The first time I witnessed Augmented Reality in my life was in the form of a soccer game. The functionalities were limited as the only thing that the player had to do is stop the ball from the goal and make points. The second, I saw it in the form of a train that runs on a physical marker. From its inception, AR has seen a steady rise and there are a lot of different apps where one can already see it working.

A multiple number of applications and games have already put the tech to use. Therefore, to know more about AR based applications scroll down the article below. Although, before, knowing those apps lets get to know some basics for clarity.

What is Augmented Reality?
Augmented Reality is a way of interacting with the real world where one can actually witness information in the form of computer-generated objects. The user can easily interact with these objects. The great thing about this is that the objects are shown to you in a realistic space. With Augmented Reality, one can engage different sorts of senses such as Visual, Auditory, Haptic, Somatosensory, and Olfactory. It is like watching computer-generated objects but in reality. Currently, it is the most immersive viewing experience that involves reality.

Types of Augmented Reality

There are basically four types of Augmented Reality Technologies that are available currently.

  • Marker Based AR: In this AR, the tech uses a marker to tell the user additional information. In this Technology, the user has to get their smartphone camera and use a 2D/QR marker reader to initiate the AR experience. The tech can also calculate position and orientation since it can be used for any type of information to be overlaid over the marker. The train I talked about was marker based. In fact scanning of QR codes for payments is another great example of initiation. 
  • Markerless AR: This is the most widely used Augmented Reality based tech that is being used. This one basically uses Geo-Locations, Digital Compass, Velocity Meter, and Accelerometer which is embedded in your devices. The AR works on the concept of Location Detection. Google Maps has integrated this concept by integrating AR. This feature is available at certain places.
  • Projection Based AR: This one works on the basis of projection detection. This projection based tech allows any user to interact with the projected object(it could be text). This tech has also been made to interact with a hologram made of plasma.
  • Superimposition based AR: This one fully replaces any item from an artificial one. The tech basically superimposes a new object over the current reality. Amazon has integrated this type of AR to their app where anyone can see how the product would look in reality in their space. This feature is not available in all the countries but chances are it will be.

How Augmented Reality can change the Real World Apps?

There are multiple industries where Augmented Reality can directly affect the world. The technology can be used for Navigation, Education, Assistance, Training, Health, Beauty & Fashion, Cooking etc. The application to Augmented Reality is limitless and it is going to be integrated with Virtual Reality for its maximum effect. This will not only solve many real-time issues but will also help in saving cost. 

For instance, a doctor may not have to travel all around the world to heal a patient rather he/she can provide assistance using Augmented Reality. This will have a huge impact on education. Just imagine kids walking down the halls of great monuments learning and getting information at the same time. This will also impact the e-commerce industry since you will be able to see the dimension of your furniture inside your home. Also, one can try clothes sitting at home by the Superimposition based AR.

Criterion for Selecting the Top AR Apps

Platform: Most of the applications that are mentioned below runs on both the operating system i.e Android and iOS. There may be a few applications that are not available on both app store right now. Although, there are chances that they may be available in the future.

Utility: Applications that are mentioned in the list serve a purpose or not. There are some applications that are seriously heavy on utility and can be used to ease the user in many ways.

Uniqueness: The application needs to be unique with their idea. All the applications that are mentioned are somewhat unique in nature.

Cost: All the application that are mentioned are free of cost. Although, there are a couple of applications which have in-app purchases using which the user can get new features.

Rating & Review: All the applications that are mentioned below have a high rating in their niche. The list only includes an application that is performing well in their niche.

Top Augmented Reality Apps 2019

1.Google Maps AR

It is an impossible task for anyone to not know about Google Maps. With Google Maps the navigation becomes super easy. The user just needs to put the destination and he/she is good to go. Although, Google is testing its Augmented Reality version of Google Maps.

It has been localized to give direction where the actual dotted directions failed. The feature is available for fewer places but if it is available for your smartphone then just try it for once.


  • Real-time updates to reach anywhere faster.
  • Explore any place like a local.
  • Great experiences with both online and offline maps.
  • Get estimated time to reach a place.
  • AR feature available(only in fewer places).

Download: iOS | Android


Snapchat is a social media service that lets you stay connected with your friends and peers. The sole purpose of the application is to delete a message which has been viewed by the recipient. Although, this is one service that popularized Augmented Reality. 

If you have seen the dog filter where a large tongue sticks out every time someone opens the mouth then that is the beauty of AR in Snapchat. It has a list of great filters and is an application that one needs to try at least once if not done till now.


