Content That Clicks: Writing Tips For Tech Websites

Are you writing website content to rank higher and offer value for its readers? If yes, you may know the problems that will become prominent in creating quality content for tech websites. With high-quality tech website content, the users spend more time and know what to do afterwards. If you’re a beginner in content writing, it will take time to avoid common errors. In this article, I have discussed some writing tips, especially for tech websites that will enable you to increase the click-through rate of your website.

Writing Tips For Tech Websites

Below I have mentioned various writing tips that will help you improve your tech website content and boost clicks.

1. Understand Your Audience

The first step to writing quality website content is to understand your targeted audience. It’s a crucial step that many writers and content creators ignore and start writing pointless content that doesn’t connect with the audience.

However, knowing your audience will help you determine the best way to communicate with them through your website content and encourage them to make a purchase or call for a query.

Ask these questions before you put your fingers on a keyboard:

● Who will read your content?
● Is there any secondary audience?
● What are the common problems they are facing?

Answering these questions will help you identify the right audience. Let’s understand this with a simple example.


Let’s say you’re creating a tech website that provides learning material and tips about software development and Android applications. Your primary audience would be web developers and software engineers who are looking for information related to software and their technicalities.

However, your secondary audience would be much broader and most likely the future software developers.


2. Hook Your Audience With Well-Structured Content

The average time a user spends on a website is 53 seconds. It means that a user only needs less than a minute to decide whether your website has the information they need. If your website content has a poor structure no matter how valuable insights you have provided, it will have a high bounce rate. Structure your content in a well-written format and add the most important points on the top to engage users for a long time. However, grab your reader’s attention with the first two points that spark their interest and encourage them to read further.

3. Avoid Writing Generic Statements

Avoid using generic statements in your writing because it does not have much influence on a reader’s mind. Instead, give real-time examples for a better understanding and visualize the message that you want to convey in your website content. Provide authentic and in-depth details about a specific topic to educate your reader. Read the below example for further clarification.

Example 01

“You can download your Window’s outdated drivers from settings by clicking on Update and Security options!”

Example 02

“There are plenty of ways to download or update your Windows drivers. For instance, you can go to your Windows settings >Update and Security >Windows Update. There you will see an option “Check For updates.” Click on it and see if there are any updates available. Or else, you can use the help of a professional Windows driver updater Software that you can find online to save your time.”

Now, which example gives you a clear picture of how to update your Windows drivers? The specific guidelines in the second example provide more in-depth details to users which supports their next step.

4. Keep Your Writing Reader-Friendly

Reading and understanding long sentences can sometimes be tricky especially when it’s about some technical topic. So, write to-the-point, and concise sentences during website content creation. Simple sentences will improve the readability of your content and make it easier for readers to take away key points from your content.

If you’re not sure how to make your writing easy to read, use a paraphrase tool to make your content readable without changing its context.

5. Use Internal & External Linking

Using internal and external links is an effective way of increasing your website traffic and improve Click through rate. It also supports your website’s SEO ranking and builds your authority over time.

Internal linking helps users and search engines to crawl other relevant pages within your website. Instead of writing a long-form article that contains thousands of words, categorize your topics into subgroups and internally link with each other.

This also helps improve the Click Rate of content. Whereas external links improve the credibility of your website’s content and trustworthiness.

6. Use Active Voice And First-Person Writing Style

Using active voice in your sentence structure will help you sound more confident in your website content. It provides an excellent reading experience to users and allows you to connect directly with them.

In addition, adapt to a first-person writing style to connect with your reader emotionally. Use “you” to point out your readers when talking about something specific, and “I” to add personalized experience to your content.

Note: First-person perspective is used when you are giving a personal opinion or reviewing something. On the other hand, the Second or Third-person perspective is used when you are providing valuable information to the readers, to make it understandable.

Bottom Line

Writing quality content that gets maximum clicks requires time and practice. The above tips that I mentioned will help you improve your content quality for tech websites. Make sure you follow a proper pattern of writing that complies with your technical writing requirements and simplify your text by using short and easy sentences. Instead of giving generic statements in your content, write in-depth details and provide supportive information that helps your reader’s purchasing decision.

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