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There is nothing more encouraging than words of praise from your clients. A single motivating testimonial is worth business efforts of weeks and months, and we are lucky to proudly share many…

Michael Miatti: Amerigo App development Customer

A while ago I read a short story about a shopkeeper who wouldn’t advertise his wares nor, during regular business hours, hang an “Open” sign in his window. The few people who, in spite of all that, would find their way inside the store were met with disinterest if not sheer disdain. One day, asked about the odd peculiarity of his behaviour, he retorted that, over the years, he got so attached to his wares that he actually loathed selling any of them. He simply wanted to spend all of his time in their familiar, reassuring presence. The only reason to keeping the business open was because, as a family heirloom, he had promised not to dispose of it. What’s my point? Just like the odd shopkeeper, I feel reticent telling you about my experience with Agicent Technologies of Noida, India - over time, they performed so superbly as our development partner that I wouldn’t want to share them with you nor, for that matter, with anyone else - if I could, I’d just keep them for ourselves! But, since we had already promised to publicly disclose our experience with Agicent, here it is…

-Michael Miatti / XAOX Media, California

Atlanta based iOS Enterprise app customer

We are a startup based in Atlanta, GA developing mobile solutions for enterprises. We have been very fortunate to have partnered with Agicent for our iOS app development. We have been working with Agicent for almost 12 months now and the size of our engagement has only grown. The apps we are developing are for enterprise users, with lot of hardcore iOS programming and Agicent has delivered great quality release after release. I am amazed how quickly Agicent team has picked up the business needs and delivered above and beyond what we were expecting. The inputs and suggestions Agicent team provided on top of what we wanted them to do greatly improved the usability of the app. Amit and his team are very easy to work with and they have always been on top of our requests. If you are looking for reliable, high quality iOS development partner, look no further

-Mobile Startup based out of Atlanta GA

Brian Hayek : App Development Customers

I have nothing but great things to say about Agicent. They did some outstanding work for us and worked with me to find solutions when problems arose - all on time and in budget. I would give them an Excellent (10) rating. They worked very hard to understand what idea I had and tired to make happen. We were referred to them by another company who were also very happy with their work, I recommend them highly!

-Brian Hayek / Owner, XpressEntry, Inc.

Mr. Rene Galindo : Mobile App and Web App development customer

I hired Agicent for consulting and development services on our Mobile App project, and found them highly professional and with great expertise in the mobile domain. Besides the level of team and skill sets that they have, their turnaround time and process methodologies have been agile and transparent. I'd recommend Agicent to anyone who is looking for professional software development services.

-Mr. Rene Galindo / Entrepreneur, Everlist

Joshua Kozak : Fitness App Development Customer

Being new to the App world, the process of developing an App seemed overwhelming to my company, HASfit. Agicent has truly made this process painless with their industry knowledge, attention to detail, and a professional step-by-step development system. I look forward to using Agicent moving forward with all of our future projects.

-Joshua Kozak / CEO, HASfit
Co-founder, Vimo Labs Inc.

Michael Forbes:API and Mobile  App development services customer

Agicent made transitioning our software and API development easy. Communications were top-notch as was also the work done by them. Highly recommended!

-Michael Forbes / MD, Electric Compass

App Development testimonial by Jan Anton

Our team uTemporis worked with Agicent in developing our Mobile Discovery App - TimeToEnjoy and we have been very happy with the professionalism, quality, and dedication. We wish to keep working with them for long, and strongly recommend them to others!

-Jan Anton / CEO, uTemporis, Inc.San Diego, CA

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