Nashville- It is a city located in the USA in the state of Tennessee. The heart of America and the home for the aspiring musician. The scene of country music is seriously lit there and if you are a fan then should give homage to the city once. Nashville has various tourist attraction with historical backgrounds. For instance, one can visit the Country Music Hall of Fame, Music Row, and the Grand Ole Opry. One can also drive to the south of the city to Franklin where one can witness the history of Tennessee. Also, Elvis Presley has had some serious music recording done in the city. Although, that is not all since it is not just place breathing culture but also technology. There are various great Mobile App Development companies in the city. If you are looking for great organisations in Nashville then they have some really decent options. Although finding a decent place could be hard in a list of many companies

So we decided to create a good list of Top App Companies in Nashville and researched and factored in the following factors while ranking these App development companies

  • No of years they are in business.

  • Profile of clients they’ve served.

  • Quality of Apps they’ve created.

  • An aggregated value of their online reputation and position across

  • various app companies list.

  • Reviews by customers and employees.

So here is the list of Top App Companies that made it to our rankings – Nashville.

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Clutch Rating: 4.9

Number of Employees: 50-249

Minimum Project Price: $25,000+

Founded: 2005

Services: Mobile Strategy, Design & Product Strategy, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Android App Development, IOS App Development, Front End Development, Web App Development, Performance Enhancement.

Description: If the quest to find a great partner in crime for both web-based as well as digital Services the Worry Free Labs gets exactly that. It is one of the best Mobile App Development and Digital Marketing Company. They have been in the trade for more than a trade. Also, they intend to learn from their mistakes, hence are capable of giving great Mobile Apps and Solutions time after time.

They prefer to stick with the client at every step of deployment and strategy. Worry Free Labs goes with the mantra “We Deliver, What We Promise !!!”. They even believe in exceeding the client’s expectations and simply because of that they have been quite fruitful. With Worry Free Labs clients have accomplished top downloads, million in revenue, companies sold to brands like Apple, and raising capital.

2. Lunarlincoln

Clutch Rating: Not Rated

Number of Employees: 2-9

Minimum Project Price: $25,000

Founded: 2013

Services: Strategy & Design, Native IoS and Android Development, Startup & MVP Planning, Business Process Optimization, Spike Solutions, Hardware Integrations, Location Based Services.


“I do the very best I know how, the very best I can, and I mean to keep on doing so until the end.” –A.Lincoln

Maybe this is the reason the company is known by the name Lunar Lincoln. Much of the ideation behind the company can be expressed in the quote mentioned above. Lunar Lincoln is a collaboration between two individuals: Jennifer Bennett and Jonathan Wiley. One is in complete love with history while the other one is a complete space maniac. The company has based its foundation on studying the history and making conclusive strategies for the future.

In comparison, the company is still tender in terms of becoming alive. Although, because of their hard work have been capable of making a place in the industry. They have a list of really great clients who are being supported by their services. If the search is for a great mobile app development company in Nashville with great ideas and flexibility then Lunar Lincoln is the real deal.

3. Mobile Mentor

Clutch Rating: 4.8

Number of Employees: 50-249

Minimum Project Price: $10,000+

Founded: 2004

Services: Mobile App Development, Mobile Security, Mobility Management.

Description:  Getting a mobile app made for your business then it better be Mobile Mentor. They are among the best in the mobile app development company in Nashville. The company was initially founded in New Zealand. From there they spread to Australia and then finally in the USA, Nashville. They have a great team of Mobile App Developers, Security Engineers, and Support Analysts.

Mobile Mentor has been working to unlock the massive potential that the app market has. It was in the year 2005 that they decided to unlock the potential. They are known to work in close contact with their clients delivering them a secure, and robust system. Also, Mobile Mentor is available for their clients 24/7. As per them, they practically live and breathe technology.

4. ATIBA Engaging Solutions

Clutch Rating: Not Rated

Number of Employees: 10-49

Minimum Project Price: $10,000+

Founded: 1992

Services: Network Services, Custom Software, Web Design, Mobile App Development.

Description: Atiba Engaging Solutions is the oldest company that makes the list. With almost 26 years of experience, the company has really surfaced as one of the best Web Application Development Company in Nashville. Their approach is always customer-centric. They have a great team of tech heads, project managers, web designers etc that makes them one of the better companies. They take up each and every product seriously and deliver the best that they could.

5. Pointclear

Clutch Rating: 4.6

Number of Employees: 10-49

Minimum Project Price: $25,000+

Founded: 2006

Services: Strategic Services, Digitization Services, Production Services.

Description: Well, Nashville is a place with over 500 healthcare institutions and these guys have actually worked with a whole bunch of them. They are the best app development company in Nashville if Healthcare is to be considered. They work with the motto “We Deliver What We promise” and well they have been doing it since 2006. Although, Healthcare is not the only domain they work in. They , in fact, have been working to inculcate new ideas and bring them to life. They are not easy with new challenges and like to face them head on.  

6. Mercury

Clutch Rating: Not Rated

Number of Employees: 10-49

Minimum Project Price: Not Disclosed

Founded: 2005

Services: Web App Development, Desktop Applications, Android App Development, IoS App Development.

Description: Mercury as their name suggests they like to deliver fast and efficiently. The company has been operating before the mobile era. Initially, the company started with web development although soon after that jumped into developing desktop applications. After Apple launched it’s app store, they took their step forward in the development of iOS app making.

