000+ meditations over different topics on issues like insomnia, anxiety, or any panic situation.


  • Helps you improve your focus throughout the day.
  • Releases stress and anxiety with helping you sleep better at night.
  • Helps you become an effective leader.
  • Increases your self-perspective and awareness.
  • Makes you happier, Calm, and relaxed.



About: Noisily takes a slightly different approach when it comes to calming your mind. The colour of the application changes with the background noise. The high-quality ambient sound makes you focus more and improves your productivity. The application has been made to draw out noises that are irritating and discomforting while sleeping. It can also help you focus better if your co-workers are too loud for you to concentrate. Noisily gets you a tailored experience of different natural sounds that are suited to your taste.


  • Gets sounds of various natural conditions such as Rain, Thunderstorm, Leaves, Water Stream, Fireplace etc.
  • Enjoy many of its features offline.
  • Create your own sounds and play them later.
  • Get all your noisily sound in sync with all your devices.
  • Get a timer that fades the music with time.
  • The user can run the app simultaneously while surfing the web on their smartphone.


12.White Noise

About: Ever had trouble sleeping? If yes then maybe this insomnia app will be a better help to you. Like most application, this one gets you access to various white noises that can help sleep better. All these sounds can help you both in the day as well as night. The noises from the app will keep you undistracted. It will help you relax and remove the stress of the day. This application also generates a wide range of frequencies so that you stay asleep. There are over 40 sounds that are included in the app along with different colour noises.


  • Get full-fledged support with Android 7.0 with multi-window.
  • It allows you to record, loop, and share new sounds.
  • It also supports Chromecast TV.
  • Comes with an on-screen media player and gestures with a swipe for collecting navigation sounds.
  • Advanced settings so that no one disturbs you while you are focusing.



About: This application is unique in itself. Digipill takes the help of psychoacoustics and NLP to help improve your experience. The app has been developed to change the mood, perspective, and behaviour of the user.  The app engages your brain with specific sounds and language that improves your mental condition. It is the best insomnia apps.

Although that is not all. The application can also be used to prevent insomnia, Reduce Stress, gain confidence, lose weight, and increase motivation. The app can also help you explore your mind, improve creativity, and overcoming traumatic experiencing. 


  • Set-up your own relaxation sessions.
  • Get a variety of sounds to help your condition better.
  • Get a recommendation from the app to improve your health.
  • Access to different programs like resilience, slim in thin, and sleep deeply.


14.Stop, Breathe, Think

About: I feel the name of the application is cool but so is the app. With this application in hand, you can check out on your emotions daily. These may be small things to hear but they affect your sleep a lot. The application has been uniquely designed to keep you mindful, de-stress, and sleep better. With this application, you get to practice mindfulness and meditation. This insomnia app helps you sleep better and will also make your life healthy. 


  • Get over 13 million emotional check-ins.
  • Practice guided meditation and mindfulness.
  • Get a meditation timer to fix your meditation.
  • Get help with learning controlled breathing.
  • Many features such as sleep sounds, quick meditations, and breathing activities.


15.Sleep Well Hypnosis

About: Have you ever tried hypnosis? If not then this application can help you with it. In hypnosis, you will be guided through audio. This guided audio will not only clear your mind but will make you fall asleep. The audio that is being provided in the app is from a certified hypnotherapist. It will help you reach deep sleep and restorative sleep. There are also various backgrounds while sleeping such as nature sounds and meditations. This is the best insomnia apps.


  • Get a single audio session of up to 15 minutes.
  • The audio has been recorded using the soothing voice of the hypnotherapist.
  • Binaural beats in the audio that induces sleep in your brain.
  • Separate volume setting for Voice, Background, and Sleep Booster.
  • Get repeat sessions or loop the audio while you sleep.
  • Get background sounds even after the session ends.


So these were some of the best insomnia apps to make you sleep effectively. Sleep is an integral part of our life and if you are ignoring it then start to make changes from today itself. In case, if you are looking for an app development company to create an app to help insomnia then maybe we can help. We have been making great apps for both mobile and desktop since 2011. In order to send us an enquiry mail us on [email protected]. To read our article on Top Physiotherapist App, click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.


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