  • Momentary Camera lets you send a picture and delete it instantly.
  • Chat using Bitmoji, Sticker, and more.
  • Get stories from Friends, Family, and Stay Connected with everyone.
  • See stories and what your friends are up to.

Download: iOS | Android


This is a great application for anyone to taste what augmented reality is. The application lets the user make fun videos and photos. There is a list of characters that the User can choose from. Also, most of these characters can be resized to adjust the need. It is a fun application and the fact that one can share the content on-the-go makes it even more appealing. 


  • Create great content using Holo Characters using the camera.
  • Variety of Characters to choose from including Spider-Man from MCU.
  • Edit your Hologram by rotating, resizing, or moving it.
  • Share your videos on Social Media Platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and more

Download: iOS | Android

4.Star Walk 2

With Star Walk 2 one can get inside the realm of astronomical science. Star Gazing using the application becomes way more intuitive and the user can get real-time info about the heavenly bodies. All the user has to do is point the camera at the star and the augmented reality feature will let him/her know about the stars around him. One can also gather other great insight and info about the star system.


  • See a Starry Sky on the screen using the interactive astronomical telescope. 
  • Learn new and great things about the Solar System, Asteroids, Spacecraft, Nebulas, and Constellations.
  • Find studies about deep satellite bodies such as Satellite, Meteor Shower, etc.
  • Make Star Gazing more intuitive and informative.
  • Try the augmented view with your camera open.

Download: iOS | Android

5.Google Lens

This is one of the best applications or feature one can use in his/her smartphone. Just like Google Maps this one comes integrated with your smartphone. If not then anyone can download it using the link below(there may be a compatibility issue). Has it ever happened that you looked at a place, thing, or any object and wished you knew more? Well, Google Lens caters exactly to that, all the user has to do is select the option and point the camera in the direction. This will let the user access all the data that is available on the search engine. This is by far one of the best uses of any augmented reality in an app(or maybe feature).


  • Scan the text and set a schedule, get recipes, find recipes, and much more.
  • Point towards a landmark and access data available about it on the internet.
  • Identify objects such as plants, animals, places, or things.
  • Scan a look on the go, any product, or anything that can be bought online and get access to it instantly.

Download: iOS | Android


Ever thought of sharing hidden messages to anyone. Well, this one allows the user to do exactly the same. With WallaMe, the user can Geotag a location and leave a secret message there. The user can send the location to any recipient and they can read the message using the WallaMe app. This app also gets the user to use multiple stickers, drawings, and painting tools to customize your message. It is the most innovative way one can use augmented reality.


  • Get Augmented Reality with the application.
  • Capable of tagging Geo-Location.
  • Access to Beautiful Stickers, Drawings, and Painting Tools.
  • Comes with share feature and image streaming.

Download: iOS | Android

7.Ingress Prime

By far one of the biggest games based on Augmented Reality available in the market. In this game, the world is the playground and the user have to conquer portals. There are basically two teams in the game and each team has to conquer and link as many portals as they can. The first team to do so is the winner. The good thing about ingress is that it involves reality and the portals used are the location of cultural significance. Therefore, the player is not just winning but is also exploring at the same time. 


  • Connect with the world and get to see important places by completing tasks.
  • Divides the team in two.
  • Link portals and create control fields.
  • Make strategies together with the team to win against the opponent.

Download: iOS | Android


This is another really popular application that takes the help of Augmented reality. Instagram is basically a social media app using which the user can actually share pictures publicly with people who follow him/her. On Instagram, the user can follow as many people as possible and the same can be done by other people. By following people on Instagram, the users can see the uploaded feed of the other person. Instagram uses Augmented Reality for the great filters it provides to the users.


  • Get great filters to show your creativity.
  • Browse pictures and videos of other people you follow.
  • Lets you share as many pictures and videos possible.
  • Go Live !!! and connect with all your friends(followers).
  • Send private messages to your friend.

Download: iOS | Android

9.Knightfall AR

In case if anyone is or was a fan of clash of clans then this may not be the best iteration but it is based on Augmented Reality. After installing the application all the user has to do is find a flat surface. A whole map will be projected on to the screen of the user’s smartphone. There will be a wave of enemies that will come and the user has to defeat them. The gameplay of this application is truly immersive and it should be something on the list if someone wishes to try augmented reality in a game for real. 


  • Create an amazing AR experience on your flat table.
  • Truly immersive experience as the player can interact with each item physically.
  • Get a variety of defenses and actions for your place.
  • Choose different animations, place, mode, and unlocked characters.
  • Learn about the fascinating history by aggregating more coins.