They are the leaders in their game and easily one of the best mobile app development companies in Nashville. They have made native applications for various big firms such as CNN, USA Today, New York Times, Comcast, Showtime, and TED. They have a team of 30 developers, designers, project managers, and QA analyst who are more than capable of fulfilling global expectations in terms of quality.

7. Acklen Avenue

Clutch Rating: Not Rated

Number of Employees: 50-249

Minimum Project Price: $100,000+

Founded: 2009

Services: Web App Development, Android App Development, IoS App Development, Desktop Applications Development.

Description: Acklen Avenue stands a unique position on this list. Why? Well, rather than leading the project they also have services to support your own in-house time. They are the partners who will deliver even when half of the work has been done. They are not a team who will just listen and follow instructions like a robot. In fact, the team from Acklen Avenue tries to bring some genuine insight about the project every time they take a challenge.

They are effective since they believe in the win of their client which ultimately is their win. In case someone is looking for a full-fledged tech team then they are capable of pulling complex works within 6 months and less at times. They try to maintain the quality of their while stand side by side with their clients. If your company needs some support or an app from scratch then Acklen Avenue is among the best mobile app development company in Nashville.

8. Twinsun

Clutch Rating: 5.0

Number of Employees: 2-9

Minimum Project Price: $5000+

Founded: 2017

Services: Web App Development, Code Ready Planning, MVP Development.

Description: These are the guys who can be called if an ongoing project get stalled and it needs recovery. The Self-Proclaimed Best Mobile App Development Company in Nashville deserves the stature because they are experts in what they do. Although, more than that they have a long list of satisfied clients.

The team of Twin Sun started like every other Software Engineer discussing that what he/she would have done if in that position. These are talks that we often do when our superiors make a bad move. Although, Twin Sun took it way to seriously and therefore started as a company. They care because they understand why in the first place app project gets stalled. They take pride in filling up the void and meeting deadlines for others. If your project is in for recovery then Twin Sun is the name you can ring a bell to(mail also works).

9. Dev Digital

Clutch Rating: Not Rated

Number of Employees: 50-249

Minimum Project Price: $5000+

Founded: 2008

Services: Digital Services, Web App Development, Mobile App Development.

Description: Much like the commandments from Moses, Dev Digital have their own. These are Honesty, Living up to our Words, Building New Business Equity, Leadership Development from Within, and Motivated People.

Dev Digital have been working in this industry since 2008. They have been delivering quality products to all of its. They have set up their offices in the USA(Nashville), India(Vadodara), and Bahamas(Nassau). Till date, they have delivered over 1500 projects to their clients and also have finally completed 1 million hours coding for them. Dev Digital has also been recognised as the Top App Development Company in Nashville by the local firms. Dev Digital believe in maintaining the integrity and standing up to their own words.

10. Vanick Digital

Services: Delivering API Technologies, Moving Fast with APIs, Building Best API practices.

Founded: 2001

Description: These are a peculiar lot of people. The company started to deal on SAP Basis and System Integration Consultation. They were being fed with heavy loads of data from the businesses which they had to integrate. With time they managed to create solid strategies for digital system integration and development. This made them sentient in the field and since then they have been working in maintaining integration layers. In the year 2013, they started to formally work in the industry of API Integration. Since then it has been the main focus of the company and they excel in what they do.

11.Helium Services

Clutch Rating: 5.0

Number of Employees: 2-9

Minimum Project Price: $10,000

Founded: 2015

Services: iOS App Development, Android App Development, Web App Development, UI/UX Design

Description: Helium Services is among the most younger organisation on the list. They also have a limited number of people working. Although, this is a team of highly efficient individuals making it the top app development companies in Nashville. At the core of their services resides customer service and client satisfaction. The organisation has been tediously working in the field of Real Estate, Insurance, Big Box Retail, Restaurants, Health & Beauty, Marketing, Advertising, and Sports Entertainment. Helium Services is your one-stop solution from initial conceptualisation to the final product.


12. Forty AU

Clutch Rating: Not Rated

Number of Employees: 10-49

Minimum Project Price: Not Disclosed

Founded: 2010

Services: Enterprise Level Softwares, Startups Software, Web App Development.

Description: I guessed we saved the best for the last, well, speaking of Forty AU, they are seriously legit. The company has been working for Fortune 100 companies and capable of giving enterprise level applications that really scale. At the core, they are a team of software developers and tech heads from Nashville. Forty AU has already rolled out various custom applications and have been making great websites for their clients to flourish.

Not only Enterprises but they also take up work for StartUps. If you are a startup telling your ideas and brief caricature of what your idea is, their first move is to get an MVP to you. Forty AU compulsively works to make you win since they find it as their own. Also, if the requirement is more than a regular website they are ready to talk for a real challenge to come. All of these facts make Forty AU as the best Mobile Application Development Companies in Nashville.

Finding a decent company to get your app work done could be a little tricky. Also, it is completely understandable to not trust just anyone. Although, in this article, we have tried to mention some credible App Development Companies. Companies with great portfolios. We ourselves are an app development company based in India. In case if you have a query in mind then you can contact us at [email protected]. Also, if you wish to read about best app review websites then click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading the article until the end. #HappyReading !!!

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