Top 5 Link-Building Companies to Amplify Your App’s Online Presence

The Mobile App market is growing fast. It is estimated that, by 2027, it’s expected to increase by 8.83% each year, hitting a huge $673.80 billion (Source: Statista).

At Agicent, we love making awesome apps. But making an app is only part of the job. It’s also super important for people to discover your app.

That’s why we’ve curated a list of great link-building services. These can help more people find and use your app.

We picked the top five link-building companies. The list we created is based on a few factors.

We evaluated factors. These included industry reputation, client testimonials, and proven success in tech. We also looked at their creative strategies.

You might want to consider these services. They build links to make your app more popular.

Here’s the list:

1. OutreachMonks

OutreachMonks started in 2017 and quickly became a go-to agency for link building. They help more than 2,000 businesses around the world get noticed online. They’re really good at making sure websites show up higher in search results, which brings in more visitors.


  • Specialized Skills: With an experience of about a decade in link building, they really are masters of it. They have a solid portfolio of link-building in multiple niches.
  • Great Results: They have happy clients, ranging from small businesses to larger agencies. Their strategic link-building helped their client gain traffic and improve keyword rankings.
  • Custom Plans: Their team of smart SEO professionals and writers work together to create content that people want to read and share.
  • Awesome Support: OutreachMonks is known for being easy to work with. They keep things clear and make sure you know what’s happening with your project.


  • Limited Slots: Due to high demands, they are choosy when accepting projects. They focus on quality rather than quantity.

USP: What makes OutreachMonks really stand out is their focus on quality. They have a team of over 50 people who make sure every project is done perfectly and on time.

Our Verdict: If you want more people to visit your app or website, OutreachMonks is a great choice. They’re experts in link building and really care about getting you the results you want. Also, they are affordable, when compared with the competition.


Neil Patel Digital, based in San Diego, CA, is a prominent link building service known for its expertise in creating natural links through high-quality content. The firm caters to a diverse range of industries including B2B, B2C, SaaS, and large enterprises. They boast a client roster that includes heavyweights like Amazon, Google, and NBC.


  • Clever Content Makeovers: Neil Patel specializes in generating natural links by auditing client sites and enhancing or creating compelling content that naturally attracts backlinks.
  • A Proven Winner: With over 4 million backlinks to their blog, these folks aren’t just talking the talk; they’re walking the walk.
  • Tailor-Made Plans: Each client receives custom pricing and strategies tailored to their specific needs, ensuring personalized attention to detail.
  • Master Promoters: They know all the right people. Getting your content in front of the big guns who run top websites? Consider it done.


  • Custom Pricing Can Surprise: Because everything is made to measure, the prices can be a bit of a sticker shock if you’re tight on budget.

USP: Neil Patel Digital turns great content into link magnets. They’ve tried all their tricks on their own site first, so they really know their stuff.

Our Verdict: If your website needs a boost, Neil Patel Digital might just be your hero. They’re not just about making content; they make sure it gets seen and loved. And hey, who doesn’t want a bit of that magic?

3. Siege Media

Siege Media originated in San Diego, Austin, and NYC. Thanks to their 100% remote setup, they work from anywhere now. This team is a powerhouse in making content that stands out and building links that really count. They bring together smart creatives, sharp marketers, and savvy SEO pros to make content that’s not just good—it’s phenomenal. They’re the unsung heroes helping big brands in fintech, e-commerce, and SaaS reach the top.


  • Impressive Results: Siege Media doesn’t just create content; they make sure it performs. Some of their clients see traffic worth up to $12,387,175 every month. They really mean business.
  • Everything You Need in One Place: From writing articles to making interactive animations, Siege Media does it all. They’re your go-to team for top-notch content and powerful SEO.
  • Expert Team: Led by founder and CEO Ross Hudgens, and featuring stars like Melissa Holmes and Emily Campbell Snidal, this group is the brains behind many trusted brands.
  • Smart Link Building: They focus on creating content that ranks well and also brings a great return on investment.


  • High Standards: Siege Media sets the bar high. They pick projects that match their high standards, which might be tough for smaller projects or tighter budgets.

Unique Selling Point: Siege Media turns content into a real asset. Whether it’s bumping up Casper’s monthly traffic by $796,000 or securing over 1,580 links for The Zebra in the insurance field, their results are loud and clear.

Our Verdict: If you want to lift your brand with content that works as hard as you do, Siege Media is the team to call. They go beyond the usual to set new standards with their comprehensive approach and dedication to excellence.

4. The HOTH

Back in 2010, The HOTH burst onto the scene to shake up an SEO industry full of unreliable services. They’re all about making a big impact, known for turning websites into visitor magnets. Now, from their base in St. Petersburg, they serve all kinds of businesses, helping them get noticed online.


  • Diverse Offerings: They’ve come a long way from just building links. Now, The HOTH offers many services. They range from boosting local search rankings to crafting guest posts.
  • Adapts Quickly: The SEO world is always changing, and so is The HOTH. They stay ahead by constantly updating their strategies to keep up with the latest rules.
  • Solid Success: Known for pushing websites up the search rankings, they’ve got a knack for drawing more eyes to your site.


  • Broad Focus: Their broad approach is great for many, but if you need very specialized help, they might not be the perfect match.

Unique Selling Point: The HOTH is big on making sure their SEO strategies not only work but work well. They started humbly. But, they became SEO leaders. They never stopped focusing on effective, impactful results.

Our Verdict: If you’re after dependable, effective SEO help, The HOTH is a smart choice. With a broad range of services and a commitment to excellence, they’re ready to boost your online visibility. Great for businesses aiming to step up their digital game, The HOTH offers the tools and expertise you need to grow.

5. Page One Power

Page One Power is a specialized SEO agency that focuses exclusively on link building and content creation to boost clients’ search engine visibility.

Established by Jon and Zach Ball in Boise, Idaho, in 2010. They offer a commitment to ethical and effective SEO practices. This agency prides itself on helping websites achieve that coveted first-page status on search engines.


  • Experienced Team: They’ve been doing this for over 10 years, so they know all the tricks!
  • High-Five Backlinks: They focus on getting you the best kind of links, from websites people already trust.
  • Happy Customers: They listen to you and make sure your website gets the attention it deserves.


  • Laser Focus on Links: They mostly focus on link building, so if you need other website help, you might need another friend.
  • Clear Pricing? Maybe Later: Their website doesn’t show prices right away, so you might need to call and ask.

Unique Selling Point

Page One Power plays fair with search engines. They build relationships with other websites and create cool content that people naturally want to link to. This keeps your website healthy and climbing the search engine ladder for a long time!

Our Verdict

If you care about getting more website visitors with the power of awesome links, Page One Power is a great choice! But if you need a whole website makeover or have a tight budget, you might want to check out other options too.


Picking the right link-building company is key to making your app more visible online and helping it climb up in search rankings. We talked about five top companies: OutreachMonks, Neil Patel Digital, Siege Media, The HOTH, and Page One Power. Each one has its own special way of doing things.

Think about what your app needs. Do you want a company that does a bit of everything? Or do you need someone who focuses just on getting good links? Match what they offer with what you need, and think about how much you can spend.

Good link building isn’t just about getting lots of links. It’s about getting the right links that bring the right people to your app. This helps more people use and enjoy your app. Pick the best partner for your app, and you’ll see great results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


You might need to wait about 3 to 6 months to see more visitors.

Yes, if more people see your app online, they are more likely to download it.

If you pick a good company that follows the rules, you won’t get in trouble.

Ask them if they have helped apps like yours before or check their past work stories.


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