Download: iOS | Android

10.Google Translate

This could be a great help to travel overseas. The application supports multiple languages that can be easily translated into the language the user understands. This one also works offline for many languages and has multiple features for the ease of users. It also has an augmented reality setup in which the user can simply use his/her camera to scan a piece of text and get its translation. It is a great application by Google and everyone should surely try it. Truly great enough to stand in the list of top AR Apps.


  • Get translation of up to 103 languages just by typing.
  • Get access to 59 language translation offline.
  • Copy the text and the translation pops up.
  • Scan using the camera and get a translation for almost 37 languages.
  • Get two-way speech translation for almost 32 languages.
  • Lets you draw characters for translation in over 93 languages.
  • Save and share translation for future references.

Download: iOS | Android

11.Ghost Snap

This one is truly a fun ride for those who like to witness horror using Augmented Reality. Using the application, the user can easily create an artificial horror scene in the house. This application also allows the user to click pictures during the experience. It is a fun application and can be easily used if someone is looking for a little more fun. If you are looking among the top AR Apps for horror then this name might flash seldom


  • Scary AR Ghost game that utilizes Augmented Reality.
  • Get a full horror scene in your own house.
  • Simple controls and amazing horror sounds.
  • Capable of clicking pictures of your whole experience.

Download: iOS | Android

12.Vuforia Chalk

The application has been made to cater to industrial assistance by helping technicians and experts. Although, I feel common people like us can use this one as sticky notes. Vuforia chalk helps you tag real-life objects and stream them to your community. With a device in hand and Vuforia installed, it becomes easy for the user to see annotations and markings done by the other user. This one is another really one of the Top AR Apps.


  • Uses Augmented Reality to make annotations and markings.
  • Only require a smart device to use.
  • With Vuforia the user can take the help of Audio, Video, and capability of sharing real-time data with remote users.

Download: iOS | Android

13.BBC Civilization AR

It is by far one of the best applications that use Augmented Reality. The utility of the application is high for educational purposes. This will give you history lessons the way you may have never imagined. One can select any point around the globe and check out artefacts with high-quality 3D animation shown on your screen. One can easily interact with the objects plus increase and decrease the size of the animation. With Civilisations AR, it is also possible to know the information about the artefact in just a single click. Anyone can easily give it the title of a Top AR Apps


  • Get history in your hands using the Augmented Reality feature of the application.
  • Contains almost 30 historic artifacts. 
  • Interact with the artefacts by scaling, moving, and rotating the collection.
  • Navigate through many artefacts geographically.
  • Take and share the photo while running the application.

Download: iOS | Android

14.Sketch AR

Not all the people in this world have the talent of drawing whatever they wish to like. In fact, some are really bad with even simple ones. Although, if you are still persistent then here is a great application that will help you learn drawing using Augmented Reality. They have so many great designs of animals and art that can be traced to a drawing sheet. With this application, drawing becomes super easy for anyone. With the paid version of this application, you can even learn to make drawings of any picture from the gallery. Although, in order for the application to work correctly, the user needs a brightly lit room and an A4 size sheet. It is one of the top AR Apps one can have for his/her knack to draw.


  • Lets you draw your favourite images using the tracing method.
  • Draw canvas and big images using the ARCore.
  • Get access to free images.
  • Paid version lets the user draw any image from the gallery.

Download: iOS | Android


Do you wish to be a polyglot? If yes is your answer then Mondly can help anyone with that using Augmented Reality. It is truly among the top AR Apps. Learn multiple languages using Mondly such as Spanish, English, Hindi, Chinese, Romanian, Vietnamese etc. The lessons that are provided on Mondly are free. The app lets the user go through multiple exercises of reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Having Mondly feels like having a tutor in your pocket.


  • Get Augmented Reality to teach yourself. 
  • The app can help you start a basic conversation.
  • Advanced statistics to follow your progress.
  • The app adapt the way the user learns best.
  • Learn grammar of different languages using the app.

Download: iOS | Android


The World is changing and it will change whether we are here or not. Although, if we talk about Augmented Reality then we are directly looking at the face of the future. It has been estimated that by 2030 much of our experiences will be AR based. Since with the coming time internet based services are on high-rise, there is going to be a lot more for us that we can do. It is going to transform so many industries. It is entirely possible that one day the technology blurs the line between reality and fiction. Although, help us embark on a new journey of exploration altogether. 

We have been making great applications from almost 9 years and more. In case if you wish to get an AR-based application made then you can check out our app cost calculator. You can also send an enquiry directly to us by mailing us at [email protected]. If you wish to check out our article on Amazon Web Services then click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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